Posted on August 19, 2022

‘Black Menaces’ Detail Plan to Take Over Predominantly White Institutions Across the Country

Nick Fenley, Blavity, August 15, 2022

A group of Black students at Bringham Young University (BYU) called The Black Menaces wants to extend its reach to other primarily white institutions (PWIs). The group has gone viral on social media over members’ interviews with white students about race and other social issues.

The group comprises Sebastian Stewart-Johnson, Nate Byrd, Kylee Shepherd, Kennethia Dorsey and Rachel Weaver.  It was founded at BYU {snip}


“As Black students, we’ve felt the isolation and ‘ostracization,’ so we wanted to highlight everything that we go through in a way that millions could see it,” Stewart-Johnson said of the Black Menaces {snip}


“We are officially announcing that we’re opening up Menace chapters to the whole country,” Sebastian Stewart-Johnson says in a TikTok uploaded late last week.

“We want a Menace chapter at every predominantly white institution and university in the country,” Kylee Shepherd adds.