Posted on August 30, 2022

Verified Hate: ‘Kill the Boer’ Is Not Hate

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 30, 2022

If “hate speech” means anything, surely it includes direct threats of violence against a group of people. “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer,” would seem to meet that standard, especially in light of what is happening to white farmers in South Africa. However, the South African “Equality Court” ruled that “kill the Boer” is not hate speech.

Blacks have been torturing and killing Boer farmers in South Africa for years, with the apparent indifference of the government. Chanting “kill the Boer” is not hate speech, but the “Equality Court” has ruled that flying the flag of the old South African regime is criminal “hate speech.”

If you haven’t figured out how the words “hate” and “equality” work these days, I’m not sure I can help you.

“Indigenous” is another tricky word. Some American Indians, Australian Aborigines, and “First Nations” use the word to justify their supposedly superior claim to North America and Australia. We whites don’t belong here.

If that’s true, aren’t we the “Indigenous” people of Europe? Can we at least “go back to Europe,” like some non-whites say we should? Perhaps not.

The people referred to here are Laplanders, “mainland Europe’s only indigenous people.” It seems whites aren’t indigenous anywhere.

Antifa decided to hold an armed protest to “guard” a drag show for children.

What was the threat they were guarding against?

These are as simply media stunts.

Why do citizens and legal visitors have to be vaccinated, but illegals don’t? Our Haitian press secretary has no answer.

Some people suggest that “our” military doesn’t have much to do with defending America.

Why not? It worked out well for the Romans. And didn’t “we” essentially try the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan? How’s Iraq doing these days?

It’s probably safer than many cities in America. (I won’t call them “American cities.”)

This is a thread of job postings for history professors. Of the 19 listed, 15 are about non-white history. “Asian-American History” is becoming more popular. It’s a new grievance machine, a new patronage system.

This puts the Biden Administration’s decision on student loans in a different light.

Netflix has a new piece of propaganda. It’s about a non-white rebellion against France after the mysterious killing of a young boy. Director Romain Gavras explains it is a kind of “Greek tragedy” that explores the way civil wars begin.

It looks like another example of “It’s not happening and it’s good that it is.” It used to be right-wing paranoia to warn that mass non-white immigration into Europe could cause tensions or even civil war. Now, media treat ethnic violence as deserved revenge for white racism. And, of course, we’re not “Indigenous” anywhere.

Breaking news: Emmett Till is still dead.

Brigham Young University is in a panic because a spectator allegedly said a bad word at a volleyball game. I’ve seen no video evidence, but the school admitted it happened. Anyone who asks for evidence will be called racist. So, it happened.

A student group called “Black Menaces” had already planned to confront white students about race at the predominantly white school. Brigham Young kept blacks out of the priesthood of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The early Church was practically a racial religion, so someone will inevitably say the school needs a new name. I wonder if it will be Mitt Romney.

Meanwhile, a black mayor in a small North Carolina town said “death to the Confederacy” (which is as dead as Emmitt Till) and broadcast the destruction of a monument to fallen soldiers.

It seems our opponents can’t create, just destroy.

Some highlights from our diverse life.

A scene from the United Kingdom:


Followed by:

We must stop trying to save them from themselves.

Anyone with social media knows that blacks have been attacking Asians. The San Francisco Chronicle is worried this may sully the rainbow.

A New York Times reporter is evidently upset at GOP candidate Blake Masters:

What did Mr. Masters say that was wrong? I’d like to hear it explained.

Finally, white advocates are often worried about being called racists and Nazis. I have good news for you. Just about everyone is a racist, a Nazi, and a white supremacist, at least according to progressives.

Read Paul Gottfried’s book on antifascism to understand why leftists keep falling back on this term, even though it hasn’t been relevant for almost a century. The president of the United States says we’re just “semi-fascist.” We’ll take what we can get.

Were there more highlights that you wanted to see? I plan to do this more often, so email tweets to [email protected].

Take heart. Things can change quickly.