Posted on May 13, 2024

Biden Roasted for ‘Freudian Slip’ Referring to Immigration Influx of ‘Hispanic Voters’

Alexander Hall, Fox News, May 9, 2024

President Biden appeared to accidentally refer to Hispanic migrants as “voters” during an interview on a Spanish-speaking radio show released Tuesday.

“It’s even a bigger influx now in terms of Hispanic voters, or Hispanic – Hispanic citizens, who want to become citizens,” President Biden said of the current migrant crisis.


“The Hispanic community is part of the future of America,” Biden told a host from Spanish radio show Chiquibaby this week. “Twenty-eight out of every 100 students in school speak Spanish, the idea that you’re gonna ignore that? That’s our future. One of the reasons that we’re growing so much is we have a significant influx of immigrants coming into our country, only reason our economy’s so good. We’re not a xenophobic nation. Other nations are, we’re not, that’s why our economy is the best in the world.”