Posted on November 28, 2023

The X Files: Pale Monsters Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 28, 2023

[Editor’s Note: Verified Hate will now be called “The X Files” for two reasons. First, the verification process on the social media site has changed, and verified accounts now don’t carry the same weight as they once did. What matters is the number of impressions a post gets. Second, obviously, “Twitter” no longer exists, because it is X.]

Let’s begin with one of my theories. Modern racial orthodoxy demands two contradictory beliefs at once. First, whites have no culture, can’t do anything on their own, and are foolish, weak, and stupid.

Second, whites can also effortlessly conquer the world through the sheer power of evil. Thus, consider this thread with 98,000 likes on the first post.

Most of it consists of tired claims about colonialism. In reality, what the Third World still has is what we left them from colonialism. However, this doesn’t matter. Millions of non-whites live in the West. Many of them immediately fled their countries to be ruled by whites following decolonization. Nonetheless, they truly believe they are living among murderous monsters. Schools and pop culture reinforce this.

Of course, if whites were anything like this caricature, we wouldn’t have our current problems. If anything, we’re too nice. Those with eyes to see must be aware of the ferocious hatred aligned against us within our own borders.

My previous feature about TikTok said that pro-white speech has been banned on that app. In contrast, this is allowed.

This fact alone rebuts the affirmative action “scholars” from many disciplines who spread the false idea of institutional white privilege.

Wired doesn’t seem to have much in the way of self-awareness.

The White House just announced an executive order designed to handicap AI to make it conform with storylines about equity and diversity. “When OpenAI, Meta, Google, and Anthropic made their chatbots available around the world last year, millions of people initially used them to evade government censorship,” said Wired. “For the 70 percent of the world’s internet users who live in places where the state has blocked major social media platforms, independent news sites, or content about human rights and the LGBTQ community, these bots provided access to unfiltered information that can shape a person’s view of their identity, community, and government.”

The true figure is closer to 100 percent. Controlling information to reinforce preferred social, religious, and political views is all but universal to modern governments. The distinction between what journalists call “authoritarian” or “democratic” governments has little to do with the extent of government meddling and everything to do with whether they agree with the speech being supported or repressed.

This is also what fuels the growing disinformation and “watchdog” industry. Constantly trying to unmask the Far Right is a major topic in academia. Here’s one of its latest products:

What’s truly funny is that when they ban “hate speech” in this country, someone will need to have the job of monitoring memes and deciding if they are too hateful.

The BBC has a new documentary about Julius Caesar. Similar to the recent smear-job on Napoleon in the eponymous movie, the documentary is a clumsy attempt to link ancient history to defending “democracy.” However, that’s not the worst part. Watch the trailer and see if you notice a familiar face.

That’s right, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice Shelley Haley, one of the lowlights from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Afrocentric Queen Cleopatra documentary. A typical product of “Africana Studies,” Shelley Haley claimed that her grandmother told her, “I don’t care what they tell you in school, Cleopatra was black.” Despite desperate shilling from the Washington Post and the New York Times, the film was a complete laughingstock, earning just an 18 percent critics’ rating from Rotten Tomatoes and 3 percent rating from the audience. It may have earned the lowest score in television history. However, that’s apparently good enough for the BBC! Historian Tom Holland, who also appears in the Caesar documentary, should be embarrassed.

Of course, we should all be thankful that the United Kingdom is democratic. After all, in a democracy, ordinary people get to have influence about what happens to their country.

Never mind. Where is Caesar when you need him (or a king worth serving)?

The hope of the mainstream British Right has his own problems right now.

Sadly, there may be no one else who could wage any kind of a challenge to the Conservatives following what seems like an imminent defeat. However, first he needs to win I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!

If the Labour Party forms the next government, it will still face charges of racism.

What can you expect when you need to win voters like those below?

Another user on X had the best response.

Incidentally, though this isn’t directly related to race (except for another white actor deciding to participate in a humiliation ritual), this is what the BBC’s Doctor Who consists of today.

There should be a term for shows that rely on nostalgia for views while simultaneously deconstructing the characters.

Shoplifting continues to plague major cities around America, largely because local district attorneys are refusing to punish the criminals. The New York Post has noticed the problem . . . or has it? Check out the picture choice.

Darn white guys stealing everything.

President Donald Trump predicted that this would happen once statues of people like General Robert E. Lee were moved.

So did I. Others mocked us. We were right. Again.

