Posted on May 27, 2005

Mayor Autry Wants Immigration Moratorium (Fresno), May 26

Calling it a crisis that is hurting Fresno, Mayor Alan Autry unveiled a controversial immigration plan during his State of the City address on Thursday.

Mayor Autry announced plans to call for a two year moratorium on immigration.

In an hour speech, it was the topic Fresno’s mayor saved for last.

“Team America is in the midst of a crisis,” said Autry.

Autry said the crisis is the nation’s immigration policy and he said it’s hurting Fresno, “It’s in our cities and our towns, that our jails are overflowing with people we don’t even know.”


He will ask the League of California Cities to support a temporary halt to immigration on America’s borders.

“I will ask them to support a two year moratorium on immigration in order to give us time to address this issue thoroughly,” says Autry.


Mayor Autry followed up by honoring recent Hmong immigrants. He said Fresno has been a model for welcoming new residents to the U.S.