Posted on November 2, 2022

November 1995 Opened Many Eyes

Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, November 2, 2022

The fall of 1995 was a memorable time for those who were racially aware. Sam Francis had just been fired by the Washington Times for writing the truth about race. Pat Buchanan was scaring the Republican establishment by talking about immigration and affirmative action in his bid for the 1996 GOP presidential nomination. The O. J. Simpson verdict and the Nation of Islam’s “Million Man March” both took place in during October.

I was a graduate student living in Washington D.C. and had an internship in Conservatism Inc. While the organization was typically worthless on race, I was able to meet a few paleoconservatives (the forerunners of today’s Dissident Right) both there and at my university. Race was in the air and became a frequent topic of our discussions. I was finally among friends who understood race or were at least open to heterodox thoughts. The events of that October only strengthened my views about racial differences, anti-whiteness as an entrenched feature of the United States, and the impossibility of multiracialism, particularly with blacks.

One regret is that I didn’t know about Instauration at the time. Getting the truth about race was always a challenge before the internet. I did not hear of the underground newsletter until two years later, when it was nearing the end of its 25-year existence. Looking through the November 1995 issue — which covered the previous month’s events in its 32 pages — deepens my regret. Editor Wilmot Robertson and the contributors to Instauration offered unflinching commentary on the racial questions of that era — questions that have only grown more insistent over the past 27 years.

A stinking verdict

The cover story was about the verdict in the O. J. Simpson trial. Under the headline, “Stinking Verdict,” it noted “the fix was in” long before the decision was read: “Instead of holding the trial in Santa Monica, where Brentwood crimes are supposed to be ironed out and where the jury pool is overwhelmingly white, District Attorney Gil Garcetti, himself a minorityite, moved the jurors downtown, where jurors are overwhelmingly non-white.”

Instauration was not surprised the black former football star was acquitted of murdering his white wife and white paramour despite overwhelming evidence that he was guilty.

The outcome of the trial was preordained before Judge Ito-san pushed the ‘on’ button on his laptop. No black would convict a mulatto hero . . . . How could a juror who voted ‘guilty’ return to his or her ghetto, gilded or otherwise, and face his or her brothers and sisters?

Sure, Simpson was a wife beater. Sure, Johnnie Cochran, his witch doctor, was a wife beater. But such crimes were mere bagatelles compared to the trespasses of Mark Fuhrman . . . . Anyway, as the jurors quickly learned, the wrong person was on trial. The real defendants were Fuhrman and the L.A.P.D. — a spin with which the media heartily agreed.

All the pretrial maneuvering and finagling of the L.A. city fathers was for one specific purpose: to avoid another insurrection (53 dead), like the one that followed the Simi Valley verdict of acquittal by an all-white jury of the white cops who played the heavies in the videotaped beating of recidivist Rodney King. A hung jury in the Simpson travesty would have been acceptable for the bosses but, unlike the blacks, the two white jurors didn’t have the guts to stick up for their own race.

The pretrial political wheeling and dealing in the Simpson case amounted to an outright perversion of justice, which led inexorably to one of the greatest of all perversions of justice.

A second slap in the face

Most non-racially aware whites — indoctrinated by schools, Hollywood, and the media on “colorblindness” — reacted to the verdict as if they had taken a punch. They were also appalled by the joyful black reaction. They got another unpleasant surprise two weeks later with Louis Farrakhan’s anti-white “Million Man March.”

As if the Simpson verdict was not enough, whites experienced another kick in the posterior October 16th by the one-million-man (subtract 600,000) march of blacks who staged another of those threatening mass invasions perfected in the early 1960s by Reverend King. The ostensible leitmotiv was “black atonement” — i.e., inspiring black men to do the impossible and solve their own problems. The deep-down reason was to have a sea of black phizes scare the bejesus out of whites.

In the main, the march was peaceful, even though it included quasi-racists like Jesse Jackson, and racist firebrands like Benjamin Chavis and Khalid Abdul Mohammed, who once characterized Judaism as a “gutter religion” and called the Pope a “no-good cracker.” The more circumspect blacks hung back, such as Janus-faced Colin Powell. All in all, it was Louis Farrakhan’s show.

