Posted on June 16, 2015

¡Adios, America!: Coulter’s Call for Immigration Sanity

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 16, 2015

Ann Coulter, ¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, Regnery Publishing, 2015, 400 pp., $27.99.

With her latest book, ¡Adios, America!, writer and commentator Ann Coulter has established herself as the foremost advocate for immigration sanity in America–if not the world. It’s startling to find so much common sense in a book from a mainstream publisher, and Americans are starved for common sense: ¡Adios, America! is at the top of three Amazon categories, and number two on the New York Times best-seller list.


Miss Coulter is blunt: Immigration is destroying America, and if it isn’t stopped we face oblivion. We are importing millions of Third-World losers who go on welfare, rape and kill Americans, and refuse to learn our ways. Whites will soon be a minority, and white babies are already a minority. This is suicide, but Democrats like immigrants because they vote Democratic, Republicans like cheap labor, and even upper-middle-class people can now afford servants: “Every single elite group in America” writes Miss Coulter, “is aligned against the public.”

Including, of course, the media:

Only in the case of immigration is the public systematically lied to from every major news outlet. The media lie about everything, but immigration constitutes their finest hour of collective lying.

The news is full of immigration stories disguised as worry about Americans: poor children, fat children, teen pregnancy, dropouts, income inequality, Medicare fraud, identity theft, child rape, sex trafficking, prison overcrowding, “homegrown” terrorism, drug-resistant TB, etc. Miss Coulter points out that immigrants bring us these things, but to point that out is “racist.”

The whole book is in Miss Coulter’s distinctive style of which this is a sample:

Why is it a crisis that illegal aliens are ‘living in the shadows’? I forget. . . . It is not a crisis for Americans that other people have come into their country illegally and now find it uncomfortable to be living here breaking the law. It is supposed to be uncomfortable to break the law. Perhaps illegal aliens should have considered that before coming. . . . ‘[L]iving in the shadows’ is evidently better than living in Guadalajara, otherwise, there’s an easy solution. Living in the shadows doesn’t seem to be much of a crisis for them.

America is a real country

Miss Coulter begins by pointing out that the United States is not an idea, but an actual country with a founding stock. She quotes Richard Brookhiser: “The WASP character is the American character . . . . Without the WASP it would be another country altogether.” She also notes that “two centuries after the first Europeans settled America, the white population was 80 percent British and 98 percent Protestant.” She continues:

The British Empire spread Anglo-Saxon culture around the globe–Protestant morals, individualism, the rule of law. Most British colonies rejected those values. Only the ones populated by actual British people–America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand–managed to hold on to them and, as a result, prospered.

Now, we are supposed to believe that letting in every hopeless tribe on earth will be a huge improvement. “Why is it better that the ethnic population of our country be changed?” she asks, adding, “If it’s racist to say that immigration is changing America’s ethnicity, why wasn’t it racist for supporters of Kennedy’s 1965 bill [that opened the country to Third-World immigration] to boast that it wouldn’t?”

What’s good for us?

“Wouldn’t any sane immigration policy be based on the principle that we want to bring in only immigrants who will benefit the people already here?” Miss Coulter wants to know. And yet the vast majority come through what is called “family reunification” or as Miss Coulter puts it, “bringing in grandparents, second cousins, and brothers-in-laws of Afghan pushcart operators . . . . We wouldn’t want our immigrants to be illiterate, unskilled and lonesome.”

Since people are still lining up to come:

America should be choosing immigrants the way the New England Patriots choose players. They don’t have a lottery system for their draft picks. No one guilts them into taking a blind kid with one leg over an All American–much less the blind kid’s cousin, to keep him company.

Our disregard for quality means we have brought in people who practice slavery and who have introduced new forms of crime: “Identity theft, credit card scams, Medicare and food stamp fraud, tax rebate theft, and staged-crash insurance scams–these are not native American habits.” In the only two known cases in which an angry woman snipped off a man’s penis, the snipper was an immigrant–one from Ecuador and the other from Thailand.

Miss Coulter points out it would be useful to know how much crime immigrants commit–maybe we could adjust our policies accordingly–but “the government doesn’t collect data on immigrant crime and the media wouldn’t report it anyway.” On the other hand, it’s reassuring to know that our government has “an exact count of Samoans without battery-powered radios (2,651 in 2010).” Since we could actually choose the people who come here, we’ll know “our immigration system will be working when the number of immigrants who commit crimes is zero.”

