Posted on May 14, 2021

The ‘N-Word’ Pass for Violence

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 14, 2021

Last year, Robert Hampton cited several cases of black criminals, even a murderer, who were let go or got light sentences because of “racism.” A murderer’s conviction was overturned because a juror might have said the “N word.” The juror denied it, but that didn’t matter.

People in police departments, security companies, and the military have told me that blacks often justify attacks on whites by claiming the victim used the forbidden word. This, apparently, justifies violence, but the trick works only for blacks. If you insult whites or Hispanics, they’re not allowed to attack or kill you.

In the most recent case, a black man, Corey Pujols, punched a 77-year-old man in a donut shop after he allegedly called him a n***er. The elderly man complained about poor service and Mr. Pujols claims he heard the slur. He says he told the man to repeat the word, the man obliged, and Mr. Pujols punched him. The man died two days later in the hospital. We don’t even know if the dead man really used the dreaded word. Thus far, I’ve seen no evidence other than the suspect’s claims.

The police report does not mention the name or race of the victim. He may have been a Hispanic, an Asian, or even another black man. That didn’t stop this woman from tweeting:

The police arrested Mr. Pujols and the court charged him with aggravated manslaughter. That’s probably right. I doubt Mr. Pujols intended to kill the man, but he dealt a death blow to an old man who didn’t (and probably couldn’t) threaten him. The victim’s age means the charge is more serious. The attack was caught on camera, so this should be an open-and-shut case.

However, in post-America, “the rule of law” gets tricky. The relative unity and strength of racial groups can determine “justice.” Derek Chauvin’s trial was a powerful example of this.

Thus, Mr. Pujols enjoys some privileges whites don’t. There were fundraisers for him on GoFundMe, a company that banned fundraisers for people trying to raise money after January 6th for travel to a Trump rally. Some fundraisers for Mr. Pujols appear to have been taken down, but two remain.

One that has come down asked people to “HELP COREY PUJOLS AND STAND AGAINST RACISM.” It declared:

Corey like most of us, was fed up with blatant, public racism in this country and when the man decided to keep calling him names, punched the man, who fell and hit his head and later died as a result. In no way did he mean to kill this man, he was just tired of being degraded publicly by someone who saw no wrong in doing so. Corey is facing a Aggravated Manslaughter charge as a result. He needs help, to be shown that there are people out there that are also fed up with the way this country is.

Another fundraiser used the hashtag #BlackPride. The website “AllHipHop” told its readers:

[T]his is still an extremely racist country with racist people and a racist legal and court system. AND this is Florida. The odds are stacked against Corey even though his fellow employees say he was a good person.

On Twitter, many defended Mr. Pujols. Just three examples:

The most prominent was journalist and commentator “Touré,” who tweeted about the case many times.

If “Touré’s” audience is representative, most blacks think the “N word” justifies killing.

There have been many attacks on old Asians in recent weeks, and the attackers are mostly blacks. They don’t seem to have any hesitation in attacking the weak and helpless.

However, let’s take the worst-case scenario. Let’s say the man walked into Dunkin’ and wanted to insult a black man. Does that justify violence? If blacks believe it does, does this work for other races? If so, we should have the right to slug almost every journalist in the country because of the things they say about white people. Can blacks attack other non-whites who use the word?

The “N word,” which I won’t use here because of what it does to search results, has become something like the name of God. You can’t say it without being consumed. Blacks say it to each other all the time and that’s as unremarkable as high crime rates. Evidently, the word is so powerful that its use by the melanin-deprived is an act of violence. Thus, sucker punching an old man is self-defense.

In fact, this supposed act “against racism” was just another example of blacks’ emotional, violent behavior. The attacker seems to have goaded the victim into saying the “N word,” rather than trying to defuse the situation. Corey Pujols was an employee; de-escalation is part of his job.

Certainly, whites are not excused if we respond violently to attacks on our race or traditions, no matter how outrageous. Indeed, that would be a “hate crime.”

There’s something else to consider. While the “N word” has unique power, other words are becoming offensive. We can’t say “colored people” and you better not say “Negro.” The Biden Administration banned “illegal alien;” they’re now all “non-citizens.” Using the wrong pronouns can get you kicked off Twitter. Saying “All Lives Matter” is also offensive. Will other groups get to attack us over words? Would black jurors refuse to convict a black who killed someone who said “white lives matter”?

We are supposed to sit and take it. Those with power on their side can burn our flag, topple our monuments, and mock our race, history, and heritage every day. We do almost nothing. Yet even passivity is too much for the Biden Administration, which recently declared “white supremacists” the biggest violent threat to the nation.

We are not the people who unleashed a nationwide crime wave. Blacks and their antifa comrades have started an insurrection far more threatening than the riot in the Capitol on January 6. The blood of innocent blacks is on the hands of those who say Black Lives Matter. Even if we must live under this system, insults alone don’t justify violence. Punching an old man is cowardice, no matter what he said. This shouldn’t even be debated, let alone praised by a person with a prominent platform and a verified Twitter account.

This won’t stop with slurs. Many will take offense at hard truths that must be spoken — the truths we speak — and the other side may use this as a rationale for violence. We must have the courage to say things that are forbidden, and the strength to endure the attacks that will come.