Rambling on mellifluously for 2 and a half hours, he avoided his usual anti-Semitic pinpricks, as he word-played around with weirdo etymologies and brought up once again Napoleon’s supposed nose job on the Sphinx. When it concerns speechifying, alas, no white politician comes close to the black separatist. The pure, unadulterated anti-Semitism and anti-whitism was left to Gus Savage, the savage ex-congressman from Chicago. Someday, god unwilling, blacks may put on an authentic one-million-man march, a one-way march, to Washington where, joined by 500,000 black denizens of the District of Columbia, they will camp down in the Capitol, turn the White House into the Black House and send white members of Congress packing, thereby putting the finishing touches on the nation once known as the United States of America.

Why the angst and anger?

Whites, then and now, face an uncertain future in the country our ancestors built. Instauration asked:

Why do millions of Americans of European heritage feel alienated from their government and media? Why have thousands of people, driven by fear and resentment, felt compelled to join citizen militias? In a vapid attempt to answer these questions the media have focused on the lunatic fringes of angry white groups that claim the Federal Reserve is a conspiracy and international bankers are taking over the country. In general the press and TV newsmen have totally ignored the real reasons behind this sea change of angry resentment.

Why did whites in 1995 have a sense that their country was slipping away? Instauration offered reasons that still sound familiar:

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: For decades in all walks of life, in both the public and private sectors, Majority men and women have been subjected to a campaign of outright racial discrimination, religiously promoted by the government and mainstream media. The total fraud of “race norming” has been quietly practiced for decades by the education establishment. It is the blue-collar white who has borne the brunt of this pie-in-the-sky, inflammatory policy. Just how long does the press believe it will take before this resentment galvanizes into hatred?

MULTICULTURALISM: A self-delusional and masochistic intellectual fad that results or seeks to minimalize, marginalize and vilify our European-American heritage. From Sesame Street to the diversity workshops and seminars imposed on corporate America, we have been force fed multiculturalism without relief. We have watched the fraudulent glorification of minority contributions to American and world history. Even a prominent newspaper publisher, David Lawrence of the Miami Herald, wistfully looks forward to the day the Star Spangled Banner will be sung in Haitian Creole.

IMMIGRATION: For years Congress and the Executive Branch of both parties have done essentially nothing about immigration. The subject is not even mentioned in the Republican “Contract with America.” Having lost control of its borders, the U.S. is being rapidly transformed into a Third World country with poor, unskilled and hostile peoples, all zealously promoting their own ethnic, racial and linguistic agendas. For the last 30 years, although a mere 13% of Americans have wanted an increase in immigration, legals and illegals are flowing in at an intolerable nation-destroying rate. Proposition 187 was overwhelmingly passed in California despite the plaintive cries of the minorities and the media.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: The average Majority family is being subjected to what can only be described as an epidemic of minority crime. Virtually everyone is aware of what is happening, but the media delicately avoid an honest discussion of the lawlessness that is barbarizing the country. Reporters and editors routinely refuse to identify the race of criminals in deference to the absurd theory that it perpetuates stereotypes.

WELFARE: The welfare system, tilted heavily towards nonwhites, is rife with fraud and abuse. It is designed to reward the broodmares of illegitimate children for each new birth. Majority members are being mugged twice a year by state and federal taxes. They don’t want to be mugged a third time by welfare. A British sociologist has stated that we are raising a future army to fight against our own children.

Racial disproportion in crime

The Department of Justice recently released data showing blacks commit over 60 percent of the murders in the US despite being only 12 percent of the population. Yet most criminals on television and in the movies are still shown as white. As Instauration makes clear, this has been the case for a long time.

Law & Order, NYPD Blue, New York Undercover and other low-IQ TV fare would have gullible viewers believe that crime in big U.S. cities is being fought by detectives and prosecutors, who are at least 50% racial minorities and females. According to these cinematic exaggerations, the multicultural forces of good are locked in a constant battle with evil white villains. The latter, almost exclusively male, are blamed for the vast majority of violent crimes in metropolitan areas. A Justice Dept. report, Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 1992, shows this not to be the case. With 50% of violent crime and 68% of other felonies going unreported, only 17% of reported crime results in arrests. Of the criminal defendants who were caught and dragged into the criminal justice system of the country’s 75 largest counties in 1992, 65% of those charged with violent crimes were black, 23% Hispanics, and 1% Others (Asians, Eskimos, Indians and Pacific Islanders). Blacks, who make up only 11 % of the country’s adult population, were charged with 75% of the murders in the 75 counties, 49% of the rapes, 77% of robberies, 61% of assaults and 55% of other violent crimes. They were also accused of 56% of property offenses (burglary, theft, etc.), 61% of drug offenses (sales and possession) and 56% of public-order crimes, including 68% of illegal weapons violations.

