Posted on July 17, 2013

Radio Host Offers Rachel Jeantel a Full Ride to College

Dana Ford, CNN, July 17, 2013


On Tuesday, radio host Tom Joyner offered Rachel Jeantel, a friend who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin the night he was killed, a full ride to college.

Jeantel, 19, spoke to CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” on Monday night.

Joyner said he was so touched by what she said then, and during her testimony during the trial of George Zimmerman, that he was moved to help.


“Rachel, here’s my offer to you. If you want to graduate from high school and go to an HBCU, even if it’s not in Florida but especially Florida … If you want to do that, I want to help you do that,” Joyner said during his radio show Tuesday, referring to historically black colleges and universities.

“I will help you get tutors to get you out of high school, tutors to help you pass the SAT, and I will give you a full-ride scholarship to any HBCU you’d like.”

Jeantel, who said she might want to go into law enforcement, thanked Joyner.

The host later appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” Tuesday night.