Back when newcomers were white we were allowed to ask them adopt our ways, but no longer. Miss Coulter reminds us of Dong Lu Chen, who beat his cheating wife to death with a claw hammer. He got off with probation because a judge was made to understand how much the Chinese hate being cuckolded. The head of the Asian-American Defense and Education Fund–a woman–said that a prison term would be wrong because it would “promote the idea that when people come to America they have to give up their way of doing things. That is an idea we cannot support.”

The problem isn’t just crime. Nearly 60 percent of immigrants, legal and illegal, get some kind of government handout as opposed to 39 percent of native households. “Why would any country voluntarily bring in people who have to be supported by the taxpayer?” asks Miss Coulter.


Miss Coulter points out that we have already taken in one quarter of Mexico’s population, and that there are more Hispanics in California than there are people in 46 states. “Do we have to admit all 120 million Mexicans to prove to the New York Times that we’re not ‘nativist’?” she asks. In 1970, there were only one million Hispanics. Now the Census Bureau says there are 54 million.

Hispanics have brought us youth gangs, a plague of dropouts, and drug dealers, as well as their colorful customs: “The Mexican cultural trait of littering is well known to everyone, except American journalists.” Miss Coulter quotes a former expat: “When I lived in Mexico, we referred to the white plastic bag as the ‘Mexican National Flower’.” Mexicans who work for drug cartels grow 90 to 95 percent of the marijuana produced in California, often on huge tracts in national parks. They leave tons of garbage, eat protected animals, and pollute streams with pesticides. The government had to close several national parks on the Mexican border because there was so much drug violence.

Although the government can’t give us a count, Miss Coulter has noticed that men who rape their 11-year-old nieces or 8-year-old stepdaughters are almost always Hispanic. They grew up with different ideas: The age of consent in Mexico is 12 in all but one Mexican state and 14 in the other. Miss Coulter also notes that since 1990 there have been 53 verified cases of girls age 10 and under giving birth in Latin America–and probably plenty more in the wilds of Bolivia and Honduras. By contrast, there have been only eight such cases in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Western Europe combined. In seven of those cases, the father was an immigrant.

Miss Coulter notes that there is much media worry about beheadings when Muslims perform them on TV, but there have been a lot more just across the border: an estimated 1,300 Mexicans had their heads chopped off between 2007 and 2011:

The main difference between decapitations in Syria and Mexico is that Mexicans also behead women, children, and innocent bystanders. In addition to pioneering videotaped beheadings, Mexicans specialize in corpse desecration, burning people alive, rolling human heads onto packed nightclub dance floors, dissolving bodies in acid, and hanging mutilated bodies from bridges. Why are the media obsessed with ISIS’s beheadings but not the more frequent head-chopping right next door?

“Iraqi terrorists may long to maim and rape Americans, get them hooked on heroin, burn down hundreds of acres of our national parks, and kill Americans in drunk driving accidents,” writes Miss Coulter. “But it’s Mexicans who are actually doing those things.”

Distorting the news

In a funny chapter called “Public Warned to be on Lookout for ‘Man’,” Miss Coulter writes about how hard the media try to hide the identities of immigrant criminals. “News is not supposed to be a suspense novel,” she writes, but “but when it comes to immigrant criminals, all the media notice is that the perp is a ‘man’.” Often it’s not until deep into the story that the “local man’s” Hispanic or nine-jointed Middle Eastern name even appears, and articles almost never mention immigration status. If the child-rapist said something “through an interpreter” that’s a clue.

Miss Coulter cites case after case. In one, an illegal immigrant who mowed grass in North Carolina raped the 12-year-old daughter of the family he was working for. As for press reports, “again, readers would know the child rapist was a ‘man.’ The Winston-Salem Journal was absolutely clear on that point.” To get any deeper into the subject we have to “interpret news stories as if we’re reading Pravda.

Miss Coulter has noticed that no sleuthing is required in certain stories: “After the police shooting in Ferguson, did anyone need to ask: Hey, does anyone know the race of the cop or of the race of guy he shot?

