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The “start of a healing process”?

Religion before Columbus.

He wants the flag to honor Indians instead of the Confederacy.

Indians don’t like him.

Vandals stole a “very expensive” bronze plaque.

Someone discovered an “offensive” 1971 interview.

Another “rush to judgment based on out-of-context video clips.”

The case will go to the Supreme Court.

Marco Rubio is more of an Indian than Elizabeth Warren.

Stamp features a black musician.

But only because it’s named after an Indian.

AOC: Conquistador-American

Part of the rainbow coalition against the white man.


Only white Europeans can be illegals.

She called herself American Indian on her bar registration card.

Convincingly places the blame exactly where it belongs.

On Cynicism and Faith

What we leaned from Nathan Phillips.


Another crime of the white man.

Cherokees say the use of DNA to prove you’re an Indian is “inappropriate and wrong.”

Weight-loss messages make Maori feel bad.

The mayor is an Indian.

Judge: “There is no evidence about what the offender meant or whether she holds or promotes an ideology.”

Who Will Defend Innocent Whites?

Clearly, not “conservatives.”


He never set foot in Nam and spent most of his service as a refrigerator technician.

20 percent of Minnesota’s population is non-white.

Nathan Phillips is just another left-wing troublemaker.

Nathan Phillips is just another race hustler.

Columbus’s arrival to the New World “was nothing short of a catostophe” for Indians.

White Catholics were blamed for confrontation with Indians and “Black Hebrew Israelites.”

Group says HuffPo staff need to take cultural sensitivity training.

“I think that’s a good thing for us to do.”

The Affirmative Action Congress

It’s proving that all politics is identity politics.


Immigration and the Old Indian Trick

Don’t fall for more anti-white baloney.


Another crisis to fret over.

The Bay Area has the largest concentration of Indians.

New murals to depict history as it should have been, not as it was.

Students will not be allowed to have any “indigenous” mascots on their backpacks or hockey bags.

They also want reparations for blacks and Indians.

Elizabeth Warren’s big mistake was to give “validity to the idea that race is determined by blood.”

Leader of Indian group: “Millions upon millions of Native Americans have died in European-perpetrated genocide.”

The name “inflicts damage” on “indigenous” students.

There can’t be cartoonish Indians in video games.

City needs to “confront these old histories.”

Congressmen and the governor are all Indians or Hispanics.

The president was a staunch abolitionist and fought the Confederacy, but that’s not enough to save his statue.

No one bothers to check the accuracy of Facebook posts before resorting to violence.

White People Who Don’t Want to Be White

The new white flight.


Pow Wow Chow

“Pocahontas” takes a dive.


Senator may be just 1/1024th Amerindian.

The murals present “a racialized perspective of who is in authority.”

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Why not “Send Whites Home Day”?