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The children’s parents and guardians helped manage the operation.

Sometimes their organs are harvested and their bodies “roasted like shish kebabs.”

Left-wing icons starting to fall to political correctness.

Muslims still selling Africans as slaves.

Slavery in the New World, AR Classic Article

Even moral exhibitionism can be educational.

Goodbye, Columbus?, Huffington Post

A famous liberal hopes his more radical comrades will hold back.

“Very soon he will be a Michael Jackson and bleach his skin.”

They had shown it every summer for 34 years.

A look at some underreported black murders.

What Still Unites Us?

Pat Buchanan doesn’t have an answer.


Jared Taylor defends the statue.

The Taney Monument and the Will to Remember

What the monument’s removal means for us.


This is not the first time he’s been arrested in connection with illegal explosives.

The “magical thinking” behind memorial destruction.

Statue of “the father of modern gynecology” in NYC will also be coming down.

Says it’s an insult to his family.

The Great Robert E. Lee, American Thinker

A great American and a great Southerner.

Who hates it, who loves it, and why.

“. . . every street, every school, every flag, and every public memorial”

A salute to President Trump’s bravery.

The revolution will not be slowed with dissent.

As we have always predicted.

President Trump presciently notes that the Founding Fathers are next.

They will debate whether to move them to a museum or just destroy them.

He’s a Republican.

Says the editor or Nation Review.

Namely: Black Lives Matter and antifa.

Can the South Survive?, AR Classic Article

With the “Unite the Right” rally taking place today, this question is worth contemplating more than ever.

The word itself is insensitive.

Race Realism has a Past. Does Race Denialism Have a Future?

John Derbyshire’s talk at the 2017 American Renaissance conference.


Military refuses to wage war on Southern heritage.

Black country becomes a superpower while the US declines.

We are shocked, shocked, to find these results.

A new book on Islam.

Hatred against whites, of course.

One of the five helped launch #OscarsSoWhite.

Rumors of Wars, AR Classic Article

Two books with which to cure a liberal.

Should white men be allowed to make a show with black slaves in it?

Another way to demonize the South.

Fun with Slavery: Dark Spots in a Shining Sea of Twaddle

Perhaps no other part of history is more muddled.


Scientific data show that the races differ in intelligence — dogma holds otherwise.

Warnings From the Lion, AR Classic Article

Churchill understood the threat to the West.

The Strange Death of Europe

A great people is committing suicide.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

Racial Equality: “Noble Fiction” — or Noxious Poison?

Why we must talk openly about racial differences.


Let’s Hate America, AR Classic Article

And let’s teach our children to hate America, too!

Race and the American Identity, AR Classic Article

To claim that we are a “universal nation” is to deny the past.

The US has been fighting Islam for longer than you think.

Prof: “Being called a racist is the worse slur that anyone could possibly make against me.”

Texans don’t want to go the way of Louisiana.