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Nationalist party wants tighter immigration reform in exchange for budget support.

Eastern European countries say that mandatory quotas undermine their sovereignty and homogeneity.

Even a Soros-funded group knows that “asylum seekers” can be terrorists.

In UK, arrests of whites suspected of terrorism are up 77 percent.

Polish government gets the same treatment as AmRen.

Last month alone, there were three major outbreaks of rioting and looting.

Homeless Swedes Out in the Cold, Gatestone Institute

Immigrants get preferential treatment from Swedish government, while Swedes live on the streets and beg.

Muslims were going to blow up the gates to 10 Downing Street and then detonate a suicide vest.

Women Under Islam, City Journal

New book exposes the West’s capitulation to Islam.

Another cost of diversity.

“What it means to be Irish is going to completely change.”

Once Great Britain Under Occupation

Will President Trump help liberate it?


Prime Minister may be trying to sabotage UK’s post-EU prospects.

Pew gives an in-depth look, and offers projections of Europe’s future demographics.

“Britain First does not share our values of tolerance and solidarity.”

UK border chief says, “The chances of being caught are very, very slim.”

“Europe belongs to us.”

Grown men with beards and greying hair claim to be 17 years old.

Border controls make Hungary one of the safest countries in the world.

Refugees and “migrants” cost Austria $2.12 billion annually.

“Anti-Muslim racism” is responsible for all inequalities between Muslims and others in Britain.

“Analysis is needed to improve understanding of the reasons for the increase.”

Immigrants don’t commit rape; men do.

Eastern Europeans understand what it means to struggle for their identity.

Muslim Terrorism and the Decay of Public Life

The cost is not just in corpses.


And yet, “applicants with migration background are emphatically recruited.”

“France is already gone. Belgium already gone. The Netherlands. Now it’s Germany’s turn.”

Even 5- and 6-year-olds are being radicalized in Britain.

Muslims plan to use the streets every Friday.

Sikh film portrays Muslim men as “predatory sex groomers.”

She approved of the Paris attacks, but judge wants her to get back to her children.

Man yells “Allahu Akhbar” before knife attacks; “might” be a terrorist.

They went to war against France in order to become “real Muslims.”

The German Death Wish, AR Classic Article

Frank Ellis on Germany’s best seller: “Germany Consigns Itself to Oblivion” by Thilo Sarrazin.

Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe

The keynote speech of our 2017 conference.


This Asian was not heading to a Shinto or Confucian service.

Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

Not white Christians, that’s for sure.


“Minor refugees” staying with foster parents linked to London train bombing.

London is hit again with the new normal.

Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape

Unless the perps are white.


Telling It As It Is, AR Classic Article

The truth about our civilization and its enemies. Find it in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Infidel: My Life.”

An anti-white Muslim ghetto, celebrated by elites.

An Allahu Akbar August, Frontpage Mag

If you don’t hear, Allahu Akbar, then thank God.

And its kill count is rising.

Christians go to the back of the line.

How could it be?

Interestingly, radical Muslims were targeting a concert for the band “The Allah-Las.”

Thriller Examines Muslim Threat to Europe

An American expat learns about Islam the hard way.


Barcelona and Beyond: How Politicians & Policy Wonks Play God with Your Life

Elites know they themselves won’t be hurt by the policies they promote.


The same fight is breaking out across the West.