Posted on September 29, 2022

Verified Hate: New Humiliation Ritual Just Dropped

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 29, 2022

The humiliation ritual is an important part of American life. Our rulers occasionally degrade a symbol of the historic American nation and tell us to cheer. If you protest and accomplish nothing, you look weak. If you cheer, you submit. When the military and FBI knelt for Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020, it was a humiliation ritual.

You could argue that living in American is one ongoing humiliation ritual because whites must tolerate black violence without striking back — or even noticing. To speak is to be destroyed.

Theodore Dalrymple wrote:

When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

Celebrating ugliness is part of this.

I don’t know what a “Lizzo” is, and don’t want to know. However, when state institutions endorse deliberate desecration, it is a humiliation ritual. It is symbolic conquest of whites. It shows that the new, non-white America is taking ownership of the old America built by whites and mocking its symbols.

Many Americans, especially conservatives, may think that they still “really” run America. They may imagine that the military, intelligence agencies, and other serious institutions have no time for political correctness. They are wrong. The CIA just put up a statue of Harriet Tubman.

Of course, nothing is good enough for leftists.

What kind of nation teaches its young people to hate themselves?

It is mainstream to use The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn and to teach students that the settlement of America by whites was a crime. This is the establishment.

There’s a lot going on here.

I’m not sure this is something to celebrate, but coverage of an armed white march protesting replacement and making race-based demands would get far different coverage.

In South Africa, where whites were defeated by treason from within and venom from without (and with help from Queen Elizabeth II), the long-feared expropriation bill has passed. This will make things even worse for white farmers.

Let’s remember this if South Africa goes the way of Zimbabwe and we start hearing pleas for help. Let’s also celebrate Orania. If you are a white South African, perhaps it is time to make another Great Trek and stand together.

News from the Mother Country. First, don’t misgender the sex offender.

Second, the British Empire now hosts bumfights between warring groups of foreigners. For example, here are pro-government and anti-government Iranians.

Here are Hindus and Muslims clashing.

Don’t worry, “community leaders” have decided they can agree on one thing: White racists are the real enemy.

Leicester has been settled since before the Romans arrived. Hindus and Muslims had nothing to do with it. However, Europeans aren’t indigenous to Europe, apparently (just the Sámi), so thousands of years of history don’t count.

Third, here’s the foreigner Sadiq Khan putting up a statue of an enemy to Great Britain and the white race.

That’s a real humiliation ritual.

The Republican Senate nominee in Pennsylvania, “Dr. [Mehmet] Oz,” is losing to Democrat John Fetterman, the lieutenant governor. In 2013, Mr. Fetterman, carrying a gun, chased a black man after hearing what he thought were gunshots. It turned out the man was jogging. There is a certain recent incident in Georgia that might come to mind when you think about this.

However, Mr. Fetterman hasn’t paid much of a political price. This could be because he backs Black Lives Matter and its soft-on-crime policies. He did until recently, anyway. He has wiped that from the “issues” on his candidate site.

This could be because parts of Pennsylvania look worse than many Third World countries.

The non-white woman asking if the workers will still make her food while her co-ethnics unleash havoc sums up our “civilization.”

Why are whites most of the hate crime victims in Philadelphia? Are mainstream media and academia inciting hatred against us? Ostensibly serious media (and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer) accused President Donald Trump of inciting (mostly black) attacks against Asians by talking about “the China virus.” The mainstream media have a far bigger platform. Apparently, we are supposed to believe their words have no effect, but the Donald Trump who couldn’t get blacks to vote for him talked them into an anti-Asian rampage.

Blacks are still committing street crime.

Some people say Americans don’t have “walkable communities” anymore and that our society is too dependent on cars.

There are some good points here, but what’s not mentioned are race, crime, and diversity. Whites moved to suburbs because “third places” became too dangerous after the 1960s. He cites Robert Putnam, but doesn’t mention Putnam’s work on diversity and the way it destroys social trust in all groups.

You can have a real community or you can have diversity.

The Washington Post ran an interesting piece. I fully endorse it.

Let’s restart the American Colonization Society. We’ll give it a new name. I suggest “Going Home: Helping Africans in America Escape Racism.” Someone help me think of a good acronym.

What if someone identifies as an Indian? Why is it wrong for someone to identify as a racial minority but not for someone to change sex simply by imagining it?

Who needs whom? Who relies on whom? Who could exist without the other?

Yes. Given that the main reason some actors get roles is because they are non-white, one might argue that inventing artificial controversies is a marketing strategy.

Imagine believing the problem is that we don’t get enough lectures from the affirmative-action class.

Fair enough, no more blacks appropriating European mythology.

I thought the Great Replacement was just a conspiracy theory. Why should there be any changes at all? If democracy is about the people ruling, who are the people is a very important question.

Agreed, stop caring if they call you racist. Their power will vanish. If enough of us do it, the problem will be solved. Stop being afraid, and accept the costs.

Saying you hate white people is not hate speech.

The way leftists treat non-whites like pets is condescending. However, non-whites mostly go along with it, so they deserve it. And they benefit from it. Western governments lavish gifts on victimhood.

Whites must also fight for our own interests. For now, that means ending anti-white discrimination. Whatever happens, we must have a state of our own and turn our backs on this travesty. We shouldn’t celebrate becoming a minority even if Republicans rule us.

What party rules a foreign country is of no interest to me.

From a reliable friend:


Ok, they got us there.

Incidentally, there was an account called BIPOC hate tweets. All it did was retweet hateful anti-white tweets. It was banned. Again, it’s not anti-white hatred that Twitter bans. It’s those who point it out.

Many others were banned in a recent censorship wave, notably an account called “ComradeStump.” He was part of Donald Trump’s grassroots social media effort in 2016. No one knows who he was, but his YouTube videos had a huge impact. Big Tech silenced him, and another independent voice is gone.

President Trump didn’t defend free speech when he had the power to. If he seriously intends to run again, he’s deluded if he thinks the online army that took the field for him in 2016 will be back in 2024. President Trump still has a passionate personal following, but he failed his supporters, his country, and himself by refusing to act when he could have.