Posted on November 11, 2023

Here We Go Again

Don Brandy, American Renaissance, November 10, 2023

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This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

In March 2020, I wrote a piece for American Renaissance about my teaching experience dealing with the black population. Since that time, I’ve been a few places, and I have a little bit of an update about what is now something I consider a drastic mistake.

Recently, I transitioned my career to become a middle school math teacher. I am in a school with a high Hispanic population, and while it is near a major city, it is a suburb. As of this writing, which is the seventh week in the school year, I am in shock by the things that I am observing. Every day I find myself leaving work, wondering why on God’s green earth we are importing these people.

At my school we are on block schedules, meaning I have each group of kids for 80 minutes and three of these groups per day. My classes are overwhelmingly Hispanic with many students who are English language learners. When I call the parents at home, I must make Google translate ready, otherwise it is a good luck situation with many of the kids getting their parents to understand what is going on in my classroom. At least the parents are usually home, because heaven forbid, they go out and work a job. 

One instance came yesterday that was just unbelievably shocking to me. Each student at my school receives a Chromebook to do their work, and many times the students try to go to the wrong website unless the teacher is actively monitoring. Yesterday I started to notice that many of the Chromebooks are severely damaged. As a matter of fact, the students have only had the Chromebooks for three or four weeks. I have seen keyboards stuck, keyboards smashed, screens bent, one screen pulled off, and now yesterday, one of the laptops had its screen yanked from the keyboard. It is now in two pieces. The students treat it as a big joke. They laugh and find it hilarious.

I asked other teachers on the team if the families of the students are going to pay for the Chromebooks that the kids break. One teacher told me they’re supposed to, but he didn’t think it was tracked. Considering I had only one family pay the $35 activity fee out of my morning homeroom, I think the answer is obvious.

My other favorite is the pencils. I received a box of several hundred pencils from the school at the start of the year, as did the other teachers. We are supposed to get more of these pencils around November. The reason for this is because in a class of 34 students, generally nearly half and sometimes more just don’t bring a pencil. I have worked out a system for the students to give the pencils back to me at the end of the day, but most teachers in my school find them broken on the floor. The kids love to break them and throw them. In addition to this, there is an incredible amount of writing and vandalism on the desks.

In terms of behaviors, many of the students cannot stop talking. I have had to deal with removals, inappropriate language, restlessness, and so forth. They attempt to bring food into the class and often I find the mess on the floor. Many of these students also get caught with cell phones, even though, as I am told, they cannot afford a pencil or even food to eat, but they somehow can afford a recent iPhone.

I have no idea why we are allowing these people to hop over our border and what they have to offer this country in the short and long term. I think that many of them, including their parents, are complete ingrates. Imagine going into a country like China, going into their schools, acting out like these kids do, and breaking school equipment. I could not imagine what would happen to the student. It would never be tolerated there or most other places. By the way, I have taught students online in China and tried to explain this stuff to them. Even the best English speakers had such trouble imagining it. However, this is my reality.

Now, I’m going to ask one more time: Why on God’s green earth are we importing these people? I will be switching schools again or finding something else to do for a living.

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