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Britain will give £50 million “to support South Africa’s transformation.”

NYT says ANC has “siphoned off” tens of billions of dollars.

The Racial Hypocrisy of Charlize Theron

The South Africa native claims America is “racist.”


He says at a memorial service for Winnie Mandela.

Onlookers chant, “Throw. Throw. Throw.”

He says white South African farmers are true refugees.

2,000 South Africans rally in Perth, Australia.

White farmers should stop trying to defend their privilege and help redistribute their wealth.

“Together, hand in hand, with our boxes of matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country.”

Vicki Momberg: South Africa Becomes the USSR of Race

Woman gets prison sentence for using the “K-word.”


Australia’s “non-discriminatory” policies mean there will be no special help for South African farmers.

Why South Africa Matters

“If you tolerate this, your children will be next.”


White Refugees

Australia may offer refuge to South African farmers.


They’re twice as likely to be murdered as South African police.

What’s happening is “torture, slaugher, brutal, revenge.”

The same will happen if their farms are confiscated.

She used words forbidden to whites.

Julius Malema: “It feels so good for a black child to determine the future of a white one.”

White South Africans are in no danger “from their own democratically elected government.”

South Africa Land Theft: Crappy Constitution All But Allows It

How did the mythical land of Saint Nelson Mandela turn into Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”?


Another piece of white culture slips away.

“Angry white people can go to hell.”

What’s in Store for Whites in South Africa?

Will land confiscation lead to another Zimbabwe?


White South Africans “possess skills that make them compatible with our culture and civilization.”

EFF leader: “The time for reconciliation is over.”

Expropriation Without Compensation

South Africa is a window into a non-white future.


South Africa Nearing the Point of No Return

Which way for the Boers?


Land redistribution is an opportunity, not a threat.

It’s the end of “an era of one corruption allegation after another.”

ANC national executive committee calls for Zuma to resign.

They’re holding back the university’s “transformation.”

ANC secretary-general says white people still enjoy “privilege’ in South Africa.

“Clean-up” crew member describes the torture.

The school now has 240 pupils, more than 30 employees, and upgraded classrooms.

What was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned to shouting, tire-burning, and violence.

The ANC majority is large enough to change South Africa’s constitution at will.

South African woman recalls the murder of her father.

ANC plan: building the Garden of Eden through expropriation.

Race Row over Funerals, IOL (South Afrida)

“All we are saying is that we are tired of black people being consumers and not producers of anything.”

KDM Lifeguard’s Racist Rant Angers Locals, North Coast Courier (South Africa)

“If he is a lifeguard, will he leave the whites to drown?”

The Best of American Renaissance in 2017

The editor’s picks.


The Privilege No One Wants

Please! Let me be anything but white.


Why All Three South-African Presidents Supported Robert Mugabe

“[T]he government of Zimbabwe—and others across Africa—doesn’t stand apart from the governed; it reflects them.”


White scholars are retiring.

You have to “nip racism in the bud.”

Why Hatred of Whites Is Here to Stay

“[I]t is in Man’s nature to dislike those who are unlike him.”


Police do not keep statistics about farm killings.

Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part I

We can see the future in today’s Africa.


Separately, a couple was tortured with a blowtorch for hours before they were shot.