Posted on May 9, 2024

Chip Roy Says He’s Concerned ‘Sharia Law’ Will Be ‘Forced Upon the American People’

Charlie Nash, Mediaite, May 7, 2024

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) expressed concern on the House floor on Tuesday that Islamic “Sharia law” will soon be “forced upon the American people.”

During a bizarre rant, Roy questioned, “How many campaign ads, how many speeches are going to be given by my Republican colleagues between now and November about what they will do to secure the border? And what are they doing right now? Shrugging! ‘Sorry! Can’t do anything!’”

He protested, “We’re shrugging it off! We’re pretending it’s not happening! I mean, is anybody paying attention to what’s happening in London?!”


You’ve got a massive Muslim takeover of the United Kingdom going on right before our eyes. People say, “Chip, well what is wrong with that?” Well, I’ve got some pretty strong concerns about Sharia law and whether that will be forced upon the American people. {snip}

We have 51.5 million people who are foreign-born in the United States. They have about 20-25 million kids. That puts that well over 20 something percent of the population and it’s the highest such number in the history of our country. People say, “Well isn’t that great?” Is it? Are we teaching people about Western civilization? {snip}