The Meaning of Minority

Charles M. Blow, New York Times, December 12, 2012

America’s white majority just bought itself another year.

According to census figures released Wednesday, 2043 is now the year that whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans. That’s one year later than previous projections.

{snip} We as a society must begin to consider now what this change will mean for a nation mired in a majority/minority swamp of privilege, expectations, historical benefits and systematic discrimination.

The browning of America is very real and unrelenting. Our task is to find a way to move into this new Ecru Era with as much ease and grace as we can muster.

An April 2011 report from the Metropolitan Policy Program (M.P.P.) at the Brookings Institution found that all but two of the 10 largest metro areas in the country have child populations in which white children are a minority. (Boston and Philadelphia were the exceptions.) Of the remaining eight metro areas, Hispanic children are the largest demographic in six, and blacks are the largest in the other two.

As Hua Hsu, a professor at Vassar College, posited in The Atlantic in 2009: “What will the new mainstream of America look like, and what ideas or values might it rally around? What will it mean to be white after ‘whiteness’ no longer defines the mainstream? Will anyone mourn the end of white America? Will anyone try to preserve it?”


On election night, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said that ”the white establishment is now the minority.” The question is whether this should be a reason for lamentation or celebration. Or neither.

In September, a white student named Matthew Heimbach at Towson University caused a bit of an uproar when The Baltimore Sun reported that he was “gathering support” to start a white student union on campus. The newspaper pointed out: “His former group, Youth for Western Civilization, had sparked controversy with its public displays against Islam, same-sex marriage and multicultural education. That group disbanded after it lost the support of its faculty sponsor, but Heimbach said he hopes his new organization will promote white identity without disparaging other people.”


Now, putting Youth for Western Civilization’s intolerance aside for a moment (if that’s possible), we must ask: when will public displays of white pride become culturally acceptable? Will they forever be freighted with the weight of history—tantamount to gloating about privilege? Or should all racial and cultural pride be viewed more or less the same?

The Sun quoted Heimbach as saying, “It comes a point where we’re not directly involved in what happened centuries ago and our culture just perpetuates the guilt cycle.” He continued, “We want to provide a positive view of white identity.”

Is that offensive? Or fair play in light of where the country is heading?


There will most likely be a growing rub between traditional power structures and emerging ones, much of which will be visible along racial lines but also along gender and sexual identity lines. A great deal of that friction boils down to simple economics. As a July 2011 Pew Research Center report pointed out: “The median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households.” {snip}

This wealth disparity plays into the national debate about the role of government, appropriate spending levels and rates of taxation.

And on a worrisome note, a recent Associated Press poll showed that since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, prejudice toward blacks has increased. According to the report: “In all, 51 percent of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes, compared with 48 percent in a similar 2008 survey. When measured by an implicit racial attitudes test, the number of Americans with anti-black sentiments jumped to 56 percent, up from 49 percent during the last presidential election. In both tests, the share of Americans expressing pro-black attitudes fell.”

Furthermore, The A.P. found: “Most Americans expressed anti-Hispanic sentiments, too. In an A.P. survey done in 2011, 52 percent of non-Hispanic whites expressed anti-Hispanic attitudes. That figure rose to 57 percent in the implicit test. The survey on Hispanics had no past data for comparison.”


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  • Hmm, I don’t see anything about an increase of black crime and white victims.
    As for who reads this article, I don’t know of many people under 25 who even read the New York Times, so the youth vote will remain blissfully unaware. Me, I’ll read the National Enquirer before I read the Times.

    • Tucker

      What amazes me, and also confuses me at the same time – is how many Whites still voted to put themselves and their nation under 4 more years of being ruled by an American version of Robert Mugabe – in SPITE of the staggering increase of black on white violence in literally every geographic section of our nation since this guy was installed into our White House? Is it not clear that these black street thugs are emboldened to commit more violence against Whites because they see a black man’s foot on the back of the White man’s neck and sense that it is now open season on Whitey?

      Or, are most Whites so incredibly stupid that they are incapable of connecting these simple dots?

      The mainstream media is clearly anti-White, but the increases in random black on white crime have been so noticeable that even they have been forced to report on it, if for no other reason – because they are starting to realize that the alternative news outlets on the Web are reporting the news that they’ve been trying to censor and people are leaving the mainstream media in droves, in favor of the Web.

      So, just what is the deal with Stupid White people? Do these White idiots who voted to let OMugabe have 4 more years to keep our borders wide open and to import and/or amnesty 30 or 40 million non-white lifetime Democrat voters, give them generous family reunification privileges so they can import 60 or 80 million of their non-white relatives, possibly turn Puerto Rico into the 51st state and add another 4 or 5 million lifetime Democrat voters – do these White morons fail to understand that they are helping to genocide their own race of people and to guarantee the complete and total destruction of what’s left of White Western Civilization? And, this is not to discount the physical danger that they are placing themselves, their families, and the rest of the White European people in by helping to flood our nation with millions and millions of low IQ, low skilled, parasitic and dangerously predatory non-whites who will be committing violence against Whites who will be their immediate #1 target of opportunity?

      • TheTRUTH

        Those Stupid White poeple you refer to are Libtards. They’re more insane than stupid…though plenty stupid as well. They are the NUMBER ONE reason why we live in the sickening world we do. They have done more damage than blacks themselves. The end is near for sure…

      • pcmustgo

        In spite of the gates-gate incident too.

  • When white America can no longer pay for everything, there may be another demographic shift.

    • dukem1

      I find that just about all of these articles re the demographic sea-change avoid the most obvious fact. The “browning” of America is soley due to the massive influx of Mexicans and their progeny. I suspect that the percentage of blacks will stay near present level, probably with a bit of an increase. The percentage of whites will decline , mostly due to no immigration and below replacement level birth rates..The new brown majority will be primarily Mexican Mestizo with a bit of other south of the border types mixed in.

      The real question to ask about the year, say, 2050, is: how will blacks in the US react when the majority of the country, regardless of their talents or shortcomings, are lacking the one trait that is the signature driver of social policy in current, turn-of-the-century America? By definition, the trait they will lack is “white guilt.”
      I do not think it’s gonna be pretty when black America meets the new boss and finds out he’s not the same as the old boss.

