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ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Named Mohamed.

The numbers keep going up and up.

The results of last night’s election weren’t as bad as have been reported.

“You see there is no difference between the social democrats and fascist Wilders.”

A court has said employers can ban headscarves at work.

The situation is worse than Trump said.

More common sense from Paul Joseph Watson.

Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

“Brother, enter a partnership with a Spaniard, teach her that Islam is the true religion.”

The charity was called “Freedom from Torture.”

The truth about “last night in Sweden?” How about the last five years?

Five had been granted refugee status.

“British” doctors Ahmed Sami Khider and Hisham Fadlallah.

At least 15 thousand people in France are radical Islamists.

Black Slavery in the Middle East


It was more widespread and brutal than the American counterpart.


He was building a bomb in his apartment.

Muslim Insurrection in Europe?


This is what it could look like.


Three men and a girl had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

55 percent said they support America’s president.

Both men were born in Germany, but are Middle Eastern.

Saudi Arabian money is behind much of the rise.

He was shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Prison sentences range from 10 to 20 years.

If the bulk of Muslim terrorist attacks are done by lone wolves, there is only one solution.

Author wonders if a society as secular as ours can hope to understand something genuine religious.

Amjad Ali, Mohammed Sadiq, Matloob Hussain, and Basharat, Nasar, and Tayab Dad are headed for prison.

Its imam “openly defended terrorism and promoted an ideology of hate.”

Recent attacks were more coordinated than previously thought.

A Muslim declaration of faith warded off the attackers.

Koran claims Mary was ashamed after giving birth to Jesus.

“2017 must be a year of prosecution.”

Gunman is now in custody.

But they will be allowed to wear “burkinis.”

Anis Amri and the Capitulation of Europe


The Berlin massacre highlights everything wrong with “refugee” policy.


Two thirds also want to “rethink” Germany’s immigration policies.

Six are Syrian, one is Libyan.

Europe’s Future — Merkel or Le Pen?


Europe is at a crossroads that may decide its very existence.


200 SAS men to patrol London.

Tweet has disappeared.

Police are giving out alarms so they can find victims in crowds.

Syrian woman: “It’s much easier to be a family and have kids here.”

Las year there were 1,222 criminal complaints; only 18 sentences have been handed down.

Horrifying documentary on Sweden’s rape crisis.

Special protection is needed for churches and synagogues.

Police say they suspect motive reflects a “religious background.”

Muslims don’t’ want women in public spaces.

The Not-Talking Cure, Weekly Standard

Some Muslims probably lie about their hatred for the West.

One estimate says there are 900 across the continent.

Churches are the only public places left in Sweden that are unguarded.