Posted on February 9, 2024

Iranian Asylum Seeker Who Took Hostages on Train Shot Dead

Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart, February 9, 2024

An Iranian asylum seeker was shot dead by police as he charged at an officer while wielding an axe, the culmination of a four-hour hostage-taking aboard a Swiss regional train service.

Nearly 100 members of the emergency services responded to a hostage-taking aboard a local train service stopped Essert-sous-Champvent train station after passengers managed to contact police to alert them of the situation. A “screaming” 32-year-old Iranian asylum seeker armed with an axe and a knife had tied up at least some of the 14 passengers and the driver of the Sainte-Croix to Yverdon train, leading to a four-hour hostage situation, reports Switzerland’s 20 Minutes.


While Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports police have said “according to initial investigations, the perpetrator’s motive is still unclear”, nevertheless officers are apparently confident enough to already declare the hostage-taking is “neither terrorist nor jihadist”.