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Many said the bill was too weak and that immigration will just get worse.

“Family reunification” is bringing polygamy to European countries.

A German “human rights organization” says that isn’t enough.

More than half of them live in California, Texas, New York, and Florida.

“Youths” are mad that police checked the identity of a veiled woman.

“Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.”

“After the demise of Christianity in Europe, there will not be an atheistic utopia, but a rising Islam.”

Erdogan: “Never make concessions on your mother tongue, your faith and your solidarity with one another.”

“[T]hese children live here physically, but mentally they mostly live in the Middle Ages.”

They wanted to slash anyone within reach.

He says white South African farmers are true refugees.

“British Heritage” now means “Black, Asian, or Other Minority Heritage.”

Muslim students threaten teachers, other students with knives and pepper spray.

“People expect to hear about people being killed on a daily basis.”

It was called “Information for Those Who Are Married to a Child.”

French authorities will “keep an eye on them.”

LeaveEU says 3 million Muslim votes are more important to Labour than 300,000 Jewish ones.

Non-German births incresaed by 25 percent.

Sex attacks have also become more violent.

They will hold meetings to “enlighten” the locals during construction.

“Gunman” swore allegiance to ISIS.

More than 200 suspects identified; only 7 in jail.

A Swedish organization prowls the internet for “hate speech” to report to the police.

Even after being questioned about the memo, the assistant chief spoke of the children’s “consent.”

Immigrants and their children are responsible for 85 percent of the UK’s population increase since 2000.

World Hijab Day ignores women who are actually oppressed.

Arab crime family now controls Berlin’s drug and prostitution trade.

Grooming of young girls has been going on for 40 years.

Twitter suspends account for seven days for reporting a fact.

For the NYT, the problem is the weapons, not the people using them.

“The vast majority of terror suspects are alleged Islamists, but the number of white suspects has rocketed.”

State must make payments to resettlement organization.

High Court supports positions of both the Trump and Obama administrations.

The investigation can take months, or even years.

Unbelievable? Could be coming our way soon.

She thinks “the real terrorist is [the French] government.”

More than a million “migrants” have entered Germany since 2015; violent crime is up 10.4 percent.

She hates the EU, cheered Brexit, supports Trump, and believes Islam is a “religion of pedophiles.”

They may arrive with nothing, but they have mobile phones.

If men won’t protect their women, German engineers will.

The bill bans “refugees” from bringing in their relatives.

At his trial, jihadist “emphatically” pled guilty.

Germany received 187,000 “refugees” in 2017.

They can’t get jobs and end up on the dole.

Orban: “We see them [migrants] as invaders.”

Denmark’s tough asylum rules send 1,500 of them south to Germany.

Only 14 percent are Muslims, down from 40 percent in previous years.

FBI: Minneapolis police are “in bed” with jihadists.

A talk by Jean Camus with subtitles.

“Only” 600 cars actually torched this year; Interior Ministry says, “Not bad.”