Macomb’s Changing Demographics Present Challenges, Opportunities

Chad Selweski, The Macomb Daily, December 12, 2012

The “new Macomb County,” comprised of a much higher population of blacks, Asians and Hispanics than in past decades, presents numerous challenges and opportunities over the coming decade, according to a panel of six experts who presented a new report on Wednesday.

Macomb Community College President Jim Jacobs said the 60-page report outlines abundant ways that an increasingly diverse population will affect businesses, schools and government agencies. But community tensions may arise because most of the new immigrants live south of Hall Road while the area north of Hall is nearly all white and largely unaffected by “The Great Divergence.”

“The future of the county rests on solving this issue of north and south. The artificial divisions within the county cannot let us fail to reflect on the needs of new residents,” said Jacobs, an economist.


Christine Johns, superintendent of Utica Community Schools, the second largest school district in Michigan, said the number of foreign-born UCS students needing help learning English skyrocketed by 578 percent, to nearly 2,000, from 2000 to 2012.

The demographics, and the big hit taken by the Macomb County economy, also led to a 279 percent increase over the past 12 years, to 7,500 UCS students, receiving free or reduced school lunches.

In UCS alone, 47 different languages are spoken by students. Of those, the New Macomb County report shows that the most frequent languages spoken at home are: Chaldean, 12.6 percent; Arabic, 10 percent; Spanish, 28.3 percent; Albanian, 4.7 percent; Hmong, 15.8 percent; and Bengali, 7 percent.

A crowd of about 175 business leaders, public officials and educators gathered at the Lorenzo Center on MCC’s center campus in Clinton Township to learn about the key messages and data in the report, which was funded by the Kresge Foundation.

Over the past decade, Macomb has experienced an influx of blacks and Hmong—an Asian ethnic bloc—from Detroit, plus thousands of immigrants from Iraq, India, Albania and Bangladesh, said Kurt Metzger, director of the nonprofit group Data Driven Detroit.


The 2007-09 housing crisis, which saw numerous foreclosed homes in south Macomb transformed into rental properties, fueled the migration of young, black families to Warren, Roseville, Eastpointe and St. Clair Shores. In turn, those dynamics led to a “new wave” of K-12 students in the south end, contrary to the trends in other Michigan suburbs.

From 2000 to 2010, according to Metzger, 185,000 Detroiters moved out of the city and into “near-in” suburbs—a stunningly large increase compared to past decades. Macomb attracted 51,000 of those inner city residents, pushing the county’s share of black residents to 9 percent—24 percent of those under 20 years old.

At the same time, outmigration to other states, worker buyouts and early retirements have had a profound effect on a Macomb County workforce that now suffers from a “skills gap.”

Chuck Pasque, chairman of the Warren-based Paslin Company, said his manufacturing firm is suffering from a severe talent shortage. Paslin endures “historical highs” in its shortage of highly skilled employees—from engineers to tool makers to pipe fitters—in part because so many Macomb workers have turned away from manufacturing.

“We’re not in a competition for business. We’re in a competition to get a qualified workforce,” said Pasque, whose family-owned firm has been in business since 1937.


Assistant County Executive Al Lorenzo, the former longtime MCC president, said that he doesn’t expect any public backlash against the incursion of a wide array of ethnics. Those people who still hold antiquated views of Macomb as an unsophisticated, bigoted county would have anticipated riots in the streets, given the movement of more than 100,000 blacks and ethnics to the county since 1990.

“You would have thought all hell would have broken loose by now,” Lorenzo said. “I don’t see it. Where is it?”

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  • Athling

    I can only recommend remedial anthropology course-work in an attempt to break through the mental blockage of these so-called experts. Whites will flee until they can’t anymore then serious turning points will be encountered. Balkanization or Brazil.

    • Unperson

      “Balkanization or Brazil.”

      Neither option is attractive. Nor have White people done anything for which we should be punished by being FORCED to choose.
      But since we ARE being forced to choose, well, I sure don’t want Brazil, so Balkanization it is.

      • ATBOTL

        Balkanization implies fighting between highly cohesive, honor based cultures. White Americans are atomized and have no honor in the traditional sense.

  • 48224

    Apparently Mr. Lorenzo doesn’t read the Macomb Daily. It is full of stories about black men robbing, raping and killing all over Macomb county. In spite of this left leaning “news paper” trying to down-play these black crimes, the comments by the readers tell the real story.

