Posted on June 23, 2023

What Sexual Madness Means for Us

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 23, 2023

And how to cure it.

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For more than 30 years, I have been writing about the crazy things white people think and say and do about race. Human beings do many crazy things, but the craziest stuff burns out. There just weren’t that many Jim Jones cultists and they came to a sticky end.

Nor were there that many members of the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.

It didn’t last long either.

For years it seemed that racial madness was the most durable, extreme, and widespread form of secular madness. I was wrong. There’s worse, and it has to do with homosexuals, transsexuals, men, women, and children. What does this mean for racially aware white people?

First, homosexuals. I don’t like calling them gays because “gay” is a perfectly good English word that they hijacked.

Also, gay is an adjective, not a noun. It’s like calling happy people “happies.” Some homosexuals call themselves queers, but that seems to be like the N-word; they can use it but we can’t. I don’t think we’re allowed to call them “homos,” either, so we’re stuck with this silly invented term, and we’re bad people if we don’t use it.

Let me be clear: Homosexuality is a defect.

Credit Image: © Varuth Pongsapipatt/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire

When someone’s sexual energy – and we have a lot of it – is wasted on a reproductive dead end, that’s a defect.

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Biologically, it’s no different from wanting to copulate with lawnmowers or animals or dead people.

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Just because same-sex attraction is more common, doesn’t mean it’s not a defect.

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We used to call compulsions of that kind perversions, but that word is taboo.

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I’m not sure the New York Times would call anything a perversion.

Of course, we all have defects, and being defective is not a crime. Homosexuality is like deafness. We don’t persecute deaf people, but we don’t celebrate them, either. We don’t make a fuss over the first deaf person who does something. And there are no deaf-pride parades. Deaf people go about their business, and we wish them well.

Homosexuals are different. They don’t want to be treated just like everyone else. They want us to think they are special and better. They want to be noticed and celebrated. Adored, even.

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It’s like being black. We must never forget that people used to give them a hard time. By fussing over them and being especially nice to them, we prove that we are good people, so much better than those brutes who used to torment them. And so, we have perversely turned what’s clearly a defect into something to be proud of and at least pretend to admire. It’s part of the fetish of coddling “victims.”

It seems that most homosexuals are naturally that way, but there are bound to be borderline cases who go over the edge so they can become official “victims.” That’s especially tempting for whites, who are otherwise the villains of world history. Victims can even supply that indispensable quality: “diversity.”

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Our society therefore seduces a certain number of people, mostly whites, into a defective way of living that makes them reproductive failures.

Transsexuals are something new and worse. Five or 10 years ago, who would have imagined a country that tells boys they should seriously think about whether they might really be girls, and that if they think they might be, nice grownups will help turn them into girls.

They won’t even have to upset Mom and Dad by telling them. Same thing for girls.

I know some of you will disagree, but I don’t think the people pushing this want to hurt people. The best I can make out, this is what they think. There really are vast numbers of people trapped in a body of the wrong sex.

In all of human history, until the glorious and enlightened present, society refused to recognize this, and people stuck in the wrong body lived wretched lives. If they so much as breathed a word about it, people brutalized them.

Now, we recognize their plight, and we teach them to explore options. Thanks to modern surgery and clever chemistry we can literally turn men into women, and vice versa, and save millions of people from a lifetime of agony.

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If you are going to switch sexes, it’s best to do it before puberty. The people who believe this also assume that all the fawning over trans people will never tempt a confused adolescent to cash in on the attention and status the come with being the newest darlings in the victims’ sweepstakes.

There are many things wrong with this, but I’ll mention two: If millions of people in history lived in agony as the wrong sex, you’d think we would know about some of them. Shouldn’t we be able to say, “Yep, the Third Earl of Whatnot wrote in his memoires about how badly he wanted to be a woman.”

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I’ve never heard that. Furthermore, it’s psychotic to think that children too young to vote or drink or drive a car should decide to have their organs sliced off and their body chemistry permanently altered.

Craziness was on display just the other day at the White House.

Credit Image: © Adam Schultz/ The White House via ZUMA Press Wire

We are still in the throes of Gay Pride Month – which is as absurd as myopia pride month or stuttering pride month – so there was a big party on the South Lawn. It got some press when transsexuals took off their tops and posed in front of the homo flag.

The one on the left is displaying the scars where her breasts used to be, and the one on the right is exhibiting his man-made breasts. Normal men and women don’t do this kind of thing, certainly not at the White House. But Mr. Biden said something that day that should be astonishing but is so common, hardly anyone noticed. He called “the LGBT community ‘the bravest and most inspiring’ people he’s ever met.”

Everywhere that guy goes, people protect him with their bodies and would take a bullet for him if someone started shooting.

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Outside the White House fence, the police risk their lives every time they make a traffic stop.

But Mr. Biden calls weirdos the bravest people he has ever known, and invites them to the White House. Is it too late for me to get snipped?

I won’t even get into the absurdity of letting men who claim to be women win ladies’ sporting events or use their locker rooms.

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I honestly can’t figure out why anyone thinks that’s a a good thing, but an awful lot do, and they shout you down if you disagree.

It seems that drag-queen-story hour is supposed to teach young children that it’s heroic for men to wear falsies and heels and paint their faces.

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This softens children up early to think any outlandish claim, any kind of perverted prancing is wonderful.

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Again, we don’t persecute men who want to wear dresses, but we shouldn’t rub children’s noses in it.

I’m sure that the people pushing this think they are like abolitionists in the 1850s, far-sighted humanitarians that future generations will worship.

They are way ahead of the rest of us, superior beings in every way.

How will this end? I’m glad to see that a lot of people are fed up and are willing to say so, even in the face of media scorn and Facebook censorship. But this form of madness is rooted in something so broad and deep people don’t even notice. It’s what is – by historical standards – fanatic, psychotic, individualism.

It comes as a shock to a lot of Americans, but whom you copulate with, when, and why are not your business alone. Every society sets rules because without rules, society collapses.

BODA JAPONESA. Credit: Album / Oronoz

Healthy societies have rules that are meant to build families, keep them together, and promote child-rearing.

Credit: Flickr user Photocapy, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They grow out of an ancient sense of duty to family, natation, and race.

This homo-tranny-drag-queen stuff is the very opposite.

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Pure self-absorption. Pathological individualism.

It is no accident that the strongest opposition to it comes from religious groups and racially conscious people. Both understand that we are not isolated atoms, that we have obligations to many, many others. Racially conscious whites, especially, keenly feel debts to ancestors and duties to children. Sexual madness will disappear wherever men and women turn their backs on pathological individualism and rediscover family and nation.

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I don’t know how long the madness will last. I never thought racial insanity would last as long as it has. But I am confident that every gain in white racial consciousness is a victory for families and sound sexual behavior. And every force that is building against sexual insanity is a step towards racial sanity. You cannot have white awareness without understanding that healthy families are the key to our survival.

And anyone willing to fight the madness and stand up for healthy families is halfway to an understanding of race.

Madness always burns itself out.