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“After the demise of Christianity in Europe, there will not be an atheistic utopia, but a rising Islam.”

New Black Panther Party will also participate.

All dissenters must be punished.

World Hijab Day ignores women who are actually oppressed.

The boy raised an ISIS flag on the pole of another Utah school.

Killings showed “an extreme level of violence.”

“Ties” to radicals matter only if you’re white.

Deputy works for CAIR on the side.

Law Department: Settlement was “in the best interest of all parties involved.”

CNN anchor: Farrakhan is more dangerous than the Alt-Right.

The investigation can take months, or even years.

Islam becomes chic.

Politicizing food.

It’s the first major department store to sell hijabs.

“I am here reaffirming that it was indeed an act of Jihad in the way of Allah.”

Muslim activist called the victim a liar because, she said, men didn’t sexually assault fat women.

Jihad Festering in America, Gatestone Institute

Hundreds of Saudi citizens residing in the U.S. have joined ISIS.

Extra vetting would not have prevented Port Authority attack, but eliminating chain migration would have.

He told investigators, “They’ve been bombing in my country and I wanted to do damage here.”

Myth of anti-Muslim backlash is spread by CAIR and ”terrorist-front organizations.”

His crimes had “a hate crime enhancement.”

Student will not be allowed to appeal his suspension.

Women Under Islam, City Journal

New book exposes the West’s capitulation to Islam.

Tests of cultural compatibility aren’t allowed if they conflict with Islam.

Jihad not against Christians or Jews, but against other Muslims.

NYT: It’s crazy to think that blacks with “racial grievances” will band together and act violently.

What’s next? Jihadi Ken?

Muslim Terrorism and the Decay of Public Life

The cost is not just in corpses.


A Muslim Ban Is Logical

“The fact that there are moderate Muslims doesn’t mean there is a moderate Islam.”


Eight dead; more than a dozen others injured.

She offered to refer him to a “behavior intervention team.”

ISIS claims of responsibility are generally reliable.

Another pattern with predictive capability.

It would make the company “a better place to work for a Muslim.”

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is finally gone, and permanently barred from reentry.

Yet another benefit of diversity.

White Christians are now less than half of America.

Barcelona and Beyond: How Politicians & Policy Wonks Play God with Your Life

Elites know they themselves won’t be hurt by the policies they promote.


Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is heading back to Jordan.

“. . . every street, every school, every flag, and every public memorial”

A new book on Islam.

He was headed to his native Pakistan, where he had already wired suspicious sums of money.

How many Muslim countries have sex-changed soldiers?

Media spin-masters get to work.

Bangladeshi immigrant cheated Medicare out of $132 million.

Mohamed Noor was an “affirmative action hire” if ever there was one.

New visa requirements are rigorous.

The two “doctors” now face life in prison.

Nike released their own hijab a few months ago.

Just four years of probation.