    Are all black folks bad? No of course not. But enough of them are robbing, raping, killing sociopaths that they can ruin a city. Once that city is burned out and there is no shelter for them go live in, they migrate to the burbs for new shelter because they are unable to re-build their own.

    The only question to me is….how long will it be before the entire state and country are like Detroit?

    • Anon

      One of the stages of racial awakening is when you realize that YES…..ALL black people ARE in fact “bad”.

      Whites are the ONLY race that practice altruism towards “the stranger” (ie other races) to any significant extent. A big part of this is stubborn ethnocentrism. Whites without direct experience will naturally assume that people of other races are just like us, particularly when it comes to objective morality. Unfortunately, that is an absolute distortion. As whites come into contact with other races, especially blacks (which about as anti-thetical to whites as it gets), this distortion goes through various phases before it is completely shed.

      Early on, whites admit there might be a few “bad eggs” ruining it for the rest. They admit that blacks rape, rob, murder and assault and, these things don’t have “root causes”. Poverty does not cause this. Neither does “racism”. More advanced racially awakened will say they are “racial realists” meaning that they recognize that alot more than a few “bad eggs” are engaging in this behavior but they blame “genetics” or even low IQ. The more advanced start to throw free will and choice into the equation.

      What separates these people from the truly racially awakened is they see evil in terms of something changeable. If only we did this “fill in the blank”, the problem could be solved. Often, what’s in the blank is vague, nebulous, unlikely, or involves science thousands of years more advanced than we currently know of. All of this, of course, is absolute bullshit covering up a denial that blacks do these things simply because they are black….being black and being a rapist, a murderer, a thief, a bully, an evildoer are the same thing. They are synonyms. There is no explanation and no root cause and nothing we can do, or ever will be able to do, will change this. In essence, black people are monsters. Which is a problem, because one of the biggest conceits and fetishes white people have is acceptance of monsters and proving that, beyond all sanity, they can be friends.

      The more awakened you become, the more you realize what it means that over half of black men are caught committing a serious, victim based felony over their lifetimes. What does it mean that a third are so violent and out of control they HAVE to be locked up in a society that doesn’t particularly want to spare the expense. You start to ask questions like, why, when I pull up census maps like this one:

      Why does it reveal that the US isn’t just segregated, it’s rigidly segregated down to specific city streets. The answer to that, btw, isn’t white flight so much as it is ethnic cleansing. Blacks simply kill whites too stupid to leave. That’s what monsters do.

      As you come close to full racial awakening, you begin to realize that the black people who aren’t out and out monsters, are very rare. And one of the most dangerous thing about them is about 10% can convincingly pretend to be normal white maybe 1% of that 10% actually are normal. You befriend them. You let them in. Then they rape your wife and murder your children. Usually, they impregnate your daughter, addict her to drugs, and viciously beat her until she either escapes or dies. It is far more common that you daughter is cannibalized (occasionally stories about this get past the news censorship) than she meets a normal, decent black person. You let that role around in your head a bit as you ponder the nature of black folk.

      The 10% of fakers find steady employment in various occupations that basically boil down to making a face of normalcy for blacks to show to segregated whites to fool us.

      This heavily begs the question, employed by whom. Who is it that is spending so very much money maintaining the illusion of normalcy. Why are they doing it? Welcome to the fun filled word of conspiracy….where you realize that, you aren’t sure exactly who is doing what….but you most certainly DO know SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING. And it’s quite bad.

      A good chunk of that something is brainwashing us. And yes, YOU personally have been brainwashed. We all have. You only start to become mentally healthy when you start noticing the brainwashing and actively fight against it. You are only as healthy as much as you realize you’ve been brainwashed. Don’t think you’ve been brainwashed? I feel for you. Your chains go very deep.

      Which brings me back to my original point. To say, well, it’s not all of them (even, or especially if you know that it’s like 99.99999% of them) is rooted in a desire to deny being a hated “racist”. Well, you cannot deny these uncomfortable racial realities I’ve uncovered but I’m not unthinking red neck racist. I’m not one of those guys. And did the term racism exist a hundred years ago? Nope. Why not? It’s a manufactured term….brainwashing. Here are its roots if you want to know:

      And let me tell you, THAT particular rabbithole goes very far and very deep….and thousands of years back.