      .As for me “…hope I die before I get old.”
      And P.S. – You have to just love it when these morons always throw in the “sexual identity” signifier….who in the hecks’ wheelhouse is that in?

      • edwina

        that is not the only reason……. Influx of Mexicans.
        Many church’s and the State dept are bringing in african refugees as fast as they can…….. probably some from Southern Asia too. Maybe elsewhere

    • John

      The strongest and most intelligent in the world will always prey upon those who are weaker and of less intelligence, using casual manipulation as well as direct control.

      Like it or not, altruism is literally the ultimate form of weakness in the world that we currently live in, and that is what our race (Whites) is/are the very best at by far. The deleterious effects of our altruism on our state of existence can be empirically measured in many ways. The conclusions are disastrous and unnerving to say the least.
      The bottom line is that Whites must evolve or be replaced. Clearly, that is how nature and the processes of evolution works. If we do not evolve, we will simply have our genome replaced by those who capitalize on the opportunities that we are forced at gunpoint to artificially provide to them.

      Altrusim worked extremely well for us in the close-knit, monocultural societies of our European ancestors among only Whites, but it is our ultimate failing in the modern multicultural societies comprised of parasites, leeches, predators, and helpless imbeciles who would die without artificial intervention.
      The idea that Blacks and Browns are the intellectual equals of Whites is, of course, quite preposterous, but gerrymandering, food stamps, affirmative action, civil rights laws, political correctness, welfare, tolerance of illegal immigration, and other raced-based facilitators serve to artificially level the playing field.
      Yes, as a function of altruism, Whites largely go along with all of that to the detriment of our race, our way of life, and, yes, our genome.

      • Freethinker

        Exactly what was altruistic about the Nazis who, needless to say, were white?

  • Fredrik_H

    Personally, I think the average white person won’t get “it”, until it is too late to do anything about the democratic way.

    • So CAL Snowman

      It’s already far too late to anything about this the democratic way. The democratic way has not existed for quite some time in this country, unless of course you count setting up the Federal Reserve in 1913 a “democratic” act.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Or The War of Northern Aggression.

        • Sean

          I wouldn’t call it The War of Northern Aggression, Lincoln thought the same way we do and although increasing the reach of the government is wrong and foolish it was a Civil War. Most importantly, although the war wasn’t about slavery, that doesn’t change the fact that it is good chattel slavery ended. Self determination is a worthy and just goal for us but no man, no matter their race, should be in chains.

          • Gracchus123

            I was not a civil war; a civil war is two factions fighting for control of one government or one country. In the case of the War for Southern Independence, the South had legally declared itself a free and independent nation. That nation had every right to exist. It was subsequently invaded by a foreign entity, the U.S., and finally defeated. As to chattel slavery, it was on its way out anyway because of the mechanization of farming. No Southron I know supports the idea of slavery. They all support separation.

    • GSJ

      It’s already too late for that. There are 37 million blacks, 50 million Mexicans. A white nationalist party would likely not secure even 70% of the white vote, the brainwashed liberals in the north wouldn’t have it.

    • George White

      Stop it! Fight back! Don’t just roll over and die! I plan to fight them tooth and nail!

  • MekongDelta69

    All I saw above was:
    “Charles M. Blowhard, New York Times

    And I knew I didn’t have to read another word….

    • Another NYT’s Blowjob

      No. You don’t have to read another word at all. It’s just as bad as you imagined it to be. More liberal cliches from an overvalued Establishment newspaper.

    • StillModerated

      His surname was originally Cocaine, but he changed it!

  • Geoff

    In all, 51 percent of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes, compared with 48 percent in a similar 2008 survey.

    That’s a big deal. The trend has reversed.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Except that study that they love to trot out is 67% White, 12% Black, 6% other and 14% Hispanic. This was a two percent decrease in Whites from 69% in the previous survey. The 3% increase could have easily come from the 2% increase in Hispanics and 1% increase in others.

      Read the results of the survey here:

  • The__Bobster

    An April 2011 report from the Metropolitan Policy Program (M.P.P.) at
    the Brookings Institution found that all but two of the 10 largest metro
    areas in the country have child populations in which white children are
    a minority. (Boston and Philadelphia were the exceptions.)

    To get that result in Philly, which is 44% Zulu, they must’ve included areas way out into the burbs.

  • bursinfur

    Survival instincts finally starting to kick, about bloody time too.

  • ncpride

    The comments on the orginal article are so naive, it’s mindboggling. I’ve said it here a thousands times, but those fools are in for one rude awakening. No doubt there are many who think they deserve such a fate though. Insane.

    • Svigor

      The people you refer to, those who think Whites deserve such a fate, are largely either non-White (including faux-white), or if white, they’re highly pathological.

      In any event, their gene patterns will eventually be removed from the pool; they’ll outbreed and become something else.

      The very idea is insane – punish me, I deserve it?

  • You Are Now Enriched

    White racial consciousness will only be allowed to take the form that Diversity permits.

    If we start to talk like a victimized minority who suffers dispossession and disprivilging, you’ll hear more about “cry me a river” and historic injustices and slavery, massa raping dilcey, lynching, segregation, hurtful memories, dark chapters in our past, etc.

    In other words, because they suffered then, we aren’t allowed to mention our suffering now. The point is that the White community is always supposed to feel liable to “the Other”.

    To them, as soon as we understand and speak our plight, we are resurrecting racist unearned White privilege, which is “a shameful barrier to postive social change and results in votes against Obama, which is ugly hatred and vile intolerance in action”.

    • Svigor

      I started skipping your comments after I read your diatribe against white men. Just FYI, and thanks for saving me the time.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        You missed the point. It’s about our victim status is superior to theirs. How many black women have been killed by White men during the same time we lost our hundreds?


    I couldn’t help but notice the absence of questions regarding anti-White bias. But what else would one expect from a supposed news organization that John Engleman praises.

  • With regard to the original article comments: what a bunch of morons. Incredible. Do these people have even elementary knowledge of history or American national identity ? I’d better stop here …

    • Joseph

      I am particularly fond of this one from the original Times comments posted by a white guy (as depicted), curiously via Cairo. I guess he likes the diversity and inclusiveness there.


