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Teenagers in prison are even ordering “hits” on officers.

“Approximately 150 youths stole phones, goaded police, and terrorised the public.”

Somali gangs’ turf wars.

It’s a way for gang members to “gain street credibility.”

Seventy-three percent of knife crimes were committed by non-whites.

Another day in diverse New York City.

Left-wing thugs march masked and carrying rifles and shotguns.

Opponents: Temporary ban makes migrants think they aren’t welcome in Finnish society.

One of three SJWs charged with calling Hispanics “Nazis” and kicking them.

Finland’s Grooming Gangs, Gatestone Institute

Iraqi and Afghan migrants are 40 times more likely than native Finns to be suspected of sexual assault.

The school is 94 percent black.

They went to Boots wearing skirts specially designed for shoplifting.

They entered the United States as “unaccompanied alien children.”

The police don’t want to say it’s gang activity, but everyone knows that it is.

Vietnamese say Sudanese don’t deserve to be in Australia.

Nigerians are back to scamming on the internet.

Muslim Mayor of London says too many blacks on the gangs list.

Women are killed with particular viciousness.

“In more than a third of all disappearances, the perpetrators are identified as agents of the state.”

Black former chairman of equality commission says UK must admit that knife killings are racial.

Caravan “is the best way to get to the U.S. without being singled out and arrested.”

Pakistanis passed their underage victims around like “commodities.”

Over one year, overall violence rose 19 percent.

White girl and her black date were attacked by a group of blacks on a robbery spree.


It’s “racist” to oppose Pakistanis’ grooming and raping of white girls.

“County Lines” operations use children to sell heroin and crack cocaine hundreds of miles from their homes.

Officials have been using trailers to store corpses for two years.

Could be some of the 30,000 Mexicans reported missing.

“I understand the fear of stigmatising these groups, but nothing could be more relevant.”

Gangs in Britain are using Vietnamese children and teens to guard cannabis farms.

They want to streamline their management structure.

The list is mostly “Mohammeds” and “Hussains.”

“These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage.”

First guns. Now block parties. What can the problem possibly be?

Lefty law-breakers are screeching.

Dems and Republican establishment team up to push the lax rules.

CNN claims people returning to their home countries are likely to join MS-13.

Law enforcement: The gangs aren’t the problem; it’s the crimes they commit.

505 were confirmed MS-13 members.

Gang fights are a daily occurrence, but administration says there’s no gang problem.

“We’re starting to approach rock-bottom when it comes to school inequalities.”

Where Killings Go Unsolved, Washington Post

Lack of cooperation is the major reason murders go unsolved.

The English fear political incorrectness “more than death.”

“Asians” run over a 17-year-old and then beat him with golf clubs.

“Don’t stop, man. Don’t stop. Whoever stopping get it too, man.”

Oxford men?

The suspect was deported once, but he illegally entered the US again.

He’s charged with “breaching the peace.”

“The lion’s share of [the pimps] have a migrant background.”