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Among the Living Again, AR Classic Article

RIP to Guillaume Faye, who first introduced himself to American Renaissance readers at our 2006 conference.

Her reports were “not good for the country’s image.”

“The white Afrikaner faces extinction in the growing insanity of envy and obsession with the past.”

“[W]hite people will work for you. That will be true freedom.”

Why ‘Apartheid Denial’ Must Be Made a Crime

“The present system’s failures cannot be excused unless the past is utterly demonized.”


Thank You, Mr. Mugabe, AR Classic Article

Happy 95th birthday to Robert Mugabe.

South African Blacks Rejoice in Deaths of White Children

Sign of things to come?


Corruption is making investment in South Africa untenable.

The economy declined precipitously under his rule.

South Africa’s Protection Racket

Rainbow Nation shows its colors.


It’s a “barbaric incident.”

Anti-white discrimination is a “government imperative.”

About ninety politicians have been killed since 2016.

Much of formal math is “metaphysical junk” and must be replaced with indigenous ways of teaching.

South African president said blacks were tired of whites’ “lackadaisical commitment to nation-building.”

Attention, Conservatives: The Constitution Won’t Save You

South Africa proves it.


Is There a Political Solution for White South Africans?

Strange things are possible in Africa


Because it will help the country be “fully reconciled.”

South Africa helped Zimbabwe swindle white farmers.

“We’ll kill their dogs, we’ll kill their cats, we’ll kill anything.”

Blacks First Land First members beat up a woman in an elevator.

Proposed amendment to the constitution: “Zero compensation may be regarded as just and equitable.”

Government assured the court that “all views had been taken into account.”

Malema: “I will pull the race card every time.”

Fighting for His People

Dan Roodt and the struggle for South Africa.


Hannah Cornelius

Sacrificed to the Liberal Cult.


Gallery of spectators cheers.

Victim’s mother “walked into the ocean and didn’t return.”

They left her date for dead, raped and murdered her, and then went on a robbery spree.

“White job-seeking youth” should look on other websites.

Correcting “historic injustices” to build low-cost housing.

White girl and her black date were attacked by a group of blacks on a robbery spree.

Zwelithini: ”The Boers work tirelessly to feed the whole world.”

And “all land owned by white people in South Africa is stolen property.”

The motive could have been jealousy or witchcraft.

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world.

Conflicting reports concerning EFF provincial assembly.

Without foreigners to run the shops, black South Africans struggle to feed themselves.

The South African government has passed laws to confiscate weapons from white farmers.

As long as it doesn’t put the food supply at risk.

Bill provided for compensation for expropriated land.

Court rejected his defense claim that he only intended to rape her corpse.

As long as it’s “democratic” and “transparent,” it’s okay.

He can’t set foot in his child’s school, either.

Says the government wants the coal deposits under his game reserve.

Trump Dares to Notice South Africa

Panic ensues.


Julius Malema accuses SA president of conspiring with right-wingers to sabotage land expropriation.

In response, South Africa says it will “speed up the pace of land reform.”

‘Farmlands’ by Lauren Southern

South Africa’s present could be our future.


Network news is not interested in the plight of white South African farmers.