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Dozens of new mosques to be built in Russian cities.

Some fans are planning to file for asylum.

Sounds familiar.

There are an average of 100 rapes per day in India.

Turks believe Syrian refugees are increasing the crime rate.

They commit 4.3 times the number of sex crimes; 3.5 times the number of violent crimes.

Government wants local funding for mosques, not Turkish funding.

Christianity Turns Brown, AR Classic Article

A look at “The Next Christendom” by Philip Jenkins.

In Europe, criticizing Muhammad “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate.”

Farrakhan: “America has always leaned towards the wealthy and powerful class.”

At least 280 honor killings have been committed in Pakistan since they became illegal in October 2016.

Islamic law discourages human depictions in art.

Population declined by 92,000 between January and July this year.

Even with proper care, there is no guarantee that “ideological illness” can be permanently cured.

It’s about the protection of cows and a shortage of women.

This is what Brigitte Bardot was trying to warn us about.

Fourteen centuries of Muslim views of European women.

India has familiar Muslim problems.

Koreans don’t like people with different customs.

Rules are aimed at illegal Central Asian immigrants.

Eighty percent of Russians want to limit immigration from former Soviet republics of Central Asia.

Indian government is deciding what legal action to take against him.

High birthrates and immigration from Central Asia are fueling the population growth.

Israel’s deportation program costs $86 million per year.

In France, it is illegal to provide photographic evidence of Islamic State brutality.

You never know what’s going to set some people off.

Afghan security forces engage in “boy play.”

Islamic law permits girls to marry at 9 years old.

But head of state still has a Twitter account.

Race-relations foundation considers criticism of human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam to be “racist.”

Jihad Festering in America, Gatestone Institute

Hundreds of Saudi citizens residing in the U.S. have joined ISIS.

Muslims are “purifying” Bangladesh and driving Hindus into India.

Erdogan: No Moderate Islam, Gatestone Institute

“Islam means ‘peace,’ it can’t come with ‘terror.’ ”

Chinese authorities criminalize Koran due to “extremist content.”

“The more Muslims grow, the more their enemies will fear them.”

The Strange Death of Europe

A great people is committing suicide.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

Germany worried that Erdogan’s presence would trigger protests from the nation’s Kurds.

Straight talk from a surprising source.

“. . . attack them in their homes, their markets, their roads and their forums.”

Politicians in Asia say what politicians in Europe won’t.

“Abnormal” beards are also banned.

Azimov Abror Akhralovich, a native of Central Asia.

The Han don’t like the Hui.

Terror on the Metro

What the St. Petersburg attacks say about us.


But cattle will have their throats slit humanely.

Life with Islam and Its Enablers

Why do so many political leaders value the feelings of Muslims more than the lives of Westerners?


Ten Russians are dead. Suspect is a Muslim from central Asia.

Britain committing suicide.

Jihad’s Triumph on Westminster Bridge

Why wasn’t this attack prevented?


Remembering Lawrence Auster

His insights should be remembered by everyone who cares about whites today.