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Two Cheers for Israel, American Conservative

They’re having children and defending their culture.

Egyptian women have an average of 3.3 children.

Over a decade, birthrates for Hispanic women dropped from 97.4 births per 1,000 to 67.6.

Among the Living Again, AR Classic Article

RIP to Guillaume Faye, who first introduced himself to American Renaissance readers at our 2006 conference.

Not to worry: Immigration will solve the problem.

The Descent of Man, AR Classic Article

A landmark study of a growing problem.

Race and the Fertility Paradox, AR Classic Article

Who should and shouldn’t be having children?

“Land for children” plan aims to boost the birthrate.

The decline is global.

Mass northward migration of Africans is “near inevitable.”

A look at a country that refuses to abolish itself.

Births in the United States, 2017, NCHS Data Brief No. 318

Fertility rate fell to an all-time low.

At 1.45, the birthrate is still below replacement.

The overall fertility rate has hit a 40-year low.

Garrett Hardin tackles questions most choose to ignore.

Non-German births incresaed by 25 percent.

Fertility rates are in decline across nearly all age groups.

Poland’s Baby Bump, First Things

Poland’s birth rate is increasing, but it’s still not up to replacement level.

Reversing one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.

Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part VI

Thomas Malthus is our best guide for the 21st century.


Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part III

There must be a rekindling of the European spirit.


Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part II

Sobering precedents from the animal kingdom.


Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part I

We can see the future in today’s Africa.


Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe

The keynote speech of our 2017 conference.


Not all nations are afraid of eugenics.

And there are no signs the situation will improve.

The Sombre Enemy of the Pram

Why are whites in demographic decline?


Goes on to recommend suicide for Australian white men.

The drop is almost exclusively in the Western World.

In Defense of Eugenics, AR Classic Article

The high-stakes race for a better future.

Not all babies are created equal.

Kicking the Dead, AR Classic Article

A dishonest smear of a man who cannot hit back.

Illegal Alien Day, Frontpage Mag

Why celebrate workers when you can celebrate immigrants?

Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope?

Can the French nation survive the next French election?


Immigration and Human Nature, AR Classic Article

A comprehensive diagnosis of our current insanity.

The Genetic Potential for Intelligence

How quickly could the racial gap have evolved?


‘Other People’s Babies’, Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal admits immigration brings social instability, but wants it anyway.

Breakthrough in Understanding the Genetic Contribution to Intelligence

Rare mutations contribute to individual differences in personality and IQ.


High fertility rates will account for much of the rise.

Study suggests “education genes” inversely correlated with fertility.

Viktor Orbán Fights for Europe

Could a “Budapest Consensus” be in the making?


“Once a natural decrease begins, it is unlikely to reverse itself.”

Rising suicide and drug overdose rates account for much of this.

A new way to have an anchor baby.

A Warning From the Past, AR Classic Article

Lothrop Stoddard and “The Rising Tide of Color.”

Where Did “Cuckservative” Come From?

Gregory Hood is at least its godfather.


Genetic modification at a new frontier.

Over 40 percent of unmarried people between ages 18 and 34 say they are virgins.