      Thomas Mischler -Cairo, Egypt

      NYT Pick

      Color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation – these are typically nothing
      more than labels used to marginalize and exclude others. But they can
      also be used as integral components of our identities – a basis for
      pride and confidence. When used for the latter and not the former,
      celebrating these attributes is no more harmful than celebrating one’s

      My heart was broken a few years ago when an African
      American colleague told me her beautiful, dynamic, ten year old son came
      to her and said, “Mom, are we inferior?” A black child should take no
      less pride in being black than a white child in being white – it’s a
      part of who they are, and we want our children to develop confidence and
      to be well grounded in their identities. It’s about building people up,
      not tearing them down.

      This is the essence of America – e pluribus unum: out of many, one. It is this inherent diversity that gives America its distinct flavor. When we learn to celebrate our
      differences instead of hitting each other (and ourselves) over the heads
      with them, we can make our country even stronger than it already is.

      when we reach that point in our development, minority and majority will
      be words that no longer matter. At that point we may indeed become “One
      nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all.”

      For now, these remain lofty goals.

      Dec. 13, 2012 at 9:40 a.m.

      >>>>>This is primarily plagiarized right out of the “Big Book of Liberal Phrases and Platitudes”.

    • Gracchus123

      “They” don’t care about facts; its all about the agenda. “By any means necessary”.

  • Dr. X

    2043: the year America becomes Zimbabwe. If you want to know what will happen here when whites become a minority, all you need to do is study what happened to Ian Smith’s beautiful, peaceful, prosperous Rhodesia. I might add that the Rhodies had a rather advanced military, and used it during the Bush War — and they still lost. We’re not even doing that. We’re going the way of South Africa — giving power up voluntarily. Maybe by 2043 we’ll emulate South Africa and have a Zulu president with five wives just like Jacob Zuma. We’ve already got a Kenyan, so how far off can it be? I’m sure it’ll be heralded as a great civil rights milestone and a victory for “diversity.”

  • jay11

    “The browing of America is inevitable and unstoppable” they say. “Might as well get used to it” they say. “Whites will no longer define America” they say.

    “What will unite the country then?” I say.

    What possible reason for political union will there be for a 90% latino Texas and a 90% white Maine? Why will a 90% black Alabama want to be shackled to a 90% cuban and dominican Florida? On and on and on.
    The 50 states were knitted together by whites following their political traditions. The nation was created and built into the powerhouse of the world by a work ethic and system of cultural values that most of the world’s cultures never developed. (Basically the protestant work ethic, but in realiy it predates protestantism and is really a northern european work ethic.)

    When large swaths of this land become mere outposts of Haiti, Mexico, India, China and a hundred other cultures, what will possibly hold the bonds of political union together? Nothing, that’s what. A new dark ages will descend, and those Asians will be the next wave of people trying to maintain civilization.
    The problem is that they will not be as creative as us, nor have they developed the traditions that can give rise to a society such as white people have built from Roman times until today. The only consolation is that they will never be infected with a belief in multi-culti or ‘diversity’ or ‘social justice.’ They will have only contempt for the brown and black people of the world, as they do now.

    • NYB

      The New York ‘masters of the universe’ envision the minority-white U.S. of 2043 to be racially and economically stratified, in a social caste structure like India.

      There will be an elite living in New York – that won’t change, except they’ll be wealthier, and their deeds of property will dominate every transaction.

      There will be a white-dominated police and military – loyal to their pay and benefits.

      There will be a mixed race petite bourgeoisie to run the supply and distribution of goods -and pay the majority of taxes.

      There will be the ‘untouchables’, a vast sea of ghetto-dwelling benefits consumers, who provide society a distraction to care for, to fear, and to wring their hands about year after year.

      If it comes to pass, it will be the total opposite of what the founding fathers envisioned.

      • Joseph

        Indeed, this does seem to be the plan. “Middle-management” of liberal white and affirmative action plantation bosses cashing in on “social services” positions and directing sundry other low-level government jobs, (which will be the major employer) with the same few plantation owners depositing the big checks and living far from the shantys.

        • David Ashton

          Parasites at three levels: (1) Fraudulent financiers; (2) bureaucrats and mediacrats; (3) welfare scroungers and undocumented immigrants.

          • Joseph

            Yup, a 15 lb. tick on a 5 lb. dog.

      • Svigor


    • MikeofAges

      In geopolitical theory there is only one response I can think of that
      will preserve Anglo-Saxon derived Euro-American culture. Draw a line
      along the southern boundary of Pennsylvania east to the Atlantic and
      from the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania to the Golden Gate. Declare
      this area to be the cultural and geographically, if not politically, the
      North American homeland of the Euro-American, be he (or she, do I need
      to add?) Anglo-Celtic, Scandinavian, German, Jewish, Irish, Italian,
      Slavic, Iberian or anything else there may be..

      The southern tier could be divided into from two to five parts. There could be, simply, a
      Southeast quadrant and a Southwest quadrant. A more complex division
      would divide this territory into a region I dub “Clintonia” (that being
      the belt that runs through Appalachia, the Ohio Valley and across the
      Mississippi into Arkansas and southern Missouri. Then there would be
      traditional Dixie, i.e. the Altantic Coast from Virginia south, the Deep
      South and Florida. Then there would be Texas, the traditional Southwest
      and, finally, the southern half of California.

      This division is another spin on the “Nations of North America” concept promoted most notably by social scientist and journalist Joe Garreau 30 years ago.

      I have put this idea up here before. When I have, some people who live in the southern tier of states have responded based of the idea that the intention of this concept is to suggest that they should be cut adrift.

      But that is not the idea, really. The underlying concept here is that it would extraordinarily difficult to dispute the assertion that the northern tier is the North American homeland of the main body of the Euro-American population. What I did say is that Southeast quadrant is the North American homeland both of the white Southerner and the black American descended from chattel slaves. The Southwest quadrant, then, is the North American homeland of the white Texan, the white Southwesterner and the white Californian and the Hispanic mestizo.