      Racism, is completely normal, especially racial hatred of blacks. Rapes, as a group, murder, rape, steal and do horrible, horrible things to whites. They do this because they are monsters….and thoroughly evil. Hatred is the correct response to that. It’s healthy and normal. Tolerance of that is wicked. To role over and decide to just let them have their way or to especially make excuses for them…THAT IS WRONG.

      • IstvanIN

        They turn “N” word on a dime.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Or, they “Chimpout.”

      • David Ashton

        There are many important, and little-known, facts among the various sources to which this post refers. The interpretation given to them matters as much.
        It is simply wrong to say ALL “black” people are “evil monsters”, though many young males especially have criminal dispositions or records.
        It is now possible to show conclusively that the versions of the so-called “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are what not they purport to be, though they reflect to some degree, and in a malign parody, Masonic and Jewish notions that concerned Gentile politicians in France and Russia towards the end of the 19th century.
        The white nationalist cause is not helped by credulous acceptance of faked material of other kinds, nor by incitement to violence against non-whites or mixed-race individuals who have committed no crime or who have done good things.
        Nor by a grotesquely unhistorical misreading of books in the western Biblical canon as the story or doctrines of “Aryans” or the “British” section of them.
        Above all it is necessary, particularly when dealing with astute, well-funded, well-read, long-experienced and politically influential opponents, to be absolutely scrupulous about factual accuracy, human decency and rational action.

        • Joseph

          Amen, lest one become the thing hated.

        • “You befriend them. You let them in. Then they rape your wife and murder your children.”
          My brother thinks he is a man of the world and to prove it he liked to befriend Black guys. I asked him once if he knew that his “black friend Kevin” had attempted to rape his little sister? “I didn’t know about that.” Well your little sister told me all about that incident after the pr**k was thrown into prison for that and several other rapes.
          He liked to hang around white guys who would introduce him to white girls whom he would sometimes seduce. Why women would fall for the snake I have no idea.

          • David Ashton

            White stupidity sometimes knows no bounds. However, I have known some perfectly well-behaved blacks both male and female, and they would have known the circumstances better than your bruvvah.

      • KenelmDigby

        After reading all that, all I can say is the people whom I really, really despise and hate with every cell in my body, the people whom I’d really wish to be seen destroyed utterly are not blacks – whom I believe should be left alone under their own government in their own nations – but WHITE POLITICIANS. The filth and trash and personified lumps of hookworm infested excrement who created this Hell on Earth in the first place.

      • Some things seem to shocking coming from the Bible so people think there is a need to make it seem more “godlike”. Rom 9:13 “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” A preacher who has admitted that he is coming out of brainwashing (Lying preachers teachings) has asked the question…”What’s wrong with hate?” Other preachers attempt to tell us that God was only trying to say, “Esau I sorta didn’t like as much as Jacob.”, which is a lie.

        Do you want to know a secret? I’ll tell you anyway. Apocalypse means Revelation. In that Revelation Jesus said, “You know those who call themselves Jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan.” (Satan translates into adversary) Esau is the “adversary” in this case and many who call themselves Jews are Jews by religion only and have no ancestral blood link to the Tribe of Judah. Another secret (brainwashing lie) is that the Jews consist of all Twelve Tribes of Israel. This is an historical impossibility as the Jews could only have consisted, in a regional manner, of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin with some Levites and a small mixture of the other Ten Tribes. Benjamin converted to Christ and left Jerusalem prior to the Destruction at the hands of the Desolator, Rome.

        Another secret is that Israel was to become Christian, colonize the Earth to the North, West, South and East. Israel was also to become, through the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manassah, a Great Nation and a Great Company of Nations. We are that Great Nation of Ephraim.

        If you don’t believe me it is because you too have been brainwashed and confused because it is said that the Adversary “Deceives the Whole World.”

        If interested in knowing more about this ‘brainwashing evil thing’ go to and order the booklet offer #77. It’s on the Jewish thing. Yes! We’ve all been brainwashed by someone or another haven’t we.

        • David Ashton

          The reason I for one don’t believe you is that British Israel theories do not stand up to careful and thorough scriptural exegesis, historical facts and accurate ethnology. The same applies to the very different Jehovah’s Witnesses, who likewise claim that people who do not believe them are brainwashed by Satan who rules the world. The BI and JW “cults” themselves seem unable to think outside their box.

        • you_know_it

          Keep wearing your foil hat – weirdo.

      • you_know_it

        You’re quite the paranoid, delusional, racist. What an accomplishment.

