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His discoveries helped displace the Freudian view of psychiatric disorders.

Never-before-seen mutations found in “refugees” coming from Horn of Africa.

Genetics of the Human Face: Identification of Large-Effect Single Gene Variants, Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences\

Study used the differences between white and Asian faces to chart genetic variation.

A review of Arthur R. Jensen’s “The g Factor.”

It may be possible to measure intelligence using brain scans rather than IQ tests.

Authors say it’s because improvement in the quality of schooling has stopped.

People are happier living among people like themselves.

“Race matters a lot more to most people than they’re willing to admit.”

Why Race Matters, AR Classic Article

A philosopher’s elegant and compelling dissection of the race problem.

YouTube Sends Another AmRen Video to the Back of the Bus

Title was “Let’s Break a Taboo, Part II.”


“The field of genomics is growing by leaps and bounds.”

What We Owe Our People, AR Classic Article

A scientist explains the genetic basis of nationalism.

Neanderthals survived nearly 3,000 years in Spain after dying out in the rest of the world.

Important human traits may have developed in East Asia.

Breakthroughs in Intelligence

A distinguished scientist cuts through the egalitarian fog.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

The association was not evident among whites.

The fertility industry is openly eugenic.

In Praise of Arthur Jensen, AR Classic Article

Arthur Jensen died five years ago today. His ideas are still as important as ever.

Let’s Break a Taboo, Part 2

Will there be progress for our species?


Let’s Break a Taboo

Applying the laws of genetics.


The Race-IQ Non-Controversy, AR Classic Article

J. Philippe Rushton died five years ago today. This classic shows what a loss his passing was.

Things Biracial People Are Too Polite to Say: A Letter to White Nationalists

A biracial race-realist wants an end to hypodescent.


Race and Health, AR Classic Article

Racism is usually blamed for bad health among non-whites. The real causes are likely to be genetic.

Effects of Neanderthal genes are seen in modern European brains.

And sexual orientation as well.

Not all nations are afraid of eugenics.

Evidence for genetic contributions to intelligence keep coming.

For Whom the Bell Curves, AR Classic Article

This book, and its reception, mark an important intellectual breakthrough.

Would oxytocin inhibitors change a liberal’s mind?

“General cognitive function” is substantially heritable.

Race Realism has a Past. Does Race Denialism Have a Future?

John Derbyshire’s talk at the 2017 American Renaissance conference.


2017 American Renaissance Conference Videos

The full speeches are now available.


He claimed Google didn’t tolerate dissenting views; the company proved him right.

The Genetics of Race, AR Classic Article

Common sense is a better guide than liberal myths.

Ethicists worry about “designer babies.”

Sell-Out Conference Shrugs Off Anti-Fa

AmRen 2017 was electric with optimism.


The drop is almost exclusively in the Western World.

That probably interbred with sub-Saharan Africans.

In Defense of Eugenics, AR Classic Article

The high-stakes race for a better future.

Brain imaging finds disgust is a common reaction to mixed-race couples.

“Both education and household income are strongly genetically correlated with intelligence.”

Scientific data show that the races differ in intelligence — dogma holds otherwise.

They perpetuate the myth that races are genetically distinct . . .

How do people with ~170 IQs get their smarts?

Racial Equality: “Noble Fiction” — or Noxious Poison?

Why we must talk openly about racial differences.


20 percent of blacks have the gene mutation.

Kicking the Dead, AR Classic Article

A dishonest smear of a man who cannot hit back.

A Tactical Retreat for Race Denial

Academic offers “new philosophical foundation for anti-racism.”


Today’s Egyptians are more African than their ancestors.

“These findings provide new insight into the genetic architecture of intelligence.”