Posted on August 19, 2022

University of Tennessee ‘Volunteers’ Students for Critical Race Theory

Reagan Reese, Daily Caller, August 17, 2022

All schools and departments under the University of Tennessee have created their own “Diversity Action Plan” to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), according to documents made public by the National Association of Scholars.

The Diversity Action Plans include “integrating anti-racism” and social justice into curriculums. The plan implements tenets of critical race theory into policies, curriculums and hiring and recruiting practices. {snip}

The University of Tennessee mandated the creation of Diversity Action Plans for each academic department and academic college following the death of George Floyd, according to a press release. The plans were implemented in September 2020.


The College of Education, Health and Human Sciences appointed a DEI director and advisory board to oversee a campus-wide climate survey and to create all policies which “promote equity,” the documents stated. {snip}

The College of Law requires applicants to submit a diversity statement and an explanation on how they will contribute to the colleges’ “diversity and inclusion mission,” the document stated.

The athletic department’s plan includes implementing “More About Me” staff lunches for those in “underrepresented populations,” the documents showed. The department also is working to recruit more student-athletes in “underrepresented populations” {snip}


DEI engineering seminar requires the students to write a two-page essay on their bias {snip}