Posted on June 24, 2022

Juneteenth: They Want Their Independence? We Want Ours.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 24, 2022

No more cry-baby nationalism.

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America just celebrated Juneteenth. Did you have a happy holiday? You’re not supposed to. It’s yet another time to think about how awful white people are, and to remember that the health, wealth, and happiness of black people is one of America’s top priorities. I’m not sure even national defense comes first.

You probably didn’t want another national holiday – certainly not this one. When it was declared last year, 62 percent of Americans admitted they knew either “nothing at all” or only “a little bit” about what Juneteenth even was. For whites, the figure was 68 percent.

As for whether they wanted the holiday, 27 percent of whites said yes, 29 percent said no, and 44 percent said they didn’t know enough about it to have an opinion.

They got a new holiday anyway.

The Senate voted unanimously for Juneteenth, and it passed 415 to 14 in House. All “nay” votes were Republican. This means 246 out of 260 Republicans on Capitol Hill – 95 percent – voted for the new holiday, even though only 7 percent of Republican voters wanted one.

That’s how American democracy works.

We already have a holiday, MLK Day, to remind white people how awful they are and that blacks are top priority. Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ are the only figures in the history of the world so sublime that the country takes the day off to celebrate their birthdays.

That’s not enough for blacks because it’s never enough. After George Floyd laid down his life for the dignity of all mankind, black people demanded another holiday, and Joseph Biden happily gave them one.

President Joe Biden, joined by Vice President Kamala Harris, lawmakers and guests, signs the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act Bill on Thursday, June 17, 2021, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Chandler West)

Nancy Pelosi met with the Black Congressional Caucus, where she held up a copy of the proclamation and tried to sing the Black National Anthem.

Please note the sign on the podium. The new holiday is called Juneteenth National Impendence Day.

If you thought we already had an Independence Day and don’t need another one, you’re racist. You see, we didn’t really become independent of Britain until the slaves were free. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution freed the slaves, and that had nothing to do with June 19th, but black people wanted their own festival, not a reminder of the white man’s Constitution.

And quite a festival it was. Here are some of the headlines: “1 teen dead, 3 other people injured at ‘unpermitted’ Juneteenth advocacy and music festival in DC.”

“Grand Rapids PD: One shot near Juneteenth festival.”

“Man, 21, is killed and eight more people are injured in shooting at Juneteenth ‘barbecue gathering’ in Harlem.”

In North Carolina: “Juneteenth festival shut down following unrelated drive-by shooting.”

Front Page Magazine ran this story: “On Juneteenth, Bullets Fly from Obama Boulevard (that’s in Los Angeles) to John Lewis Way (in Nashville).”

A black website had the saddest headline of all: “Juneteenth: New Holiday for Blacks Killing Other Blacks.”

Natchez, Mississippi, had a very special, armed “black power” Juneteenth: [[0:27 – 0:48]]

In Louisville, Kentucky, at a public event, a black man walked up to the mayor, a white man named Greg Fisher, and knocked him flat. [[0:00 – 0:04]]

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams gave a speech with not quite the same impact, but probably similar intent.

He said white people were *forcing* blacks out of “historically black neighborhoods.” They were historically white before they were black, but never mind. The mayor said, “When I was in Ghana last year, I saw how families were displaced, torn apart and brought over to America through slavery . . . , saw them dispersed and displaced. That’s no different here.” The mayor used his Juneteenth speech to remind us that slavery isn’t over after all.

It will never be over. As black Congresswoman Cori Bush of the squad tweeted when the new holiday was declared: “It’s Juneteenth AND reparations. . . . It’s Juneteenth AND teach the truth about white supremacy in our country. Black liberation in its totality must be prioritized.”

As the Los Angeles CBS station noted, “Observance of Juneteenth sparks discussion about reparations.”­­

Of course it does.

There were editorials: ­­“Juneteenth is great. But a holiday isn’t enough.” There was the usual laundry list of calls for “much bigger steps toward justice and equality.” What paper was this? The Bangor Daily News of Bangor Maine. State population: 1 percent black.

Time magazine pushed the new holiday to its logical conclusion: “Juneteenth’s Vision of Freedom Expresses American Values Better Than the Fourth of July’s.”

You know why?­ Look at all those old white July Fourth guys compared to the people getting ready to celebrate Juneteenth. That’s all you need to know.

I think most whites are insulted by the idea that a holiday for blacks should even compete with Independence Day, much less be more important, but this is a new era. Blacks are more important even than the birth of the United States.

An editorial in the Washington Post also compared the new holiday to the Fourth of July.

“We can’t let Juneteenth become just another holiday,” it said. “We should see it for what it really is: the other half of the Fourth of July.”

This editorial says the whole country can unite in recognizing that the two holidays are equally important. No chance of that. As the popular black website The Grio put it, “F**ck Fourth of July: The only Independence Day I recognize is Juneteenth.”

The University of Texas put it more politely: “Juneteenth: Black Americans’ True Independence Day.”

The popular website Odyssey listed the “4 Holidays Black People Don’t ‘Really’ Celebrate,” and ranked July Fourth number one.

Number two was Columbus Day. “I don’t always celebrate my country’s racist, enslaving, thieving, genocidal, and rape-filled history, but when I do, it’s on Columbus Day.”

Blacks don’t like America any more than they like us. As I noted, they already have their own national anthem, which the NFL obligingly plays for them at football games.

They have their own flag.

This is Marcus Garvey’s back-to-Africa flag, which is 102 years old today: As he explained: Red is for the “color of the blood which men must shed for our redemption and liberty,” black for “the color of the noble and distinguished race to which we belong,” and green for “the luxuriant vegetation of our Motherland.”

These three colors mean black nationalism. There are even variants of the US flag in red, black, and green.

There’s a Juneteenth flag you have probably never seen, but the Boston Globe still ran a story called “Decades later, Juneteenth flag creator shares story behind beloved symbol.”

And then there’s the traditional black fist, as well as the black panther “Free Huey” flag.

And a delightful variety of BLM flags to suit every taste and orientation.

Blacks have their own pledge of allegiance, which is only right because, as the Washington Post explained in an article on “The Ugly History of the Pledge of Allegiance,” it “was, at its core, designed as an instrument of white nationalism.”

All of this is about black nation building — and white nation wrecking. As the years go by, blacks clearly feel less American and more part of a nation of their own, with their own Independence Day, flags, national anthem, and pledge of allegiance. But it is parasitic nationalism, a coward’s nationalism, with all the symbols and claims of nation but not one of the responsibilities.

Every time blacks wave the African flag or turn their backs on July Fourth, it should be a step toward real nationalism, not spoiled-brat nationalism. Police your streets, educate your children, pay your own way — and leave us alone. We fought for our independence. Blacks had freedom handed to them.

Today’s boot-licking whites, as usual, are doing the worst, most craven thing possible. To give blacks what they want, whites pervert their own holidays, betray their own heroes, desecrate their own monuments, defile their own history, apologize for being alive, and pay, pay, pay. Do blacks want autonomy the way the African colonies wanted independence? Give it to them. Treat them like men instead of cry-babies. Give them what they say they want, with all the rights and all the responsibilities.

Let them go their own way and, for God’s sake, let us go ours.