      The point of the idea is not to dispossess anyone. The idea is to create a territory in which can be reasonably asserted as the North American homeland where Euro-American culture can be deemed to have the right to universally prevail, and where anyone who cannot accept and fit into that concept philosophically, culturally and socially can be deemed, without argument, not to belong there.

      In the areas where other groups can be deemed to have their homeland, the right of indigenous European-derived population to maintain its culture and integrity also would be unambiguously asserted. This idea, really, is a blueprint for peaceful social and economic relations in North America. Given a recognized homeland somewhere else in North America which was organically and inarguably theirs, would unassimilated minority group members be so insistent on camping out in northern cities and struggling to maintain an oppositional culture in perpetuity. I don’t think so, but I’d like to hear what others have to say,

      • jay11

        I see your reasoning, but I have to say that once the cat gets out of the bag, history shows that any hints of separation by ethnicity, culture or race quickly devolve into a free-for-all grabbing contest that descendes quickly into war, genocide and chaos. There is no orderly way to unwind a multi-cultural state. The only two esceptions I can think of were czeckoslovakia and the Soviet Union.
        In the case of the former it was relatively easy because the lines were so clear. In the case of the latter, it was still frought with some chaos and lingering conflicts persist. I am confident that if the U.S. were to start devovling along racial/linguisitc and ethnic lines the Fed. Go. would first try massive force to keep it together, and this would be followed by the rise of radical groups all over and general race-based genocide to carve out homogenous areas. Whites would get the worst of it in the southern tier of the country from CA to FL. At least 20 new countries would form in that area, all black or latino.
        In the North whites would suffer on the coasts and in the old industrial heartland, but would arise, but they would still accept a large non-white population in their midst – too many liberals in the North to allow any mass expulsions of non-whites. The North would of course be set up for a future repeat as non-whites outbreed their hosts. Did I mention all the Nukes that would fly on this continent? Did I mention the invasion of China or Russia to support their favored rebel states in the West? It’s all just too frightening to imagine.
        The best bet is to work while we still got the upper hand. Close all immigration immediately. Deport all illegals. Revoke citizenship of children of illegals and deport. Jail American citizens and confiscate ALL their assests if they rent to or emply illegals. Roll back legal immigration by revoking all work visas and deport all ‘refugees’ back to their nations. All this sounds like a tall order, but if we got even a few of those things we could preserve America for a few more generations. As it is we are near the end and it doesn’t look good for our kids or grandkids.

        • GSJ

          “The best bet is to work while we still got the upper hand. Close all immigration immediately. Deport all illegals. Revoke citizenship of children of illegals and deport. Jail American citizens and confiscate ALL their assets if they rent to or employ illegals. Roll back legal immigration by revoking all work visas and deport all ‘refugees’ back to their nations. All this sounds like a tall order, but if we got even a few of those things we could preserve America for a few more generations. As it is we are near the end and it doesn’t look good for our kids or grandkids.”

          The problem is that the government and many citizens are actively trying to prevent this. It would be an incredibly easy action to actually do in reality, but since there are 50 million Mexicans alone, they have too much power. I’m not trying to be a defeatist but the only solution is for a White Nationalist party to rise right this moment. The only good thing we have is that the police, and most of the military would be on the side of the white nationalists.

          • Tucker

            For as long as the race traitorous, anti-White, White genocide promoting and craving likes of ANY member of the Bush Family, or Karl Rove, Lindsay Graham, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Grover Norquist, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Chris Christy, Sean Hannity, Bill O’reilly, Rush Limbaugh, or any of these RINOs or neo-cons are allowed to dominate the GOP establishment – nothing remotely positive can be accomplished that will benefit or secure a future for White European people in America.

            These RINOs and neo-cons must be PURGED from the GOP and replaced with openly pro-White leaders. That is when we will start to get things done that will secure a future for White children.

        • MikeofAges

          Intended more as a cultural concept than a legal one. My point is that it would be much harder to argue against the cultural rights of Euro-Americans in any part of the present United States if these regional divisions were more clearly acknowledged. Just is case you don’t know, in all but a few states the majority of the white Anglo vote went Republican in 2012. Even in such “blue” bastions as New York, Illinois and California (yes, that California) the majority of whites voted Republican. Only in New England and the Pacific Northwest did the majority of white vote Democratic in 2012. Nothing even remotely resembling anti-immigration agenda you describe could possibly be enacted. Action on the cultural front might be a better bet. Allowing that those who are not white Anglo do have a North American homeland might be good honey to go with the vinegar of telling people that they belong in the warm Southland, not the cold North.

          Keep in mind, please, that while we have something close to minority rule in this country, the minority that rules is the minority of whites who are doctrinaire liberals. They build their rule on the back of the non-white vote but do precious little to help anyone get ahead economically who is not able to the professional guilds or middle management..

      • HamletsGhost

        I am confounded by this “retreat” argument. If we ever got the power to separate, then we’d have the power to repatriate. Who seriously believes that blacks, if given the whole of Dixie as their homeland, wouldn’t promptly ruin it and then flood into the white areas as poor helpless refugees?

        If we have the power to send armies all over the world to fight and occupy foreign lands for years, surely we have the power to ship 40 million unruly Congoids back to their homelands.

    • Svigor

      Nobody ever says “just accept the inevitable” about things that are actually inevitable. They say it about things that they want to happen, that they want their enemies to believe to be inevitable so they won’t try to stop them.

      It’s a call to surrender disguised as a helping hand. The sort of thing interrogators and torturers used to say to people in the gulags.

      • David Ashton

        How true!
        Their wish is the father to the thought. Mongol conquest of Hungary was “inevitable”; Muslim conquests of France and Spain were “inevitable”; Nazi victory in Russia was “inevitable”; Communist triumph world-wide was “inevitable”.

        • MerlinV

          Maybe so but the time to act is running out. It would be a mistake to not recognize the nearness of the hour.

      • MerlinV

        The reality is that until large segments of the White population are threatened and thereby awakened to the perilous situation we are approaching, the downward trend will continue. Perhaps 10% of White people are on the edge of societal evolution and can see what we here do. Sad, but true.