It’s not about slavery. It’s simply because Thomas Jefferson was a Founding Father of our country, but those who rule New York City don’t consider it their country. They are right. Americans are white.

A reminder from a Muslim in the United Kingdom that the purpose of mass immigration is punishment:

Of course, almost everything they have comes from what we gave them.

A sports journalist, perhaps the worst sub-species of the journalist breed, has found an important issue.

Luckily, a Hispanic gentleman has given us a Sombrero Pass.

Thanks, amigo!

Derek Chauvin never had a chance. Despite evidence that George Floyd overdosed on drugs, the Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal.

He has been seriously wounded in prison. Many rejoiced at this attempted lynching.

He recently spoke in the documentary The Fall of Minneapolis.

We hope he recovers and that he is moved to a safe area while he continues his legal struggle. However, America is not a civilized country, so we doubt this will happen.

Every white cop in America needs to understand that this could be his fate. The facts simply don’t matter, and neither does the evidence. Our rulers, including the judges, have simply decided we can’t maintain an Anglo-Saxon legal system and trust our melanin-enhanced fellow citizens not to riot. They are probably right. I’d rather have a civilized legal system and lose the diversity.

The Washington Post doesn’t think whites are taxed enough.

It’s remarkable that a major publication considers a policy a good thing precisely because it will disproportionately hurt whites.

Of course, if you prefer your own people, even your own children, that is a Very Bad Thing.

I’d say that if your moral code says you must value others’ children above your own, your moral code is trash.

This is what happens when you notice racial differences in crime.

The ideological standards for joining the National Socialist German Workers’ Party have really declined.

Vice has an important article for all of us.

My advice is don’t bother. You will be called racist no matter what you do.

Good news from South Africa. It is “decolonizing” its curriculum!

Already, about eight out of ten South Africans struggle to read by the age of ten (and that’s out of all South Africans, not just blacks). I’m excited to see if they can make the numbers even higher after they decolonize education.

Of course, I could be wrong. Harvard thinks the problem is “spatial exclusion” along with “collapsing state capacity.” Naturally, Harvard doesn’t confront the possibility that state capacity is collapsing because of the search for “inclusion.” Instead, it wants more.

This is what Steve Sailer calls “tragic dirt” — the insistence that it’s a property of the location itself driving poverty, rather than the people upon it.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe:

Someday, the murder of Rhodesia will be recognized as one of the greatest crimes of the last century.

Another mass shooting manifesto was released. Much like the transgender shooting manifesto in Tennessee, the shooter in Louisville wanted to kill “upper class white people” to push gun control

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. If your liberal relatives berated you, well, they were just following a script from the Biden campaign.

The Nation also joined in the holiday spirit.

Aren’t people tired of this? It’s not exactly subversive or new to guilt whites about Thanksgiving and the Indians. In reality, the Indians attacked the settlers first in an attempted genocide called King Philip’s War. The white victory may have been the beginning of racial consciousness in the United States. Perhaps we should have a holiday celebrating that.

The myth that public schools teach patriotism simply won’t die, even though we get case after case of teachers indoctrinating their charges with anti-white hate.

Almost 370,000 likes for this are an indication that it is orthodoxy, not something underground or rebellious.

That’s still better than what some blacks think white people did in the past.

Huge if true. Seriously, because pro-white speech is so heavily censored, the most insane and ridiculous anti-white conspiracy theories proliferate wildly on social media with little pushback.

Checking in with Ol’ Faithful, Saira Rao:

She loves us. You know she does.

Nationalist parties gained in the recent Dutch elections. Unfortunately, the Forum for Democracy (FvD) led by Thierry Baudet was not among them, probably because many of his supporters wanted to help Geert Wilders win the most seats. Mr. Baudet was physically attacked just before the election.

Hopefully he can be part of the new coalition.

You might be wondering what happened to the girlfriend of murder victim Ryan Carson, a left-wing activist, whom a black man butchered in front of her in New York City.

Posts on X don’t exactly tell the full story. Still, if you were waiting on a change of heart about politics after she witnessed her boyfriend being stabbed to death, you should probably keep waiting.

A normal day in thriving Memphis, Tennessee:

The state of education in one of our typical integrated schools:

One student is dead. President Joe Biden once said these integrated schools risked being turned into “racial jungles.” He was right, though he probably doesn’t remember it. That’s all right; he probably doesn’t remember anything else either.

Finally, a typical scene from our multiracial world featuring an online personality:

Just don’t say “it’s ok to be white” on social media.