    • John

      Who will control the world in the end? Those who use their power to maximize payments to the owners of the world’s central banks (OWCB), or those who sit idly by and whine and cry about the third-world takeover of our ruined country, as we are forced at gunpoint to finance our own dispossession?

      We live in a world where citizens are forced, literally at gunpoint, to pay extortion to men whom we have never met; the OWCBs. That is what taxes are; forced extortion. When we read that 47 cents of every dollar in taxes goes to pay interest to the OWCBs on their fiat currency, we are reading about literal slavery and extortion.

      The first line of their defense is to perpetually weaken the opposition. To that end, Blacks in our midsts facilitate disorder. Browns in our midsts facilitate disorder. Homosexuals facilitate disorder. Beastiality facilitates disorder. Pedophiles facilitate disorder. Crime facilitates disorder. A totalitarian government facilitates disorder. All leftist doctrines (e.g., communism, socialism, liberalism, Marxism, fascism, feminism, egalitarianism) facilitate disorder. See the theme?

      Disorder culminates in a lack of will and resolve among the majority. A lack of will and resolve manifest as an inability to organize and resist the owners of the world’s central banks.

      Most people completely fail to understand that the OWCBs fully own and control the world’s governments and the media.

      The individuals in the government and media are useful idiots to the OWCBs. Those who behave as the OWCBs require are rewarded. Those who do not are punished and silenced.

      Their OWCB’s agenda is simply to advance all behaviors that increase the debts owed to them. They will use Blacks, Browns, Muslims, homosexuals, radicals, feminists, and all leftists to reach their goals. Thus far, they are doing an excellent job of accomplishing precisely that.

      Our position is very weak, my friends. I can easily diagnose the problem, but I have no idea how to effectively counter it. The strongest and smartest will always prey on the weakest, and like it or not, altruism is the ultimate form of weakness in the world, and that is what our race (Whites) is the very best at. We must evolve or be replaced. That is how nature works.

    • you_know_it

      If you detest this newspaper so much, why are you here – spewing your drivel ??

  • Oil Can Harry

    “What opportunities”?

    Opportunities for race riots, exploding crime rates, racial attacks against whites, increased tax rates, flash mobs, ghetto-lottery lawsuits, plunging home values and thousands of other wondrous surprises.

    • pcmustgo

      You forgot Hostile Glares and Dirty Looks. and Stare Downs.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    What opportunities?

    The opportunities that weaponized Diversity has for wiping out more of what little White privilege we still have. That’s the point, isn’t it? Always has been, always will be.

    • The double standard is at the heart of that religion. No two ways about it.

      • Viking_61

        One standard for them, one standard for us. Look at enrollment at elite universities like Harvard and Yale, “they” represent a percentage of the student body that is 20-30X their percentage of the US population…

  • What opportunites?

    Please, I see quite a few: New KFC franchises , Pay-day loan centers, check cashing facilities, liquor stores, Mickey Dees, 24 hour liquor stores to name a few.

    • TheTruthHurts4

      You forgot bail bond companies. Also, there is a future for companies that make pepper spray. I call that “Negro repellent.” Think of all the money to be made selling and installing burglar alarms and dead bolt locks. There is also a bright future for private security companies.

      • WardKendall

        “There is also a bright future for private security companies.”

        Don’t forget morticians…

      • you_know_it

        What’s it like – to be such a BIGOT ??

        • 48224

          Your child-like attacks do not help your liberal cause. Everything I said was completely true. You can’t refute the truth so you resort to personal attacks.

          • you_know_it

            Are you serious with this CRAP ??

            Calling someone out as a bigot is hardly childish – and the promotion of that BLATANTLY racist piece of “literature” – swill – is beyond distasteful. What kind of a Cracker are you ??

            Not to mention that the real Ward Kendall posted this little racist gem, on the Forbes website, in response to the article, “Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife Priscilla Chan” :

            “wardkendall – I wonder if Zucky’s parents are happy that their
            grandkids are all going to have slant eyes? Ward Kendall – author of Hold Back This Day”.

            It’s really quite revealing that you would label basic human decency & respect of others as strictly a “liberal cause”. Apparently, that’s quite true…

          • 48224

            You are calling people worthless morons, asking if they completed elementary school. That is childish.
            If we are wrong show us the data. Every black school in the world is a disaster, every black city, every black country. Please educate us on why that is…if not IQ and ability to form a civilized society? Show us one black city in America that isn’t a crime ridden disaster.