        If the temperature of the water in the pot is raised slowly enough the frog wont realize the danger he is in until its too late to escape. Only a sudden shock will do the trick.

    • ChrisTakahashi

      “The nation was created and built into the powerhouse of the world by a
      work ethic and system of cultural values that most of the world’s
      cultures never developed. (Basically the protestant work ethic, but in
      realiy it predates protestantism and is really a northern european work

      Patently false. This so called “Protestant work ethic”, which is essentially capitalism, emerged in Italy, circa the 14th century: *SOUTH* Europe. It, also, has been shown, through extensive historical economic research, that its presence did not correlate with any positive effect on economies. In addition, it was actually forced onto the citizens, and on legal, as opposed to religious, grounds. As for this “creativity” inherent in “white people”; I’m highly skeptical of the existence of such a thing. For one, what is “creativity”? What the Romans did? But, that civilization is, by 21st century standards, primitive and ancient, as it should be. And South, Central, and East Asian civilizations predate those of Ancient Rome, which is Europe’s best.

      In addition, how can an individual whose ancestry is Irish, German, and/or English, like most White Americans, claim the achievements of ancient Romans and Greeks? You have nothing in common with them, aside from sharing geographical ancestry, based on arbitrary, imagined boundaries that lead to continuous differences in hair texture, skin tone, and bone structure (unlike the highly discrete categorizations of the archaic conceptions of race). There is no Pan-European unity in reality, only as a psychological illusion.

      • Gracchus123

        Your ignorance is astounding. Read, if you can, C. Murray’s HUMAN ACCOMPLISHMENT. Then go soak your head.

      • David Ashton

        Most western Caucasians are descended from the western Caucasians of the ancient world. Their languages are almost all Indo-European. The racial differences between the now mixed Nordic, Mediterranean and Alpine types of Europe and overseas settlement are minimal, especially in comparison with west Africans. Our civilization can be traced back to the philosophy of Greeks and the laws of Romans. Creativity comes from elites with the races and nations, but the whites have had a greater propensity for creative elites than other peoples such as the Congolese pygmies or the native Australians. There should be a pan-European reality in politics – yet to come.

        • ChrisTakahashi

          I more or less agree with your response. I would never suggest that Pygmies and Aborigines have even come close to the same level of technological and intellectual development as Europeans. My only major point of contention is your implying that the Indo-European language family unites Caucasoids, via their origin. Because, wouldn’t that include Hindi speakers, as well as those from Bangladesh?

          • David Ashton

            Quite a number of people in Iran and north-western India are also racially related to Europeans, and there are some white Europeans whose languages are not of Indo-European origin. But here are also historical factors of religion, shared experience and regional outlook, which differentiate our culture zone from South Asia, Arabia and China. More on this if you press me further. .

      • Tim

        There’s a reason everyone remembers Greece & Rome rather than Sumeria and early Chinese civilizations. Greece gave us Democracy with the first real philosophers. A mathematics system based on something rather than trial & error. And an interest in the sciences never seen before. Compare ancient Greek architecture to Oriental and Middle Eastern architecture. Or just look at the statues of Greek Gods. Much more impressive than anything the Astiatic world has to offer.

        I would like to know where these differences in hair texture, skin tone, and bone structure take place in Europe. Last I checked, all Europeans cluster closely together with a few ‘genetic island’ exceptions. Romans colonized most of Europe, and they gave the other Europeans Greco-Romance civilization. Including places you mentioned such as “England” which inherited a Romance tradition via the Normans.

        • ChrisTakahashi

          Believe me, I agree. The ancient Greeks, and Romans, were impressive for their time. They influenced much of the Western world, it resonates
          even today. However, that’s my point: two societies were pioneers of
          cultural advancement and responsible for its spread to their
          comparatively primitive neighbors. Also, while architecture and art of
          the Orient was *different*, I wouldn’t say it was aesthetically

          Regarding phenotypical differences among Europeans, anthropologist and military doctor Von Luschan and Harvard dermatologist Thomas B. Fitzpatrick both, independently, devised skin tone scales, with varieties such as “celtic type” (i.e. extremely white north European) to “olive type” or “Mediterranean” (i.e. darker Southern European). Your average native Swede, with their pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes are not going to resemble your average native from Sicily or Crete, with olive-toned skin, black hair, brown eyes, and aquiline nose. Yet, these features still fall along a geographic continuum, from one extreme to the other. As for genetic clusters; yes, populations do fall into them. That’s the result of sharing a common ancestor. But, that only constitutes 6-10% of the variation. Let us not forget the remaining percentage. Europe is diverse, as are Africa and Asia.

          • David Ashton

            Of course, the geographical continents of Africa and Asia contain a diversity of ethnic groups. The important genetic differences between Europeans are not as great as those that separate Europeans from (say) Japanese or Nigerians.
            Recently I have been researching western myths based on conflict between a divine hero and an evil serpent; this is essentially a shared widespread “Aryan” notion, and although it has resonance with some Semitic and Sumerian notions, it is a “common cluster” that is readily distinguished from Chinese and African traditions.

          • pcmustgo

            I thought the Aryans or ancient Germans worshipped Dragons just as the Chinese do

          • David Ashton

            Few even incidental similarities between Teutonic and Chinese religions.
            Germanic dragon-slayers: Sigurd, Beowulf, Thor (v Mithgarthsormr).
            See e.g.: M.L.West, “Indo-European Poetry and Myth” (2007); Calvert Watkins, “How to Kill a Dragon” (2001) [highly technical]; Dean A. Miller, “The Epic Hero” (2000).

          • ^ it pretends the phenotypes and racial makeup of southern Europe of today is just as it was 1,000 – 2,000 years ago. Hilarity. All we have to do is look at Greek and Roman statues and busts to reveal the truth. Send this amateur packing please. 😀

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        As for this “creativity” inherent in “white people”; I’m highly skeptical of the existence of such a thing. For one, what is “creativity”?

        What kind of freaky brain washing cult got its hands on you?

        White creativity invented the technology you are using right now to spout off your anti-Whiteisms. Go back to your anti-white pc cult leaders and tell them you want your college “education” money and your dignity back.