Hmong apparently specialize in child gang-rape, just like Hispanics, but Miss Coulter cites media accounts that carefully make it sound as though the dozen men who spent two days savaging two 13-year-olds could have been your neighbors. Miss Coulter has managed to uncover some really gruesome but underreported stuff that Hmong get up to. But then, “the media balance out their censorship of news about immigrant rapists with false accusations of rape against American white men:”

When a disturbed girl at the University of Virginia tells three different stories about being gang-raped at a fraternity house, her story is scooped up by Rolling Stone and becomes major national news. But an actual [Hmong] gang-rape epidemic sweeping California, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin is deliberately hidden from the public.

Miss Coulter notes that the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota openly salts its “most wanted” list with whites to show a “cross section” of the community rather than tell us who is really “most wanted.” Honesty would be therapeutic: “It could save a lot of soul-searching about ‘our’ violent culture if journalists didn’t hide the fact that gang rapes are generally committed by people who are not from our culture.”

Miss Coulter writes about how the media never fail to remind us where Hispanics are underrepresented–in movies, boardrooms, on TV, on banknotes, etc.–but they never tell us where they are overrepresented: in prison. Hispanic men are about three times more likely than white men to be locked up. And, of course, when a Mexican does something so lurid not even the New York Times can ignore it, it is sure to quote a Latino activist who warns about the perils of stereotyping.

The media also treat us to so many heartwarming stories about Hispanics fighting for “their” country that you’d think the services would shudder to a halt without them. Miss Coulter notes that whites volunteer at double the Hispanic rate, and that half the Hispanics in uniform are women.

The media also stick like glue to the “11 million” figure for illegal immigrants. Miss Coulter points out that this has been the more-or-less official figure for ten years. Not one new illegal has slipped in since 2005? She thinks a better guess is closer to 30 million, but now that there is so much talk about amnesty, the real figure might scare the children.

Miss Coulter believes amnesty is not just crazy; it is a complete con job even to consider it until “it’s as hard to get into the United States as it used to be to get out of East Germany.” She also writes that any poll suggesting that Americans want amnesty is probably bunk: It offers a choice of utterly improbable scenarios such as “rounding up and deporting all illegals” vs. “legalization after back taxes, fines, security checks, and proven competence in English.” Even if amnesty had conditions, the bureaucrats would be overwhelmed by the volume of applicants or would just ignore the conditions. Miss Coulter laughs at the idea of fines and back taxes: “The INS already waives fees for illegal immigrants who are on government assistance, which is 71 percent of them.”

Of all the fraudulent ways to get into the country–and Miss Coulter describes a lot–the most notorious is to claim to be a refugee: “How, specifically, are U.S. officials going to investigate claims of gang rape in Nigeria? They don’t: They just grant asylum.” Virtually every “credible fear” of persecution isn’t and can’t be substantiated, but 92 percent of cases are granted anyway. Our policies are turning the country into “a battered women’s shelter for the whole world.”

Organizations with names like Catholic Charities take unemployable primitives who marvel at light switches, and dump them onto American communities. Miss Coulter points out there is no “charity” involved, since the taxpayer–not the Catholic Church–picks up the tab to move them in. Then the locals have to feed, clothe, house, medicate, and try to educate them.

In 2008, the State Department began to wonder if all the people claiming to be family members of African “refugees” really were. DNA tests found that 80 percent were lying, but Africans, we’re assured, have an expansive concept of family.

Some America-haters wonder why Africans even come. Miss Coulter quotes an ethnic studies prof: “The legacy of race, gender, and class oppression in the United States has transported many Somali refugees from one epic struggle to another.” Third-Worlders have a hard time learning English or grasping the concept of income taxes, but they learn the magic incantation “Racism!” in no time.

Miss Coulter likes Israel’s immigration policy:

Israel says, quite correctly, that changing Israel’s ethnicity would change the idea of Israel. Well, changing America’s ethnicity changes the idea of America, too. Show me in a straight line why we can’t do what Israel does. Is Israel special? For some of us, America is special, too.

And further: “Jews forthrightly ask: Is it good for the Jews? Why can’t Americans ask: Is it good for Americans?”

Israelis understand something we don’t: “Contrary to everything you’ve heard, never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a disaster. . . . The fact that we have to be incessantly told how wonderful diversity is only proves that it’s not.” Former CIA director Michael Hayden thinks otherwise. Miss Coulter quotes him as saying that America is “required to look like the world.”

According to diversity doctrine, “everyone gets special rights and privileges except white men.” Even immigrants. “To apply these policies to people who have never set foot in this country is insane,” she writes. “We owe you nothing.”