            All black folks are not dumb or violent, but enough of them are that they can destroy a city.

          • you_know_it

            They are worthless morons. And I serious doubt many of them ever went on to even a high school education. You’re a moron as well. You’d have to be – to spew forth something as abjectly ignorant as this little gem :

            “Every black school in the world is a disaster, every black city, every black country.”

            IN THE WORLD. The stupidity of the statement is really astounding. I’m guessing that you don’t get out much, never went to college, and really don’t read – at least anything of value, just crap that supports your own racist bigotry.

            And what’s this “We” bullshit ?? Do you always refer to yourself in the plural ? Does it make you feel important to say it ?? Might want to see a therapist about that.

            Data ?? You’re the one who spewing this bigoted diarrhea, YOU SUPPLY THE DATA THAT SUPPORTS YOUR RACIST BULLSHIT. You should be ashamed of yourself. To be so consumed by hatred, a hatred that springs forth from your own ignorance – and to project that hatred unto others because they look different from you. It’s disgusting. You’re disgusting.

            Your the one who’s a child. You have an infantile mind, that can only grasp the most basic, primitive of concepts. If you don’t like being called out on it – THEN CHANGE YOUR IGNORANT WAYS.

    • pcmustgo

      Hair Salons. Weave stores.

    • you_know_it

      You’re quite the ignorant racist. Congrats, you worthless moron.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Liberal anti-White doublespeak: if you are not for diversity and multiculturalism you are unsophisticated and bigoted.

    • TheTruthHurts4

      White liberals complain about “ignorant racists.” They are the ignorant ones. They may have a lot of fancy college degrees, but they do not know the first thing about how dangerous and inferior blacks are. A white 7-Eleven store clerk who dropped out of high school knows more about blacks than a white college professor.

      • StillModerated

        Here’s a white liberal, card-carrying ACLU member doing a character called Shirley Q Liquor.

      • Jefferson

        The vast majority of White liberal college professors live in neighborhoods who’s racial demographics are closer to that of Denmark than it is to Detroit.

        • TheTruthHurts4

          What white liberals do not understand is that liberalism only works for whites. A state or a country with a large black population needs to subdue those blacks with a harsh criminal justice system. There must be no welfare for unmarried black women with illegitimate children.

          • you_know_it

            How did you get to be such a DUMB_ASS ??

      • you_know_it

        My god – you are STUPID.

    • you_know_it

      Boy you look like a REAL winner – A’HOLE.


    Detroit is just catching up to other major metropolitan areas like Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and LA where the suburbs started going dark in the 70’s.

    Enjoy the Albanians.

    • Realist

      Most of the Albanians have been in Macomb County for over 40 years and have assimilated quite well with very high rates of education and business ownership. It’s the blacks, yemenis and bengalis that will ruin everything.

    • Skincognito

      Yeah most of the Albanians I went to school with in Oakland County, just west of Macomb, were Catholics, many transplanted from New York, especially the Bronx. They were a bit thuggish in their aesthetic, but like metro Detroit’s Chaldean community, generally prosperous and hostile to the sub-Saharans. I wouldn’t have given them refuge here, and they certainly abuse tax laws, but they are not public enemy no. 1.
      Regarding dark suburbs, Pontiac and Southfield have been rather dusky for at least a generation. Working class Whites in Redford, Taylor, Lincoln Park, essentially most of White Wayne County, have been under attack for roughly as long. Macomb is significant because it’s a county with many townships, farming communities, and a general sense of identity (north of the inner ring) beyond suburb of the D.
      This trend highlights some urban planners’ visions of regional integration of the 75 corridor from Toledo to Flint. May we all pray for the unsuspecting hard-working White folks that lay in the path of this Diversity juggernaut.

    • pcmustgo

      Depends on the town.. .hit or miss here in NYC suburbs… mostly the inner ring suburbs…

  • FVCKamren

    Didnt read this article. Just wanted to point out that this website, obviously racially motivated, never points out the tragedies such as todays committed by Caucasians. Colorado, columbine, Newtown. But he’s of color, he’s a menace to society. Did not see one single mention of shootings committed by whites. Hypocrites.

      • JohnEngelman

        Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

        When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

        Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

        The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

        – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”

  • hossman

    THere will be a boom in public housing, english as a second language, and daycare.

