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America Is Not a Nation of Immigrants

Anatomy of an anti-white slogan.


“The best and most just reparation would be American immigration reform.”

How Movements Succeed

Lessons from the past.


The Left’s eliminationist campaigns didn’t stop last century.

Trump: “Jackson’s victory shook the establishment like an earthquake. Oh boy does this sound familiar.”

“You Stole America from the Indians”

Another anti-white double standard.


Why Do We Have an Underclass?, AR Classic Article

A look at the “Great Migration” and its consequences.

Racial politics during the Civil War.

John C. Calhoun is gone. Who’s next?

Rubbing out history will cost $300,000.

Paul Kersey on the the Trump and Lewis spat.

Are you a model citizen?

California sterilized 20,000 people.

One-third of US universities don’t require history majors to take a course in US history.

He opposed Jefferson’s open immigration policies.

Calexit: Is Secession the Answer?

It could be the solution to increasing polarization.


Free Spirits, AR Classic Article

The “rednecks” who conquered a continent.

Why Affirmative Action for Hispanics and American Indians?

An example of chance and irrationality in American history.


‘Hamilton’ as the Ultimate Expression of the System

The musical’s fans are all incoherent in different ways.


A racist can’t be trusted, after all.

They know Jefferson owned slaves but not that he was president.

TIME magazine agrees with Hillary Clinton.

“Birth of a Nation” Bombs

Are whites fed up with white-guilt films?


War With the Comanche, AR Classic Article

How a proud people were finally defeated.

Find out which areas of your city were “redlined.”

Black Insurrection, AR Classic Article

The plot to exterminate the people of Charleston.

Josiah Tattnall: A White Man’s White Man

He popularized the phrase “blood is thicker than water.”


Black professor: ”Nearly everything in the movie . . . is a complete fabrication.”

New museum lauds Anita Hill but not the Supreme Court justice.

Noble Savagery, AR Classic Article

And savage myths.

Stirring Up Black Hatred

The new “Birth of a Nation” glorifies Nat Turner’s rebellion.


Warn that blacks in the US face “human rights crisis.”

Seven of the top eight are black.

It’s “a welcome rebuke to the world of white marble monuments to dead white men.”

Trump is just another chapter in the long “History of Nativism in America.”

Liberal takes liberals to task for their “nation of immigrants” mythology.

If only the similarities were stronger.

More goofy white people.

Alan Colmes talks American history, white identity, and the Alt-Right with Jared Taylor.

Leftists bemoan the “racist” origins of our National Parks.

It’s been standard since even before America’s founding.

‘Hillary’s America’ and ‘Clinton Cash’

Two documentaries try to explain the Clintons.


Sam Francis on the Roots of Liberal Hegemony

His magnum opus finally sees the light.


Sensible sentiments published in North Carolina newspaper.

African visits America. African says whites are racists.

Why Have We Unlearned What We Knew in 1900?

An eminent historian’s view.


Film celebrates the couple whose Supreme Court case overturned laws against mixed marriages.

If she doesn’t it could cost her the election.

White Slavery Denial, Taki's Magazine

White privilege? What about the slavery suffered by whites–in America.

Worshiping the ground blacks walked on.