Posted on February 7, 2023

MN Lawmakers to Hear Proposal to Redesign State Flag Over “Racist Undertones”

Caroline Cummings, CBS Minnesota, January 31, 2023

Minnesota lawmakers are considering a proposal that would create a 16-member commission to redesign the state flag.

Supporters of the plan say the state flag right now doesn’t pass the good flag test for its design {snip}

Some have also suggested that there are racist undertones to the current design of the flag {snip}

DFL Rep. Mike Freiberg, who sponsored the bill, said the imagery on the seal — which is on the flag — needs reimagination. It depicts a Native American riding on horseback into the distance as a white farmer tills the land, which has racist undertones, he said.

{snip} “{snip} It wasn’t designed with input from the people it depicts on it, and I think that’s a real problem.”