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Critics are unconvinced.

“Very soon he will be a Michael Jackson and bleach his skin.”

The “doctor” said eating human flesh would make them bulletproof.

While in South Africa, she whipped another woman with an extension cord—diplomatic immunity may be rescinded.

A number of vague “incidents” in one school district is proof more needs to be done.

His last wife threatened a lawsuit.

Mandela’s widow bemoans current global trends.

Parking dispute headed to Human Rights Commission.

Black Land First activist told journalist he’d have gotten worse treatment if he had been white.

The UAE asked them to leave earlier this year.

Black Lawyers Association claims the government prefers white lawyers.

Black land-confiscation group outraged at presence of white judge at their trial.

Member of ruling party calls for color blind measures against monopoly capital.

But the party will continue to fight “white domination.”

Wife of President Mugabe is pleased.

Mines must be 30 percent black-owned by next year.

The Threefold Death of Hannah Cornelius

I grieve for one of my tribe.


White South African liberal doesn’t back down.

Boycott by Whites Threatens South African Restaurants

Purchasing power is one of the few powers left to whites.


Says South Africa won’t become another Zimbabwe.

Not even the military-industrial complex is safe from anti-racist interference.

In South Africa, often only 10% are black.

Coligny Goes Up in Flames

Another battle in South Africa’s low-intensity race war.


“I’m not trying to scare you, my white best friend. All I’m saying is you’d better get with the programme. The revolution is nigh.”

Radical leader has repeatedly told black followers to take what’s theirs.

Democrat Alliance hopes that punishing Zille will improve their chances in the next election.

Damned Lies and Statistics About Black-on-White Farm Murders in South Africa

The minority that dare not speak its name is on the wane.


A white liberal tiptoes towards racial consciousness.

Professor says language isn’t “racist,” since 60% of its speakers are black.

Letter from South Africa

We used to pray, and then we fought. Now we pray.


The White Nation of Africa, AR Classic Article

A portrait of a tragic people.

White man takes the fall.

A team has been assembled to look into the problem.

“White Men Stole It All”

Solution: deny them the right to vote.


South African blacks don’t buy it either.

They say country is a “colonial construct,” and must be abolished.

Says there is no word for “stress” in Zulu.

“Let’s start bewitching white people and change things so that more of our people can be employed.”

“Being shown the middle finger everywhere by white people because they’ve gained a new confidence must come to an end.”

Zuma claims it’s the opposition that’s racist.

Many say genocide is coming.

White South African professor asks blacks: “Teach us how to be South Africans.”

Land grabs will take place only if the constitution is amended.

When Liberals are Called ‘Racists’

Can it be therapeutic?


“Where [white] people refuse to be educated on their wrongs, they must be punished by the law.”

South African Human Rights Commission may soon investigate.

She needed emergency surgery after being roughed up by police.

Being a white farmer in South Africa is “the most dangerous job in the world.”

Since 2012, South Africa has deported 369,000 immigrants.

South African Whites Prepare for Anarchy

Suidlanders will protect non-combatants.