Posted on May 4, 2021

The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is Just the Beginning

Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, May 4, 2021

Everyone from Joe Biden on down celebrated Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict. The President claimed it was a “giant step forward in the march toward justice in America.” “It was a murder in the full light of day. And it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism,” he said. He moaned about “the knee on the neck of justice for black Americans, the profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion that black and brown Americans experience every single day.”

He wants Congress to pass a police reform bill named for George Floyd and the Senate to confirm more police-haters for the Department of Justice.

The “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” is supposed to erase racial discrimination in law enforcement — but would require it. If cops stop blacks too often, that will count as disparate impact. To offset this, police will have to stop more whites and Asians and ignore suspicious blacks. This would amount to racial quotas, a practice the courts would find unconstitutional. The bill would impose quotas on police departments’ staff. Insufficiently diverse departments would be fined, so they would have to hire non-whites.

Nancy Pelosi and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Credit Image: © Rod Lamkey/CNP via ZUMA Wire

The bill would fund non-white “community-based organizations” to badger the police. The NAACP and UnidosUS (formerly La Raza) would be some of the groups to get money, which would fund programs to change police tactics, training, and hiring. Police must pledge at least 5 percent of their budgets to this, or lose federal funding.

The bill would eliminate qualified immunity for police officers, which protects officers from frivolous litigation. Without it, criminals could sue them all the time. Black lawmakers want that. “Qualified immunity has in many instances become the hood for bad police officers to, in fact, act as modern-day Ku Klux Klan members against Black and Brown people in this country,” says Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett.

The George Floyd Act would ban chokeholds and no-knock raids, and would subject departments to a national registry of misconduct. Democrats seem to believe this is just what we need on the heels of a crimewave that has sent the national murder rate to a 20-year high.

The Department of Justice plans to investigate local police, whether the George Floyd Act passes or not. The day after the Chauvin verdict, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he was going after the Minneapolis Police Department. The DOJ wants to look for a pattern of bias and discrimination, and would issue a consent decree to fix anything it finds. The DOJ under President Trump stopped similar investigations, but Mr. Garland revoked that policy.

The people who will oversee these investigations are anti-cop. The Senate confirmed Vanita Gupta as associate attorney general the day after Mr. Biden’s speech, and he has named Kristen Clarke as chief of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.

Vanita Gupta

Vanita Gupta (Credit Image: © Biden Transition Tv Via Cnp/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

Miss Gupta endorsed defunding the police last year. She testified to a Senate committee that it was “critical for state and local leaders to heed calls from Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives activists to decrease police budgets and the scope, role and responsibility of police in our lives.” She said America should shift money out of policing and into “investments in economic opportunity, education, health care and other public benefits.” She made the same arguments in an op-ed published last year.

Miss Clarke, who is black, once circulated an essay that compared police officers to the Ku Klux Klan and she organized a conference to support convicted cop killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur. As a college student, she wrote an essay claiming black biological and spiritual superiority. Miss Gupta and Miss Clarke have the full support of President Biden and the attorney general.

Kristen Clarke

Kristen Clarke speaking at a press conference ahead of the vote on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. (Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein / ZUMA Wire)

The Biden administration’s response to the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting tells us all we need to know. A white police officer shot Bryant just as she swung a knife at another black girl’s throat. “She was a child. We’re thinking of her friends and family and the communities that are hurting and grieving her loss,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, speaking for the President. “So our focus is on working to address systemic racism and implicit bias head on and, of course, to passing laws and legislation that will put much-needed reforms into place at police departments around the country.” The administration grieves for a dangerous thug and believes she was killed by “systemic racism.”

President Biden didn’t lie when he said Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict was just the first step. His policies are anti-cop and anti-white.