        You’re talking nonsense and using a lot of words to do it.


      • Dr. Möbias

        In addition, how can an individual whose ancestry is Irish, German, and/or English, like most White Americans, claim the achievements of ancient Romans and Greeks?

        WTF are you babbling on about? You are making no sense whatsoever. You’re using a machine that a bunch of creative White people invented.

        Everybody has a right to be what they are. Both Europeans who are Europeans and Asians who are Asians have the right to maintain their own healthy & harmonious society rather than a strife-torn and crime-torn hell holes in the cities of Europe and America or the horrendous criminality, human misery and violation of human dignity of that poster child of “multiculturalism” of say, Rio, in Brazil. I simply want my people to survive.

      • Gracchus123

        ” For one, what is “creativity”?

        It is the ability to make something that has never been made before. How hard was that?

  • Francis Galton

    Let’s just get down to brass tacks, shall we? As long as current political paradigms and biases are in place, Whites will NEVER be the beneficiaries of “minority” racial set-asides in any majority non-White nation at any point in time. South Africa and Zimbabwe both illustrate this fact perfectly.

    Even if Whites dwindle to 10% or less of the US population in the next 100 years or so (god help us…), we will still be expected–just as we are today–to contribute our money, our jobs, our property, our time, and ultimately our dignity to the cause of black and brown equalization, which naturally entails their uplift and our concurrent (and much larger) downfall.

    As long as Whites as a group are noticeably better at ANYTHING than blacks or browns are as groups, the only imperative will be racial egalitarianism at any and every cost to Whites. As time goes on, explicitly White organizations will become more important than ever before.
    The great irony in all of this is that today there are (and will be for some time) a larger absolute number of Whites–150 million or more–than there were up until the late 1950s or so, when America was much more pro-White (by default). It’s just that Whites will be swamped by a HUGE increase in hostile non-Whites, which is completely avoidable–if we have the will to avoid it.

    • Joseph

      White organizations of any consequence will be banned here just as the Nazis in GDR. The only such coalition which might be allowed would be some impotent, capitulating, lapdog organization infiltrated and controlled by the ruling billionaires for the sake of appearance of balance. You know, something like the Republican party.

      • George White

        Then we won’t ALLOW the white groups to be banned. This isn’t some kind of game.

        • Gracchus123

          The TOTAL SURVEILLANCE STATE will make it supremely hard to organize any kind of resistance. However, I still have some confidence in the ingenuity of need to somehow prevail.

          I am reminded of a recent article which revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) records every single keystroke and electronic emanation anywhere. If “they” want to know more about “you”, they simply hit a button and every single phone call, email, text message, etc. you have ever produced is instantly available to them. That’s how it is NOW, folks.

          • Consider that a feature, not a bug. If the NSA is paying attention to all of our electronic communication, educate the dumb SOBs. Personally, we should cheer the wider audience.

            When the news of Echelon first broke, I was doing an e-mail newsletter. The 60 Mins piece re Echelon said that it diverts communication with certain keywords, and from a credible source, I found out what some of those keywords were. From that point on until I ended my e-mail newsletter because Google Groups was easier, I amended all my e-mail newsletters with those keywords, just to make sure the NSA would read my newsletter.

          • Gracchus123

            You are right. Now that computer memory is so cheap, NSA records EVERYTHING. That way, when you become a “person of interest”, they simply access every “emanation” you have ever produced, electronic, that is. 🙂

          • David Ashton

            It is not easy for the secret policemen to read everything collected or to act on everything.

          • Gracchus123

            Understand, but, as I said, once you do anything to cause them to “notice” you, then they have at their disposal ALL of your keystrokes. Let’s say, for example, that I started a blog about, well, racial issues. Incendiary things were said on the blog which piqued the interest of an Analyst at NSA. That Analyst would only have to enter my name into their search engine to retrieve everything I have ever said over a cell phone, email, or here. Everything I ever bought on Amazon, everything. Very quickly they have a fairly complete profile of me. That’s the reality today.

          • Or in my case, they will be able to figure out that I wrote this product review on Amazon recently:

            Don’t let this product fool you. They only appear to be a humble pack of fifteen hard drive screws. In reality, they will bring you warmth and comfort on a long cold bitter winter’s night. On top of that, if you flip the nanodisgronificator circuit on the bottom to the right, they’ll slice and dice fruits and vegetables perfectly. Flip it to the middle, and they transform into the most absorbent cloth you’ve ever used. Flip it to the left, and it will give you rock hard abs if you use it for five minutes a day three times a week for six weeks. They remind me of the hard drive screws my grandma used to make in her own kitchen with her own hands.

          • David Ashton

            Agree about the massive data-bank available. I believe in what I say and do not much care what they think. If they are so evil, they need to be fought even harder. They cannot kill, jail or blackmail us all.

          • toldev

            As 9/11 demonstrated, the government might be able to collect a lot of intelligence data but that doesn’t mean that it can react intelligently to the data.

            As the government grows more diverse, the government’s ability to utilize its resources will dwindle.

          • I wish more people were more interested in this person (for the right reasons). Note to CIA/NSA black hat spooks: Bookmark all comments by “Question Diversity” on AR, bookmark Countenance Blog, follow @countenanceblog on Twitter, and on various other WN/RR/HBD sites, ferret out comments by “countenance.” School’s in boys, time to sit your rumps down in your seats. Pay attention to me. Listen. Learn. Commit everything I say and write to memory, either the neuron type or the computer type.

          • Gracchus123

            My attitude is essentially the same, but my point is that the kind of surveillance I speak of will make forming alliances and “movements” more difficult.

          • Joseph

            They really can’t manage the size of empire they have now BUT just like the IRS, they only need make extreme examples of select cases to keep most of the rest in line to a great degree.

      • IstvanIN

        The GDR is dead. The Federal Republic of Germany bans, or is in the process of banning, any (German) political party it deems too right wing. But not muslim.

        • eduard

          This is still the aftermath of the Morgenthau Plan implemented in Germany by Eisenhower and Morgenthau just after the second WW.

          • Gracchus123

            Thanks for that; I urge all to read up on the Morgenthau Plan. Eye poping!!

