Posted on May 7, 2023

Neil deGrasse Tyson Uses Science to Show Why Whites Resemble Monkeys More Than Blacks

Ny MaGee, EURweb, May 4, 2023

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson issued a response to racists who compare Black people to monkeys {snip}

Speaking to VladTV, Tyson explained why white people look more like monkeys than Black people.

“I know you did an interview recently [about] the racist things people have said about Black people and monkeys and so forth,” Vlad said. “But you said when you scientifically look at white people [you said] monkeys are hairy, and white people are the hairiest people…”

“On Earth,” Tyson said, completing the host’s sentence.


Vlad also noted that white people and monkeys have big ears and thin lips.

“I look more like a monkey than anyone else,” said Vlad.


Tyson then channeled Obana into the conversation.

“People say, ‘Well how about Obama? First Black President and he’s got big ears.’ He’s exactly half-white,” he said. {snip}