Posted on June 14, 2020

The Happy Trad Wife

Liv Heide, American Renaissance, June 14, 2020

I know one of the happiest women on this earth, or at least she seems so to me. She is the perfect trad (traditional) wife; and I am sure of that, because I have known her all my life. She is my mother.

My grandparents reared her on a big, remote North German farm, where they made her work in the fields but they also developed her musical talents for piano and accordion. She used these talents to entertain rural youth groups, bringing young men and women together for excursions and dances. It was before the Internet and cell phones lured youngsters into sloppiness, isolation, obesity, degeneracy, and hyper-sexualization. People were still normal and followed time-proven rules. Deviations from the norm were nudged back into line by parents, teachers, and friends.

It was common knowledge, as taught at school, that the most important life goal was to build a family with at least three children, which was the number needed to maintain the population. Finding a husband was a serious matter, and women prepared methodically and strategically to improve their qualities in areas that would make them more attractive and valuable to men.

These self-improvement measures did not focus on make-up, sexy clothing, manicure, travel, foreign languages, skiing, golfing, tennis, a six-pack stomach, hair extensions, or breast augmentation. This post-war generation of women in the German countryside learned how to shop intelligently, to cook delicious meals, to garden through the seasons, to clean large spaces, to sew clothing, to manage household finances, to be graceful hostesses, and to heal minor diseases with natural traditional remedies. These future housewives, aspiring to a highly respected role in the society of the time, were also preparing themselves for motherhood, since there are 1,000 things to know that the modern woman must teach herself by browsing the Internet or by paying a midwife to explain to her.

Extended families shared several buildings on the farms, so care of children fell to mothers, grand-mothers, aunts, maids and other helping hands. The men specialized in working the land, building useful things, fixing machines, etc. Everyone did what he did best.

During my mother’s ‘domestic management classes’ (Hauswirtschaftslehre), all young women wore Dirndl dresses and decorated their collars with an Othala brooch, the Elder Futhark rune symbolizing ancestral spiritual power, divine inheritance, and earthly estate. It also symbolizes the German word Heimat, which could be explained in English as a mix between homeland and romantic attachment to children’s memories of a region.

My mother was shocked when I told her that this brooch in her jewel box had been criminalized as a right-wing extremist symbol by the Federal Republic of Germany, whose main job, besides wrecking the gene pool of the leftover Germans, consists in snuffing out anything that could remind Germans of their rich Germanic history and their rights to their native lands. I mentioned that the ADL had also added Othala to its list of Nazi symbols. She asked,”What is ADL?”

My mother was equally shocked when I explained to her that my dating site for white people, WhiteDate.Net, is attacked as racist and blocked for advertisement, shadow-banned, or deleted on all big social media platforms. If Japanese prefer to date Japanese, why can’t whites prefer to date whites? The category of whites is much more racially inclusive than “Japanese,” since it is not limited to one ethnicity.

Once my mother understood the depth of the anti-white propaganda from governments and big corporations, she said she was afraid something might happen to me. I replied that whatever happens will be fine because I am doing the right thing, and if I ever committed suicide it would have been staged. She was not amused.

But she was hopelessly bewildered when I showed her pornography easily accessible on Twitter to every 10-year-old. What a kaputt world we were living in, how degenerate, perverted, filthy, evil, (fill in the blank with strong German vocabulary). My mother does not know how to use a computer, but she did not need to see much to understand how destructive the brainwashing of the younger generations has been to our physical and mental health and to our ability to form stable relationships and families.

I am happy and feel privileged to have a mother who still represents traditional values that the younger generations have mostly lost. I would like to rediscover her world. We will not be able to un-see the trash we have already seen, but we can consciously discard it and focus on the healthy and wholesome life that we decide to live for ourselves.