          • David Ashton

            As important to note the origins of the Plan is to note why it was not implemented in its original form.

          • purestocles

            Yes, but now the Morgenthau plan is being aimed at the United States. By dismantling industry and turning the nation into an agrarian backwater, disarming the native population, flooding the nation with unassimilable immigrants and then partitioning the nation along those racial fault lines into more easily digestible chunks an alien invader has succeeded in dividing and conquering this helpless giant.

            The giant is hamstrung by allegiance to the lofty ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution which presuppose shared underlying values. As we have seen, these ideals are vulnerable to manipulation by those who exploit the implicit trust that preexisted within the system. The behavior of these exploiters fails Kant’s categorical imperative for moral judgements which states that If their behavior were generalized to a universal maxim–that is, if everybody acted that way–then such behavior would nullify the very conditions that made such behavior possible. Their behavior–and here I refer to both Wall Street’s predatory practices in derivative banking and leveraged buyouts that ruined many American worker’s lives as well as the destructive race hustling of Jesse Jackson and his ilk–is a cynical manipulation of gaps in the law or loopholes made possible by the former lack of safeguards in a society that had no prior need for protection from this kind of socially corrosive behavior. Their behavior fails the Kantian test because it destroys the integrity of the society it predicates itself upon. In simple terms, the parasite kills the host.

        • Joseph

          True enough. I’m old.

    • TheTRUTH

      True Francis, and we have the liberals to blame first and foremost. They’ve just about accomplished their mission: Destroy Whitey.

    • pcmustgo

      TOO FUNNY, THEY KEEP SAYING AMERICA *NEEDS MORE PEOPLE to take care of the aging population, pay taxes, etc…. the American population is dwindling so fast we just need more Mexcians- to the point where were going to add another 100 million and grow from 300 million to 400 million… hmmm, that’s not just keeping up with replacement level… that’s adding another 100 million.

      And what about us doing just fine at 150 million… what if our population shrunk from 300 million to 150 million… would that be so bad? Also a good chunk of those 300 million were non-whites let in since 1960.

      “The great irony in all of this is that today there are (and will be for some time) a larger absolute number of Whites–150 million or more–than there were up until the late 1950s “

  • NYB

    “The browning of America is very real and unrelenting. Our task is to
    find a way to move into this new Ecru Era with as much ease and grace as
    we can muster.”

    I suggest total war.

  • Joseph

    We can only hope that it is true and increases exponentially.

  • Jefferson

    White people are a Minority in New Mexico, Hawaii, California, and Texas. But last time I checked, Whites in those states still do not get Minority privileges like affirmative action in job hiring and college acceptance.

    • Dr. X

      Excellent point. I might add that Whites are also a minority in New York, D.C., Detroit, and numerous other municipalities. “Affirmative action” has nothing to do with equality or fairness. It’s abput screwing whites, plain and simple.

  • guest

    Charles Blow, like most black people (and all liberals), is/are so completely clueless about the technical expertise that undergirds our society that he can’t begin to fathom life in a minority white country. A white-minority America will have strictly an agrarian economy, but one that no longer exports soy, corn and wheat and indeed, will not raise enough food to feed its own teeming masses. It will import all manufactured goods. Mexicans will labor in its fields. Jews will [continue to] run its banks and government. Black people, whom they have fostered, will be their pretorian guard, internal police and private army. As such, they will carry out the pogrom against Whites, who will be utterly dispossessed. For without manufacturing, the future Feudal Nation will need neither their engineering inventiveness, nor their unique spatial/visual skills and have even less use for the White Weltanschauung which acknowledges and nurtures the creative genius within each individual.

    The only event that could possibly alter this scenario is a coup detat in which the still-white-led Military intervenes and creates a junta.

    • KingKenton

      Short of government transfer or corporate takeover, farms in this country will remain overwhelmingly in the hands of Whites. And that is a very good thing as it gives us a lot of power at the bargaining table. Many farmers are open to the message of White Identify. Most farmland is in the center of United States which is more conservative and White than the non-central portions of the country. ALL future energies in the White Nationalist movement must be directed at securing the central portions of the U.S. for ourselves by establishing state governments that will protect us.

      • IstvanIN

        The new inheritance laws will force widows and children to sell the family farm.

        • KingKenton

          Thanks for bringing this up. It’s something else we will need to fight to secure our future.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            The only other tax that should possibly exist is the gas / diesel tax which goes to road maintenance.

            Except in California where gas taxes go into the general fund — more $$ for pols like Gerry Brown to squander away.

            California has arguably the worst maintained, axel-breaking, most overloaded roadways in the U.S.


      • David Ashton

        I hope you will not think this Englishman impertinent to say that there are good ideas here. But having an immense core impregnable population base within the USA is probably better than trying to wrest separate states or new ethno-states, as such, permanently from Washington’s control. RE-“conquest of a continent” must be at least as much on the cards for future American action as Mexican ambitions at present. Anyhow, any such plans are worth discussing among WNs themselves.

        • KingKenton

          I agree with your idea of a core impregnable popultaion (as you put it). Here in the United States, our state governments are (at least in theory), sovereign entities that are protected from the Federal government by the Constitution. Unfortunately, the Federal government has made many encrochments on the sovereignty of the States. When I spoke of securing the central U.S. I was speaking of doing so by first returning the sovereignty to the individual states. It would not be a panacea, but it would be a good first step. Now, if we can just find some politicians that agree with me… 🙁

  • charlie brown

    What I loved about the article was the coded, but still blatently tribal message from Blowhard. He was saying “time is on our side…let’s not rock the boat too much…not yet…not until whites pass the point of no return…and we’re not there yet…so be cool and wait”

  • Bill

    Blow me Charles of the NYT. You libtards act like the overturning of civilization you have orchestrated is (1) a good thing (2) inevitable (3) cannot be stopped and pushed back and finally (4) we should accept it. NONE of those are true. You also try to tie in the Obongo’s election and increasing white race consciousness and increased acceptance of racial reality simply as a response to electing a black president. Kind of like your type always tries to tie increases in black crime to poverty and a reaction to slavery. Bull. The increase in white racial consciousness comes from the clear astronomic rise in black crime, attacks on whites, and the federal AG’s public announcement that the murder of whites for racial reasons is NOT a hate crime, while at the same time this black satanic minion of the great satan Obama states and it IS a hate crime for whites to even notice the increase – orchestrated by the black federal government – of white dispossession, white oppression by a black government and white victimization by blacks implicitly unchained to do so BY the elected black governments every where in America. So, said again, blow me Charles. You are a creature doing satan’s bidding and are in bed with imps.

