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Who Will Take Care of You When You’re Old?

Will you be able to choose?


Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

Democracy is increasingly seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.


It’s in Spanish and English.

The number was just seven percent in 1980.

“Will illegal aliens who are drunk drivers stay sober to honor their boycott day?”

But it’s expected to come back

Says to Hispanics: “You are the future of America.”

Tuesday’s ballot initiative overturning Proposition 227 is likely to pass.

They speak languages such as Quiche, Mam, and Chuj.

LA Mayor Garcetti: ‘“We are well past the tipping point–everywhere.”

To 65 million.

But the New York Times calls it “new face of California.”

Deport Ariel Dorfman

The critic of everything American should never have been let in.


That’s the cost to educate the 4.9 million students designated as Limited English Proficiency.

How one Atlanta suburb went from 95 percent white to 20 percent in a generation.

Policing While White

What law enforcement is really like.


Judges often delay immigration hearings requiring Q’anjob’al, K’iché, and Mam interpreters.

Are whites waking up?

A third of Nashville public school students don’t speak English as a first language.

They can bring China with them.

Virginia district says there is no age limit for illegals.

Teacher of English language learners asks, “How much immigration diversity is too much?”

Reporters couldn’t understand the candidates.

Even a few Democrats want to keep their culture.

NAACP opposes special schools for English-learners.

Texts are in Spanish.

The Spanish version promised amnesty.

Yet another form of discrimination is unmasked.

More than 350 languages spoken in the US.

Fastest growing languages are Arabic and Urdu.

“We should not have a multicultural society.”

Says it’s “bizarre” to ask people to speak English in the US.

. . . in Spanish.

Says Trump’s immigration plan might “create friction” with Mexico.

Because the arresting officers did not speak Spanish.

Says Kansas City “is very proud of the work of National Council of La Raza.”

20 million immigrants speak English less than “very well.”

Hispanic media openly admit they are biased.

Half of students do not speak English at home.

Everybody–and he means everybody–deserves a chance at the American dream.

Murad Awawdeh explains what it’s all about.

Some Hispanics say “no.”

White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?

A Hispanic student wants to know.


He says “Es muy importante para la comunidad.”

“The average American . . . must ask whether someone is trying to destroy America.”

Police investigation hampered by “a language barrier.”

Interactive map lets you see the rate for your state.

They’re “flummoxed or alienated by the medical system.”

Universities that are at least 25 percent Hispanic get special federal handouts.

You may call in either English or Spanish.