Posted on August 26, 2022

Fighting the Feds on Immigration

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 26, 2022

Article IV, Section 4?

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Let’s start with a headline: “A majority of Americans see an ‘invasion’ at the southern border, NPR poll finds.”

That included 41 percent of Democrats. NPR is shocked. It doesn’t understand why people are “embracing increasingly extreme rhetoric around immigration.”

Is NPR stupid, or just thinks we’re stupid? Here are figures for the past five years for illegals caught at the Southern border.

Last year was already a record at 1.6 million, and the number here for 2022 is already out of date. It’s more than two million – and there’s still a month left in the fiscal year. But NPR can’t understand why people call it an invasion.

Donald Trump tried to control the border, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rang the dinner gong heard ’round the world. All you have to do is show up and say the magic word – asylum – and you’re probably here for good. Illegals don’t even try to avoid the Border Patrol. They march right up to an officer and say, “Here we are. Where’s the free stuff?” Agents still carry guns, but they aren’t stopping the invasion. They are babysitters and tour guides.

The Border Patrol used to be a border patrol. The year 2000 – 22 years ago – was the record year for apprehensions before the latest surge. At that time, 98 percent of border hoppers were Mexicans, and most of them were single men. There was no silly talk about asylum. Agents caught them and bounced them back. Out of this year’s two million, only 35 percent are Mexicans. The rest are from everywhere else in the world, and they get special handling. They come through Mexico because that’s the border that’s easiest to cross.

How do these people know how to come through? The New York Post has an article called “How selfies fuel rise in illegal migrants.”

They all have cells phones and internet connections, and they spread the word. Where are the holes in the border fence? Who are the best human smugglers? Who hands out free stuff? What are the best lies to tell when you claim to be a refugee?

The latest trick is to come as a family, because Democrats love families. Or, if daddy is already here, he can pay a smuggler to bring in the children. Joe Biden has let in more than a quarter of a million unaccompanied minors, smashing all previous records.

Naturally, the border states are furious about this human tidal wave they have to feed, clothe, medicate, house, and try to educate, but the Supreme Court has ruled over and over that no matter how stupidly the feds handle the border, immigration is a federal policy.

Border states have got to take pretty much whoever the feds let in.

Some states are getting creative. Governor Greg Abbot of Texas decided to put illegals on buses and send them to “sanctuary cities” that preen themselves on their “compassion” and “generosity” – until they get a dose of these backpackers themselves. Back in April, 2019, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was tweeting: “To anyone in the world fleeing hatred and oppression, the ultimate city of immigrants wants you to remember: you’re ALWAYS welcome here.”

They’re not fleeing hatred or oppression. They have wrecked their own countries and want to live in ours.

But Governor Abbot took Mayor Adams at his word, and over the last five months, he bused about 6,600 asylum-seekers to New York.

And so, in August, we got this headline: “A Migrant Wave Tests New York City’s Identity as the World’s Sanctuary.”

The Times says that at first the mayor met the buses himself, while the TV cameras rolled. He grabbed free stuff out of the hands of aid workers so he could play Lady Bountiful. His aids yelled at the travelers to smile at the mayor. Grateful Third-Worlders make good TV.

But now, the shelters are full, and Lady Bountiful is singing a different tune. “Governor Abbott of Texas used innocent people as political pawns to manufacture a crisis,” says the mayor. Illegal immigrants aren’t innocent. They’re law-breakers. And it’s Joe Biden who caused a crisis, not Governor Abbot. And what’s Mayor Adams’s solution? “We need the federal government’s help – money, technical assistance and more.”

What? Mr. Open Arms has taken in a little over one day’s worth of border hoppers and he’s already squealing for a federal bailout? How about border control, bonehead?

Washington DC also boasts about being a sanctuary city, so Texas and also Arizona have bused a few thousand newcomers there, too. And DC is squealing.  Now, Mayor Muriel Bowser says it’s a “humanitarian crisis” and wants the National Guard to take care of all the Haitians and Cubans and who knows what else.

How brazenly shameless. Jabber about how much you love illegals – so long as they stay in Texas or Arizona.

But back to New York City, where the Times interviewed Carolina Flores, 31, who fled Venezuela with her husband and four children and has settled with them at a shelter in Brooklyn. “Everything is very good, a hotel and house for free — that is something that would never happen in our country.”

Of course it wouldn’t. Venezuelans aren’t insane. They don’t coddle illegals in ways guaranteed to attract millions more.

Here’s a useful article on New York: “Homeless Shelters are Overflowing — And Most Likely in Poor Areas, Despite Fair Share Promises.”

“Fair share” means there are supposed to be bum shelters all over the city, but would you believe that the rich parts of town somehow manage to keep them out? They’re just like the mayor. It’s so much fun to pretend to be generous when you can make it someone else’s problem.

According to the article, the annual budget for the city’s Department of Homeless Services is – just guess – more than $3 billion. The shelters are full, so the department will now splash out for hotel rooms – 5,000 of them.

The four-star Row Hotel is negotiating to turn over four floors to bus riders.

It’s “1 block from Times Square and everything else that makes New York City “The Most Exciting City in the World.”

The Row’s cheapest room is $239 a night. But you can hardly squeeze Carolina Flores and her family of six into that.

They deserves at least two bedrooms, each with its own bed, for $1,099 a night.

Times Square will be exciting for Nicaraguan peasants. Think of the selfies they’ll send home.

Gov. Abbot’s plan is brilliant. Keep those buses rolling. Ten billion would be a nice, round figure for the budget of the Department of Homeless Services. Surely, when East Coast hypocrites actually have to pay for their foolishness, the foolishness will stop.

Don’t count on it. Here are crime figures for the city for this July compared to last July.

Up 30.5 percent, and murder, at the bottom, up 34.3 percent. But what’s the mayor doing? Looking for 5,000 hotel rooms for people who might, themselves, be criminals.

And it’s not just people coming across the border. Just last week, Joe Biden’s very own DEA commissioner, Anne Milgram, said that “Cartels are ‘killing Americans with fentanyl at rates never seen before.”

Two Mexican cartels are shipping in the drugs that killed 107,000 Americans with overdoses last year. Unlike phony asylum seekers, these guys don’t want to be caught. Here are three lads dressed as tumbleweeds that agents rounded up.

This year we have seen “Fentanyl busts skyrocket to new high.”

Over the last two years, agents stopped more than 20,000 kilograms of fentanyl on the way in.

A lethal dose is 2 milligrams, so that was enough to kill 10 billion people. And who knows how much more got through? And every federal agent babysitting Carolina Flores and her children is not in the field catching drug runners. Disgusting, isn’t it?

And that’s why we have to think of other ways to fight the feds. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has set up a “Grand Jury to Tackle Illegal Immigration.”

He wants to prosecute people who pay human smugglers to bring family members.  He says they are guilty of human trafficking. Great idea.

But this is my favorite: “Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Proposes Interstate Compact to Halt Illegal Immigration Invasion.”

She would invoke Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution, which guarantees the states protection from invasion. Border states would get together, track down illegals, and pitch them out, feds be damned. That would be exciting. What if the feds tried to stop the Arizona National Guard? I can hear them now: “No, no. The little darlings have to stay.”

This is the kind of confrontation it will take for Joe Biden and his sleazy pals to understand this *is* an invasion, and if the government won’t turn it back the people will.