Give Rush a break

Rush Limbaugh was near the peak of his popularity and influence in the mid-1990s, before the internet opened up to non-leftist opinions. The talk radio icon was often a lone voice of sanity against the leftist establishment. Instauration — like most racially aware whites — thought Limbaugh could have done more to oppose anti-white hypocrisy, but at least one reader reminded the newsletter that Rush was mostly a positive force:

Rush may not be perfect, but he is on our side. Attacking him only weakens us. It is high time for Majority members to stop fighting among ourselves and unite in the fight against liberalism, in accordance with the principle: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. . . . I wish Instauration had 20 million readers. In that case we would not need Limbaugh. Under present circumstances, however, we should be happy to have him. I certainly am.

Not all the wisdom in the newsletter was in long articles. Some gems came in brief tidbits from sections such as “Talking Numbers” and “Inklings.” Here are a few samples:

“He preached that violence is ‘as American as cherry pie,’ and in the 1960s Negro blowhard H.Rap Brown practiced what he preached. He practiced it again last summer when he was arrested for shooting a man in Atlanta.”

“Whether or not they come from rich or poor families, Albion College of Michigan gives each of its black students $4,000 a year.”

“The cost of legal and illegal immigrants in 1993 came to $121.7 billion. Subtracting $76.89 billion in taxes paid by immigrants leaves a deficit of $44.1 billion to be made up in large part by citizen taxpayers.”

“While taking his dog on an evening walk in a Ft. Worth neighborhood considered safe by its residents, Willard Pratt, 63, a retired insurance man, was held up by a gang of ‘youths.’ Finding he had no money on him (he was wearing shorts, tennis shoes, and a reflective vest), the disappointed robbers killed him with a shot in the lower back and drove off. Four Hispanics (ages 14, 15, 16 and 20) have been arrested, the eldest charged with capital murder.”

“Juan Antonio Rodriquez, 24, drew a 17-year sentence for driving 100 mph the wrong way on an Antonio freeway. During his high-speed spree, he killed a 20-year-old white girl in a head-on collision. Rodriquez’s mother said the sentence was much too harsh and ascribed it to racism. ‘They have never liked us Mexicans,’ she observed.”

“He was a presidential candidate in Haiti in the late 1980s. Today, Joseph Douze is a resident of the Palm Beach County jail, charged with 11 counts of federal mail fraud and conspiracy to defraud insurance companies. He staged fake accidents, following which he filed phony insurance claims to the amount of $5 million. In Haiti he was jailed for trying to blow up a bridge. Despite this spotty record, he was allowed in the U.S. as a legal immigrant.”

“94,000 crimes were committed daily in the U.S. in 1992. Direct costs amounted to some $18 billion. Indirect costs engendered by trauma, depression and fear may reach $500 billion annually.”

More are waking up

The events of fall 1995 further convinced me of the reality of anti-whiteness and the need for our people to fight back. The O. J. Simpson verdict, the anti-white Million Man March, the realities of interracial crime and violence, the immigration invasion and an anti-white media were a dire threat to whites. Nearly 30 years later, the threat is worse. Unlike then, however, we now have many venues on which to connect and fight back.

Dissident publications, podcasts and influencers are now so numerous that I can’t keep up with all of them. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter raises the possibility that more dissident voices are about to become uncensored. Mainstream politicians are starting to talk truth (however cautiously) about race. Tulsi Gabbard just announced she has left the Democratic party due in part to its anti-white animus. More eyes are being opened all the time. The men behind Instauration helped to spur underground resistance when dissent was tightly controlled. They would no doubt be pleased that whites are fighting back in so much greater numbers.