Posted on May 7, 2023

Illinois School Backtracks After Segregating Math Classes for Black, ‘Latinx’ Students

Kyle Morris and Jessica Chasmar, Fox News, May 3, 2023

An Illinois high school has reversed course after it appeared to restrict access to certain Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus courses to Black and Latinx students only.

Highlighted in a Monday report by Newsweek, the controversial matter stems from screenshots an individual shared to Twitter that revealed multiple Evanston Township High School’s (ETHS) AP Calculus AB course descriptions that featured identical language barring certain races from taking the course.

A screenshot of the course descriptions for multiple versions of the AP Calculus AB class, according to the report, “were identical save for the last line and the registration code at the top of the course description.”

“This code for the course is restricted to students who identify as Black, all genders,” one description stated. The other noted the course was only for students who identify as “Latinx, all genders.”

That language changed on Monday, however, with the school updating the course descriptions for certain AP Calculus AB classes to include the following wording: “While open to all students, this optional section of the course is intended to support students who identify as Black.” Another signaled the course is meant for all students but “… intended to support students who identify as Latin.”

A spokesperson for ETHS District 202 has denied any wrongdoing, telling Fox News Digital in a statement that the school is “a nationally renowned leader in increasing access to Advanced Placement (AP) classes for all students, including students of color.”