Posted on July 25, 2019

Muslim Jihadis Gang-Rape, Torture, Murder 60-Yr-Old Christian Virgin

Raymond Ibrahim, Frontpage Mag, July 22, 2019

Islamic jihadis recently gang-raped a 60-year-old Christian woman to triumphant cries of “Allahu Akbar!” before stoning her to death.

When no one in her small Christian village saw Susan Grigor (or “Gregory”) on July 9, in Idlib, Syria, the worried priest sent parishioners to search for her. They eventually found her mangled and bloodied corpse on the ground of a field adjacent to her home.

The autopsy revealed that Susan had been repeatedly raped and tortured over the course of nine hours before finally being murdered by stoning.

The men responsible for this heinous act are believed to be members of the al-Qaeda-linked jihadi group, al-Nusra (elements of which the Obama administration referred to and supported as “freedom fighters”).

Described as a pious Christian and “pillar in her community,” Susan had never married and lived her entire life as a virgin (suggesting that violent gang-rape was her first — and last — sexual experience).


The report goes on to note what may be the most deplorable aspect of this incident — one that English-language media reports on this incident fail to mention:

Her rapists and murderers are from the organization, al-Nusra. Some of them are foreigners but others are from the area. In other words, those who raped and stoned her are themselves from among her former students and neighbors, whom she taught Arabic in school over the course of 30 years…. Surely she never dreamt to see such depraved savagery in the eyes of her former students…. Nonetheless, they preyed on her like wild beasts — even though wild beasts do not rape their mothers.