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When science contradicts liberal dogma, the scientists must be punished.

Among the Living Again, AR Classic Article

RIP to Guillaume Faye, who first introduced himself to American Renaissance readers at our 2006 conference.

There’s an almost perfect genetic overlap between IQ and surface area in the receptive language center of the brain.

Who’s a Jew?, Jerusalem Post

Rabbinical courts are asking some immigrants to take DNA tests to prove their Jewish heritage.

The Heritability of Self-Control: A Meta-Analysis, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews

The overall heritability of self-discipline is 60 percent.

Alterations could enhance memory and cognition.

Because race doesn’t really exist.

Treatment works better on blacks than whites.

She called herself American Indian on her bar registration card.

Some of the offending gene variants are unique to the Japanese.

Cherokees say the use of DNA to prove you’re an Indian is “inappropriate and wrong.”

The Future of the Species, AR Classic Article

A look at Roger Pearson’s “Heredity and Humanity.”

Jews’ higher intelligence is at least partly explained by genes.

They think tanning injections made them African now.

Paleogenomics is upending archaeology and rewriting the origins of peoples.

ZIP Code or Genetic Code?, Harvard Gazette

Massive study determines the effects of genes and environment in 560 common conditions.

Yet Another ‘Racist’ Unmasked!

Nobel laureates are really smart people.


Francis Crick Was a Race Realist, Too

Yet another Nobel Laureate who saw the truth.


The Disgraceful Shaming of James Watson

Not even the world’s most famous scientist is allowed to speak the truth.


He again let slip the truth about race and intelligence.

How Illusions are Maintained, AR Classic Article

The Washington Post shamelessly distorts scientific findings.

“If we only study Alzheimer’s in Caucasians, we’ll only learn about Alzheimer’s in Caucasians.”

Finding may help explain why blonde hair is so rare.

Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are

More powerful evidence for the strength of genes over environment.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

He reaffirms his belief in race differences in intelligence.

He was admired by journalists, but not by scientists.

Greater African ancestry is associated with asthma symptoms in certain cases.

The Descent of Man, AR Classic Article

A landmark study of a growing problem.

Elizabeth Warren’s big mistake was to give “validity to the idea that race is determined by blood.”

Researchers controlled for “genetic ancestry.”

Ancestors of modern people were present in North Africa at least 600,000 years earlier than previously believed.

Researcher says he made twin girls resistant to the AIDS virus.

Nearly anyone can be linked to one of the registered profiles online.

European and Amerindian birth canals are more oval than those of Asians and Africans.

The Atlantic discovers “stunning transmission of criminality from parents to kids.”

The great scientist died six years ago today. His work is still invaluable.

Pow Wow Chow

“Pocahontas” takes a dive.


And why scientists are afraid of their own science.

In two or three years, 90 percent of white Americans will be identifiable.

Senator may be just 1/1024th Amerindian.

A frank look at the differences.

With enough money and “direct strategic action,” we’ll have plenty of black Nobel laureates.

Many environmental influences are really an expression of genetics.

“The IQ Controversy,” by Mark Snyderman and Stanley Rothman.

Genes control most of academic success even after controlling for intelligence.

What we can expect as the national IQ drops.

A look at “Genes, Peoples, and Languages,” by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.

The Animal in the Man, AR Classic Article

How a determined minority can thwart science.

They “may be giving discredited old ideas about ethnicity and race new visibility.”

Having a low IQ makes a person more likely to be a danger to himself and to others.