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“Eric Holder waged an anti-police campaign that he believed in.”

“White judges will preside over an increasingly diverse population for decades to come.”

Budget doesn’t allow HUD to compel local neighborhoods to rezone along racial lines.

Cool Lawsuit, Clock Boy

Charges of bigotry thrown out.


Rules were changed because blacks were breaking them.

In Minnesota schools, blacks are suspended eight times as often as whites.

Blacks at top law schools have worse qualifications than whites at mid-range schools.

Effort to end “school-to-prison pipeline” masked Nikolas Cruz’s crimes.

How Nikolas Cruz Got His Gun

Obama-promoted program helped him avoid a criminal record.


“They took advantage of catch and release.”

Cheddar Man and the Pharaohs

Media show their biases again.


Affirmative-Action Portraits

Third-rate portraits portend a Third-World nation.


Embarrassingly gushing. Will no one say, “The emperor has no clothes”?

Artist: “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing.”

“God Damn America!”

More ghosts from Obama’s past.


Black photographer feared the photo would damage Obama’s career.

The Trump administration may be reversing the “Ferguson effect.”

He’s locating it lakeside instead of an area in need of “economic revitalization.”

Let Them Build Wakanda!

In fantasy movie, blacks lead the world.


The cheap labor supply has kept wages flat for men since 1973.

Obama praises rappers despite their vulgar, misogynistic lyrics.

Obama holdovers continue to stymie efforts to enforce immigration laws.

The Obama Foundation wants to hire a diversity consultant.

Tucker Carlson’s Last Laugh

Full-throated nationalism is winning out over snarky centrism.


Between white supremacy and me.

Number four is that it was largely concocted by La Raza.

Goes on to say that Dreamers in Chicago are safe.

“Ultimately, this is about basic decency.”

Official announcement ending DACA should come today.

Police expect to need it to confront terrorist attacks and riots.

The Trump Report Card—So Far

Peter Brimelow’s full speech from the 2017 AmRen conference.


It quotes Nelson Mandela.

No white man or woman can hold the party together.

A new book on Islam.

But goes on to say, “The people in this country are universally good.”

Leftists attack Obama’s legacy.

The Trump Effect at Stanford

What the election was like for whining, privileged brats.


Trump could put real pressure on “sanctuary cities.”

The Obama Plot to Sabotage Trump

What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?


Can they be a gateway drug to race realism?

Next Step: Sainthood, AR Classic Article

Where will adoration for President Obama end?

He claimed that no other advanced democracies have voter ID laws.

Another $7 billion down the drain.

Calling the Election for Obama, AR Classic Article

The start of the media’s love affair with President Obama.

Obama Is Out!

What did we get for our eight years?


America is less white and more divided.

Helping The Sharpton & Obama Afrocentrism ‘Fade to Black’ (Part I)

How much damage can a Trump presidency undo?


The Real Obama, AR Classic Article

F. Roger Devlin reviews “America’s Half-Blood Prince” by Steve Sailer.

Interior removals down 73 percent from year Obama took office.

Asks blacks and minorities to empathize with poor, middle-aged whites.