Posted on October 12, 2023

Verified Hate: A Murder in Philly

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 12, 2023

We try to get the facts before we say anything. We deal in patterns — relentlessly consistent patterns — but sometimes you get a man-bites-dog story.

A white, homosexual, liberal reporter in Philadelphia was murdered recently. Even without a suspect, the temptation was to blame some black guy, but the circumstances argued for caution. Homosexuals get into strange fights with each other that sometimes get out of hand. Now there is a suspect: Robert Davis, a black man that police say the dead journalist was trying to “help.” He is still on the run and is “armed and dangerous.”

The suspect’s family has some troubling allegations.

None of this is confirmed. However, the late Mr. Kruger was certainly not one of our fans.

This case appears to be a combination of black violence, liberal delusion, and weird homosexuality.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s vibrant population is looting the city. District Attorney Larry Krasner suggests he may be lenient.

In a crime with a white suspect, he asked for higher bail than the judge was willing to grant.

It is hard to explain his sudden “tough-on-crime” stance.

Urban decline is sadly familiar; so are racism panics about things few people would have thought about. This time it’s leaf blowers.

I associate them with illegal immigrants and dispossession.

Robin DiAngelo says “all white people’s households are racist.”

If this is true, why should we care about it at all? Fighting “racism” is futile, unless the purpose of your life is to give money to Robin DiAngelo to tell you it’s futile.

Recent events in Israel have shown the true colors of Black Lives Matter, at least in Chicago. It openly supported the attacks. The media yelled, so BLM partially backed down.

For us, South Africa and Algeria are cautionary tales, not inspirations.

Still, even the ADL is suddenly troubled by Black Lives Matter.

These people rallied around Black Lives Matter in 2020, during the most destructive riots in American history.

A Yale Professor crossed the line.

She should have stuck to attacking whites.

She would have been fine.

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has a Palestinian flag outside her office. Why not? It’s her country’s flag.

If the new Speaker of the House, most likely Rep. Steve Scalise, wants to make his mark, he should ban the display of any flag other than the American flag. It would be interesting to see who would be offended. Some Republicans might be among them.

Bret Weinstein has a suggestion.

Two questions: What “Western” thinkers ever said, “Race should not matter?” More importantly, who is “us” in that post?

Some people think white Americans are “settlers” like the Israelis and should therefore be killed. Some whites say they would welcome it.

The debate about “settlers” was big on Columbus Day. There were the usual demands we denounce the Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

America did not exist until whites made it. Whites are the only Native Americans.

Yellowstone, however, is trying to convince people that whites run around raping Indians.

The meme is real.

Back to reality:

Eight people were shot. A reported 44 people were shot in Chicago last weekend; only two died.

California has set up a special alert for when black “kids” are missing. People up to age 25 are included. The name sounds like something from The Boondocks.

Finally, some vibrant anti-white hate from the affirmative-action class.

Stay strong. History may repeat itself sooner than you think.