  • Skipper

    The liberal fools who posted to the original NYT article are the real racists. They assume the future multicultural world will be run under the same Western standards they are comfortable living under now. To accomplish this, the Hispanics, Asian, black, or Islamic cultures etc. would have to be transformed into the “superior” white liberal culture of the typical NYT reader. You cannot get more racist than that! Empirically, virtually every non-white/Western culture is ethno-centric, and is indifferent, or hostile to Western values.

    I would highly suggest if these white liberals want to forgo the transition period to their future post-white, multicultural nirvana they can easily relocate now to Detroit, East St. Louis, East LA, or the small towns next to the Mexican border etc. There, they will be relieved from the awful burden of their “white privilege” and instead live in fear for their lives.

    • NYB

      They look at Brazil, and they think it’s not so bad.

      As long as the rich can afford gated communities and more police, they don’t care.

  • I don’t know about the “meaning” of minority but I do know the consequences.

    Harry Belafonte has shared with the black vision of a white minority:

  • potato78
  • potato78

    When Clinton left office, we had approximate 86 billion dollars surplus.

    How much do we have now? -16 trillion dollars left for us.

    GOP screwed up the country just like blacks, hispanics, and whites did.

    • You’re confusing deficit and debt. Deficit is the yearly budgetary deficit or surplus, the debt (“national debt”) is a running total of total yearly budget deficits.

      The last I did the math, several weeks ago, I calculated that 46% of the national debt run up in American history has happened since January 4, 2007. The reason that date is important is that’s the day Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. Ergo, the red ink machine went into overdrive with either Pelosi being Speaker and/or Obama being President.

  • potato78

    Cliff Jumps:

    I hope that we, us will not have fiscal cliff like cliff jumps.

  • potato78
    • IstvanIN

      So very sad.

      • potato78

        As long as they can create beautiful babies. Our future will be better.

        The above is much better than the one below:

        This Nancy Lanza picture,

        Adam Lanza, who killed his mother and kill scores of more people beyond the 26 lives he claimed at the school

        • Caracal

          Get lost you despicable anti-White troll. How dare you exploiting the deaths of White children to push your miscegenation agenda on AR.

          And for the record, it was an alien mongol like you named SEUNG-HUI CHO who committed the deadliest shooting incident by a single gunman in U.S. history at Virginia Tech in 2007, you imbecile.

          When is this mentally ill mongol be shown the door here ?

          • David Ashton

            There is also a Mongolid big baby in North Korea with an ideological psychosis and a weapon that could kill hundreds of thousands of children within a wide geo-strategic radius.

    • David Ashton

      Bloodless genocide. Nothing to celebrate.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Where did we go wrong?

    “We think it will be apparrent to all that it behooves the colored people to be on terms of perfect agreement and kindness with the whites, who have been the dominant race on this contintent, and will continue to be the dominant race as long as government lasts. The Anglo-Saxon will always rule. He is the master-spirit of civilization by reason of race, energy, will, enterprise, courage, ability and learning. It will be equally clear that in the course of a few decades at furtherest, the political importance of the negro will have so depreciated in the South, that no great National party will consider him of sufficient importance to demand very serious attention, much less sedulously ‘curry favor’ with him.”

    -TBK, Our Living and Our Dead, 1875

    Now, we are ruled by aliens, perverts, and parasites. That something as confident and full of potential as White America could be brought down by liberalism proves just how hatefully evil those who did this to us truly are. We must make a plan.

    • David Ashton

      All plans should be gratefully received, collected, sifted for practicability and humanity, and then circulated to “all our readers”.

  • christopher mahoney

    The left hates the fact that they have turned the white majority into an ethnic group.

  • christopher mahoney

    Here’s a statistic that you will never see: net government revenue/expense by racial group. Greg Mankiw has compiled some good data on net government revenue by income quintile, but such data by race seems to be very elusive. My suspicion is that the data would be “controversial” and “unhelpful”.

  • potato78

    U.S. tax crackdown hits Canadian residents

    A tax crackdown by the United States has sent more than one million
    Americans and green-card holders living in Canada scrambling to figure
    out how to comply.

  • stephan bathory

    Whites only

    I’m full blooded white

    Yet I believe in diversity

    I’ll befriend and date

    Love and cherish

    Anyone from any country

    As long as they are
    White and European


    I believe in equal opportunity

    Be my friend Germanic, Celtic, Aryan or a mix

    I don’t see race or ethnicity

    I see a blood brother or sister

    I believe in tolerance:

    T to any

    O of my people be they from

    L London or Louisiana

    E England or Eire

    R Red headed or red necked

    A any are good you see

    N None are excluded!

    C come join me, us, in

    E excluding none and welcoming all!

    White is right

    White is beautiful

    White got us to the moon

    White got us Beethoven’s ninth

    White got us St Peter’s Basilica

    White got us out of the caves


    Whites only

    Can be my friends

    Whites only

    Can share my love

    Whites only

    Are what I see

    Around the table at Christmas

    In the photos in

    My family albums

    Be white and proud!

    -Stephan Bathory

  • Angry White Woman

    Blowhard says: “The browning of America is very real and unrelenting. Our task is to find a way to move into this new Ecru Era with as much ease and grace as we can muster.”

    Sounds to me just like “When rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.”


  • Refugee

    This article said nothing.

    It was just another way for liberal twits to make sure that everyone knows they’re still down with the program, and to make sure that all the dirty white folk know they have their eye on us.

  • This is assuming there is no change in immigration policy in the next 30 years right?

  • What if we began embarking on a European only immigration policy

  • HamletsGhost

    What in the hell is an “ecru era”?