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Forget The Alamo? In Dallas, Maybe, The American Conservative

After all, it isn’t a white city anymore.

A look at a classic book from American Renaissance.

Back to the future.

Tribalism Marches On!

And President Bush’s “New World Order” is fading away.


Between white supremacy and me.

The Radical Republicans: The Antifa of 1865

Remembering the politicians who thought Lincoln never went far enough.


Especially since more and more schools are majority non-white.

Goodbye, Columbus?, Huffington Post

A famous liberal hopes his more radical comrades will hold back.

They had shown it every summer for 34 years.

Did Jefferson Sleep with His Slave?

Highly unlikely.


What Still Unites Us?

Pat Buchanan doesn’t have an answer.


It is a project of the leftist group, “Redneck Revolt.”

The Taney Monument and the Will to Remember

What the monument’s removal means for us.


Robert E. Lee, Vladimir Lenin, even Ghandi.

The “magical thinking” behind memorial destruction.

Says it’s an insult to his family.

The Great Robert E. Lee, American Thinker

A great American and a great Southerner.

Who hates it, who loves it, and why.

America’s Second Civil War

Pick a side.


As we have always predicted.

If We Erase Our History, Who Are We?

“Are we building our utopia on a sandpile of ideology and hope?”


He’s a Republican.

Says the editor or Nation Review.

Why do whites not promote their own interests?

Can the South Survive?, AR Classic Article

With the “Unite the Right” rally taking place today, this question is worth contemplating more than ever.

The word itself is insensitive.

One of the five helped launch #OscarsSoWhite.

Photos: Black Rioting, then and Now

Black behavior does not change.


“J.E.B. Stuart High School” now just “Stuart High School.”

Another way to demonize the South.

Leftist claims Charles Murray and Jared Taylor are the new eugenicists.

Fun with Slavery: Dark Spots in a Shining Sea of Twaddle

Perhaps no other part of history is more muddled.


Is America Still a Nation?

. . . probably not.


Let’s Hate America, AR Classic Article

And let’s teach our children to hate America, too!

Jefferson and the Declaration: Anglo-Saxon to the Core

“Like it or not, Thomas Jefferson . . . was sired and inspired by the Anglo-Saxon tradition.”


Race and the American Identity, AR Classic Article

To claim that we are a “universal nation” is to deny the past.

What Can Be Done About Political Polarization?

There is only one long-term solution.


The Truth About “All Men Are Created Equal”

The most dangerous words in American history.


The US has been fighting Islam for longer than you think.

A Long History of Leftist Hatred

James T. Hodgkinson was not an outlier.


Diversity is Bunk, American Thinker

It brings no obvious benefit.

“We Are Living in a New Dark Age”

Merely hinting at racial differences is grounds for censorship.


America Is Not a “Proposition Nation”

The myth that threatens whites.


Whiting Out White People, AR Classic Article

A black woman tells us what we must think in her book, “A History of White People.”

After the Confederates, Who’s Next?

Don’t think this will end in New Orleans.


No city better represents “E pluribus unum” than New Orleans, he says.

Why Yankees Must Defend Confederate Heritage

A common purpose unites all whites.


What the Founders Really Thought About Race

Racial consciousness is as old as the Republic.


Sanctuary City Mayor Trashes an American Hero

Carpetbagger sets sights on Robert E. Lee.


The Liberal Need for Exoneration

It blinds them to the obvious.