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German Railway is in the propaganda business.

He was speaking to his “brothers and sisters in Europe.”

“The influx of refugees from Syria is one of the biggest factors in the statistic . . . .”

Report: Police should have deployed in force after first attacks.

The results of last night’s election weren’t as bad as have been reported.

The situation is worse than Trump said.

Bulgarian volunteers plug holes in their border with Turkey.

More common sense from Paul Joseph Watson.

Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

The Truth About Sweden, Weekly Standard

The data we do know show migrants bring trouble.

Trump tries again.

She claims she was misinformed.

Parts of London have TB rates similar to those of Libya or Yemen.

It will be electrified.

This is a rare case of bail being granted for someone charged with terrorism.

Five had been granted refugee status.

What an idea!

But only for five years.

Resident: “I am scared most of the time when I leave my apartment.”

Syed Rizwan Farook converted Enrique Marquez is radical Islamism.

The courts and media have insisted otherwise.

Muslim Insurrection in Europe?


This is what it could look like.


Trump Must Break Judicial Power


Pat Buchanan advises Trump to follow Andrew Jackson’s example.


President facing an uphill battle.

They are rushing to get in while they still can.

Human rights group may sue to oppose this measure.

Three men and a girl had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

55 percent said they support America’s president.

Both men were born in Germany, but are Middle Eastern.

A+ for Donald Trump’s First Weeks


Executive orders on refugees and immigrants met with media outrage and public approval.


This is after complaints that it would hire thousands of refugees.

Prison sentences range from 10 to 20 years.

Many NGOs want Canada to make up the difference.

Government is allotting €40 million to this.

15 people are arriving every day.

As usual, demonstrators represent a minority view.

If the bulk of Muslim terrorist attacks are done by lone wolves, there is only one solution.

Seattle may be an even bigger source of opposition than New York City.

The First Firestorm


What do the protests last weekend portend?


Douglas Murray strongly defends Trump’s measures.

Measures are working.

Some twitter users have promised more violence against him.

Farage refuses to criticize Trump’s new executive orders.

Liberals in the UK are just as furious as liberals in the US.

Amjad Ali, Mohammed Sadiq, Matloob Hussain, and Basharat, Nasar, and Tayab Dad are headed for prison.

It wants Europe to protect itself less.

Viktor Orbán Fights for Europe


Could a “Budapest Consensus” be in the making?


Photographer capturing the New Year’s celebrations concludes: “Malmo is a lost city.”

Groups of up to 10 men surrounded women and sexually assaulted them.

He wanted to fill trucks with thousands of pounds of explosives and drive them into crowds.