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Harvard is still profiting from this slave’s suffering.

Reparations for Slavery: The Worst Idea in American History

Blacks keep hoping to cash in on white guilt.


It was a lesson about the Great Depression, not slavery.

“Acknowledging the sins of the past.”

Her plan is to “lift people up” who make less than $100,000.

Virginia’s governor is “still learning and committed to getting it right.”

Students can alleviate their unearned guilt.

Sounds familiar.

How to get white people to feel bad about being white.

Atoning for the sins of the fathers.

He and his wife enslaved a girl for sixteen years.

Investigation finds that the white teacher was wrongfully accused.

Feeling sorry for millionaire slaves.

The plaque says, “The war between the states was not a rebellion. Nor was its underlying cause to sustain slavery.”

Replaced with a picture of a black woman.

The ‘Reparations’ Hoax, AR Classic Article

Activist groups are trying to build momentum for a new racial shakedown.

The black teacher in the room at the time saw no problems with the lesson.

Many buildings, memorials, and spaces on campus will have to be renamed.

Part-Indian MP says, “Having statues of people who oppressed us is not a good thing.”

“County Lines” operations use children to sell heroin and crack cocaine hundreds of miles from their homes.

The university has launched a “reparative justice program.”

Husband is the son of Guinea’s first president.

Renaming buildings named for people “linked” to slavery is “how we come together racially.”

Drama appears to have an all-Filipino cast.

Gangs in Britain are using Vietnamese children and teens to guard cannabis farms.

Commission says Jefferson wanted an institution to protect the South from abolitionists.

Front-runner in Brazil’s presidential race says Africans turned over the slaves.

They may be the remains of the first president of the first legislative assembly in Virginia.

FSU now downplays his role in the school’s founding.

Apology document calls for creating an “office of racial reconciliation.”

It’s the day that abolition was announced in Texas.

Black commissioner finds arguments “deeply offensive.”

“The lion’s share of [the pimps] have a migrant background.”

Another monument to white guilt.

He also wants Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

The black kids played the slaves in the reenactment.

Selling parks to a non-profit that removed the statues has cost Memphis $250,000.

He says students “want my scalp in order to say conservatives, shut the hell up.”

Even after being questioned about the memo, the assistant chief spoke of the children’s “consent.”

A look at the Commission for Racial Equality.

The “descendant community” wants $1 billion.

The children’s parents and guardians helped manage the operation.

Sometimes their organs are harvested and their bodies “roasted like shish kebabs.”

Left-wing icons starting to fall to political correctness.

Muslims still selling Africans as slaves.

Slavery in the New World, AR Classic Article

Even moral exhibitionism can be educational.

Goodbye, Columbus?, Huffington Post

A famous liberal hopes his more radical comrades will hold back.

“Very soon he will be a Michael Jackson and bleach his skin.”

They had shown it every summer for 34 years.

A look at some underreported black murders.