Miss Coulter reminds us how much Robert Putnam of Harvard squirmed when his data showed that diversity kills community trust. In his study of various cities, San Francisco came in dead last in social capital. “This is one problem you can’t blame on blacks,” writes Miss Coulter; “that city is 42 percent white, 33 percent Asian, 15 percent Hispanic, 6 percent black . . . .”

Immigration has also brought us a steady stream of “American” terrorists. Although the media refer to them ritualistically as “a Brooklyn man” or “a California man,” they are not Americans who, after mature reflection, converted to bomb-throwing Islam. They are immigrants with unpronounceable names. There are now enough of them intent on killing us that the government wants to listen to our phone calls and read our e-mail. As Miss Coulter puts it, “We have created two huge problems where none existed before–domestic terrorism and government spying–all so the Democrats can win more elections and Mark Zuckerberg can underpay his employees.”

Who wants them?

So who wants all these Third-Worlders? One powerful group is employers who love cheap labor. The more people living 10-to-a-room “in the shadows,” the more it depresses American wages. That’s good for CEOs but bad for Americans. H1-B visas are supposed to be for foreign whizz-kids willing to do tricky jobs that baffle Americans. More fraud: “High-tech employers neither seek, nor desire, ‘smart people.’ They want cheap people.”

Another influential group is liberal journalists and intellectuals who live in Chevy Chase or Greenwich, and have discovered what fun it is to have servants: “It’s a sweet deal the elites have: They get to have cheap nannies and lawn boys in the whitest towns in America–and feel morally superior at the same time.” There is plenty of hypocrisy: “The reason we can’t use immigration to bring in the best people is because our best people don’t want immigrants competing with their kids. They want immigrants competing with their landscaper’s kids.”

And, of course, Democrats love immigrants because they vote for them. And astonishingly, Democrats have persuaded Republicans that amnestying what could be 30 million illegals would make Mexicans so grateful they will vote a straight GOP ticket: “It would be as if Republicans tricked the Democrats into devoting all their efforts to getting a tiny sliver more of the fundamentalist Christian vote.”

The truth is:

Republicans have no obligation to make a grand forgiving gesture toward lawbreakers, hoping that Hispanics will applaud their sportsmanship. This doesn’t require bravery. It requires that Republicans not be idiots.

There is a simple GOP route to victory:

By unapologetically opposing the transformation of America into a Third World country, the GOP would sweep the white vote–once white people recovered from the shock of any candidate asking for their vote. Why should Republicans be ashamed of getting white votes? How about the party work on getting more of them? . . . Any party incapable of winning the vote of white men ought to hang its head in shame. Democrats denounce and abuse white people, and Republicans act embarrassed about having whites vote for them.

Of course, since Democrats are the party of government workers, food-stamp pushers, housing voucher bureaucrats, “sensitivity” experts, and bilingual teachers, more helpless Third-Worlders mean jobs for the boys.


So what’s to be done? Miss Coulter wants immigration cut to zero, with no exceptions. So long as even a few people can get in, schemers will find loopholes:

The billion-dollar immigration industry has turned every single aspect of immigration law into an engine of fraud. The family reunifications are frauds, the ‘farmworkers’ are frauds, the high-tech visas are frauds–and the asylum and refugee cases are monumental frauds.

If there is any legal way into the country someone will jimmy it to let in horrible people: “It would be nice to get some British and Dutch immigrants again, but it’s not worth the risk of keeping our immigration bureaucracy in business.”

Miss Coulter knows that the rot goes very deep when “it’s considered racist merely to say, ‘We liked America the way it was.’ ” If it is too late–and it may be–she sees ¡Adios, America! as a cry to future generations. As she noted in an interview with Chronicles:

Well, this book is my last shot. Some of my friends are pessimistic and say, I’m quoting, ‘At least I won’t have to live through it, we’ll watch the decline of America but it’s over now, there is no hope.’ I’m a Christian like you, we can’t despair, but I think we are getting very close to the end and this is my last shot to wake people up.

And if the book is blacklisted and I can’t get it out there, at least some future generations will have a list for the death squads. It’s going to be really popular when the other 49 states become California. And, as people like me say about Peter Brimelow and Pat Buchanan now, they’ll say, ‘if only they had listened to her. If only they had listened.’