    There will be a bust in economic growth, quality of life, and reasons to live there.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    The main problem facing the United States is the large black population. Fortunately, few blacks are immigrating to the United States now, but the ones who are descended from slaves that were brought here before the American Revolution are dragging the United States down.

    As long as most blacks were restricted to second class citizenship they presented a manageable problem. As long as the economy grew we could carry them on our backs. Now that economic stagnation or decline is likely to persist indefinitely the burden is getting too heavy to endure.

  • Sloppo

    What opportunities?

    To identify and exploit the amazing opportunities which are becoming available in Macomb, perhaps one should read about the Tower of Babel. If they play their cards right, they might be able to create another utopia on par with Ethniklashistan.,305/

  • Dave4088

    Blacks always seek out whitopias once they ruin their own cities. As the black population of Macomb and other counties increase they will become a microcosm of Detroit and the former whitopia becomes a black hell. Wash, rinse, repeat as they say.

    • pablo

      Like realists say, the black race is a parasitic race that needs a host race to leech off of.

      Without whites around, black areas become slummed out trash zones devoid of any economy. Thus they look for a new white area to hook on to.
      Many of these adjoining suburbs of detoilet are declining fast at the detroit side of them. Like malaria viruses pouring out of a dead blood cell, these hood rats infiltrate the surrounding good tissue and infect it.

    • you_know_it

      You’re quite the stupid cracker, dave.

  • jay11

    I still remember the day, about five years ago, when I first saw a black man walking down the dirt roads of the 100% sleepy little white town of my youth. I had never even seen a black person within 30 miles of that town. On my last visit a year ago, there was a gang of homeboys in the little downtown, a black boy working the main desk at the local swimming club, and a black boy swimming with three white girls literally hanging off of him, literally with arms all around him, while he played the fool. The main new business drag was also a kaleidoscope of diversity – it was like they all arrived overnight!
    My sense of nostalgia took a nose dive, and I shudder to think of what I will find on my next visit. Whiteopias are nothing more than remaining safe white American areas. The housing crisis was the final nail that unleashed the floodgates of ‘diversity’ because so many whites lost their homes and this provided lots of opportunity for immigrants with money and drive to snap up properties everywhere. It also turned a lot of properties into rentals, which of course attract non-whites, especially because there’s not enough white people around in most places to fill those rentals.

    • ATBOTL

      This is happening all over the country thanks to section 8.

      • pcmustgo

        And new laws that forbid discriminating against source of income/section 8 voucher payers.

    • Joseph

      I had a similar striking epiphany several years ago. We returned to the little town where I grew up over 40 years ago. I showed my youngest son the gradeschool I attended -it’s still there and nearly the same. I showed him the homes where some of my relatives lived -all still much as I remembered. As I drove past the house I had lived in 40+ years earlier, I nearly collided with a Mexican woman driving some beater down the wrong side of the street. Things were changed.

    • pcmustgo

      Nope, Mostly Blacks and Latinos foreclosed…

  • OT: Police kill gunman who wounded 3 at Ala. hospital.

    Victims and gunman not identified.

    According to the US Census, Birmingham is 73% black.

  • NeoconsNailed

    “From 2000 to 2010, according to Metzger, 185,000 Detroiters moved out of the city and into “near-in” suburbs—a stunningly large increase compared to past decades. Macomb attracted 51,000 of those inner city residents, pushing the county’s share of black residents to 9 percent—24 percent of those under 20 years old” — woo hoo HOO, and you know what that ,means! What more perfect recipe for trouble with a capital T could there be than the above?
    How CAN these nabobs of nuttiness be so militantly stupid and suicidal, and yet smug about their mental condition? Don’t they have children and wives in town too? Since Macomb wouldn’t go to the jungle, rightly so, and since it wouldn’t stand up for basic sanity, the jungle has come to Macomb, and lots of areas around the country.

    I know what kind of name Jacobs is, and have my suspiciouns about Lorenzo.

  • Macon Bacon

    Sounds like a good place to get mugged.

  • Budd Smith

    There are lots of black youth wearing baggy pants in South Warren, a city bordering Detroit in Macomb County. Back when the city was full of “unsophisticated bigots”, Warren was near 100% white. In my high school, in Macomb County, back in the late 70s, there was one asian kid and no blacks. 2000 students, almost 100% white. Now it’s diverse, with drugs and gangs.

    • you_know_it

      Didn’t take my advice, did you, racist.