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Immigrants make up a third of Oslo’s population.

Being the descendant of a Jamaican slave is not the same as being a descendant of an American slave.

Tough terrain and freezing weather are not stopping them.

There are an average of 100 rapes per day in India.

How forced marriage, child rape, and chain migration intersect.

Normally, creatures with this birth defect are stillborn or die shortly after birth.

Gandhi didn’t think well of the “Kaffirs” in South Africa.

Indian police chief: “Do you realize that this picture has potential of causing communal riots?”

Sikhs who want to establish an independent homeland in Punjab are migrating to Canada.

The country is filled with ISIS and al-Qaeda sympathizers.

Emmy-award-winning character is “tainted” by being “stereotypical.”

Discrimination against Asians is OK if it’s good for blacks and Hispanics.

At least 280 honor killings have been committed in Pakistan since they became illegal in October 2016.

In India, everyone wants to be fairer.

It’s about the protection of cows and a shortage of women.

Refugees from India ask for asylum and most of them get it.

“These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage.”

New test helps India crack down on illegal immigration.

India has familiar Muslim problems.

“Our membership is not open to anything that looks white. We are a pro-black organisation.”

The Problem with ‘The Problem with Apu’

Putting minorities’ feelings first kills creativity.


Does the U.S. really need techies from India?

Ending the rule created by the Obama administration will affect 70,000 H-4 visa holders.

Former black slaves living in India. Many work as servants or musicians.

Hindus say suspects cannot get a fair trial because some police on the case are Muslims.

You never know what’s going to set some people off.

Child rape in India has increased by more than 82 percent compared with 2015.

Muslims are “purifying” Bangladesh and driving Hindus into India.

To protect the honor of a fictitious queen, Hindu group is calling for the actress to be beheaded.

Jubilant prediction that UK will get more immigrants from India, and fewer from (white) Europe.

They want children who are taller, smarter, and lighter skinned.

Bharatkumar Patel will be deported after serving time.

Diversity not working well in India, either.

Broad daylight attack in a shopping mall.

Indian men don’t like seeing Indian women with white men.

A “sorcerer” said it would cure a man’s paralysis.

The Case of Immigrants from India

They refute the “racism” hypothesis of non-white failure.


A classic account of how free markets curtail discrimination.

They called his ice cream “unclean merchandise” because he is Christian.

If they dress immodestly or talk so loudly a stranger can hear.

78 percent of Pakistanis think their laws should “strictly follow” the Koran.

“This law is an attempt to make Pakistan a Western colony again.”

One caste doesn’t like preferences for other castes.

Raising the marriage age to 18 would be “blasphemous.”

250,000 Muslims took to the streets in India.

At least they don’t blame “racism.”

Indians fight back against affirmative action.

They were to be punished because their brother ran off with a married woman.

Who will be next?

The populations of India and China will each reach 1.4 billion by 2022.