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Photos: The Gangs of Latin America

A land where criminals outgun cops.


Another show in the growing trend of Hispanic sob stories.

Facts on U.S. Latinos, 2015, Pew Research Center

Minimal gains in English proficiency by foreign-born Hispanics since 1980.

Free Medicare for Mexican moms-to-be draws many takers.

But two suspects are still at large.

We’d rather return voluntarily than be deported.

All of them Hispanic.

. . . but that might not be the case.

ICE Director to MS-13: “You are not welcome in the United States and you will find no harbor here.”

Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day.

Esteban Rodriguez-Olivera.

Masterminded from Mexico.

Liberals predict repeal will cause of millions of previously unengaged Hispanics to start voting for Democrats.

Goes on to say that Dreamers in Chicago are safe.

Some Mexicans sound like they are looking forward to a free trip home.

Economic data suggests otherwise.

622 so far this year.

All were from Mexico or Guatemala.

Illegal says it was an accident.

Finally, some good news.

Twelve of the illegals were registered sex offenders.

Statement comes after arrest of double murderer.

Photos: The Face(s) of MS-13 (Literally)

Anybody still want open borders?


Trump vs. MS-13, Frontpage Mag

Leave the poor misunderstood gangsters alone, cries the Left.

Left her with a dangling ear.

Donald Trump: “They’re animals.”

Left Central America, headed for America, dumped in Mexico.

Now it’s Hispanics who want to keep whites out.

Both killers are Mexican nationals.

The year’s total so far is 583.

Quaint Mexican practices come to US.

Sanctuary Cities of Defiance, The American Conservative

It may not be easy to bring them to heel.

It’s even higher than the rate among blacks.

AP insists “raza” doesn’t mean “race.”

He had drunk twelve bottles of beer.

A sign of the times.

Immigrant of the Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)

But the New York Times would have you believe he was simply a Californian.


It passed in the House and is headed to the Senate.

Local cops tipped off ICE.

10-year-old crime finally caught up with him.

One of his many murders was of a young girl—while he forced her parents to watch.

Some think the organization should be declared a terrorist group.

Mexicans and Drunk Driving

How bad is the problem?


The “unaccompanied alien children” are prime recruits for gangs.

All 11 names have something in common . . .

A longtime liberal offers some advice.

Census numbers can’t be trusted.

DAPA, however, will be cancelled.

“We will not rest until our communities are safer and individuals like these are brought to justice.”

62 were from Mexico.