Posted on November 10, 2023

Verified Hate: An Army of None

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 10, 2023

The United States Army has a new recruiting ad. They’ve rolled out the white men, a sure sign recruitment is suffering.

The Army was unmercifully ratioed in the comments.

However, even if you sign your life away to Uncle Sam, don’t count on media having your back.

It can be hard living in a country that seems dedicated to the destruction of your people. However, there are occasional bright spots, like two tribes fighting over a war in the Middle East next to the “Museum of Tolerance.”

I hope this doesn’t lead to this TikTok account being banned. This is an expansion of a tweet from “End Wokeness” about a new anti-white museum exhibit.

Steven Crowder’s publication of the Nashville “transgender” shooter’s manifesto has outraged the Great and the Good. Witness the Washington Post.

Strange that they never seem worried about victims of white racists being “retraumatized” by lovingly going over a right-wing shooter’s every connection and opinion. I think they are more worried we might figure out what motivated this woman to slaughter white children.

King Charles III is wearing a “black poppy” for Remembrance Day. This is apparently for non-whites, who evidently don’t feel included in the traditional honor.

However, the roots of this new custom are not patriotic. The poppy commemorates the Africans who fought in the Anglo-Ashanti Wars and the Anglo-Zulu Wars, and the blacks who exterminated the whites in Haiti.

Elsewhere in the Anglosphere, an ethnic party representing the Māori has a new MP, who got an adoring profile from Time.

Perhaps whites deserve a party of their own, not just in New Zealand but around the world.

We know which candidate illegal immigrants support.

Don’t expect even Republican presidential candidates to talk about this, though.

We all know racism is the worst thing ever, but ethicists are about to spring the next great moral revolution on us.

The countless Muslims Germany has imported don’t like the Jewish state. They don’t like Germany either, but that’s not a problem.

There seems to be a presumption that with enough “education,” you can pry a group — any group — out of Wrongthink. If not, you are suggesting that groups are different (which leads to discrimination) or that certain problems can’t be fixed (which means social engineering won’t bring utopia). Thus, don’t expect our rulers ever to admit reality.

Frederich Merz, leader of the CDU, wants to require all naturalized citizens to recognize Israel’s right to exist. What about the right of Germans to exist?

Remember when the Right was called the paranoid tendency in politics?

Ten thousand people “liked” the original post of a cop holding up three fingers. Since when is the number three the “white power sign?” Did I sleep through one of our meetings?

This insanity helps leftists. If they believe white nationalists are hiding behind every tree, and flashing coded signals to each other, it keeps their political intensity high and justifies more coercion against enemies.

Three about modern America.

If you don’t organize based on identity, you will be ruled by those who do.

The “Irish” prime minister tells us it’s not realistic to limit immigration.

What was the point of independence?

An interesting find from the author of Whiteshift.

I would say it would be anti-white, but at least coherent, if this were about whites in America. However, the reference to Brooklyn suggests it’s just about gentrification. Comparing that to Israel/Palestine seems offensive to both groups, not to mention the people of Brooklyn.

A YouTube influencer tried to help black people.

That’s what we get from a helpless population with a superiority complex.

Blacks have a new pastime.

Yet there is another word, not on the list. If a white uses it, it becomes a nationwide news story and perhaps justification for violence.

We really do live in a different reality than these people.

The media fell all over themselves praising that mountain of fat. She got an offer of a free college education, and even had a brief media career.

An update on Speaker Mike Johnson and his “adopted” black son.

If the progressive fallacy is believing that “education” can solve all problems, the conservative one is believing that a good upbringing or religion trumps genetics.

Finally, a reminder that everyone is a nationalist for the people they like and “far-right” for the causes they care about.

I admire her ethnocentrism, but if she wants to stand with her “her own people,” she should do it in Gaza. Permanently.