David Simon, The Audacity of Despair, July 13, 2013

You can stand your ground if you’re white, and you can use a gun to do it. But if you stand your ground with your fists and you’re black, you’re dead.

In the state of Florida, the season on African-Americans now runs year round. Come one, come all. And bring a handgun. The legislators are fine with this blood on their hands. The governor, too. One man accosted another and when it became a fist fight, one man—and one man only—had a firearm. The rest is racial rationalization and dishonorable commentary.

If I were a person of color in Florida, I would pick up a brick and start walking toward that courthouse in Sanford. Those that do not, those that hold the pain and betrayal inside and somehow manage to resist violence—these citizens are testament to a stoic tolerance that is more than the rest of us deserve. I confess, their patience and patriotism is well beyond my own.

Behold, the lewd, pornographic embrace of two great American pathologies: Race and guns, both of which have conspired not only to take the life of a teenager, but to make that killing entirely permissible. I can’t look an African-American parent in the eye for thinking about what they must tell their sons about what can happen to them on the streets of their country. Tonight, anyone who truly understands what justice is and what it requires of a society is ashamed to call himself an American.


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  • Trayon

    • tickyul

      Jussstisss 4 Lil-Traytray…….dats all we axein!!!!!

      • Justice for this particular Traytray would involve a length of rope and a nice sturdy branch (to support the weight of his skull, among other things). Unfortunately, it’s no guarantee thanks to Miller v AL that he’ll even get a straight life bid, and we know he won’t get the death penalty.

        • tickyul

          UCK, depressing….just another green light for Yutes to go wild.

  • sbuffalonative

    If Mr. Zimmerman was stalking Mr. Martin to cause grievous bodily harm, why did Mr. Zimmerman call the police?

    If Mr. Martin felt threatened by Mr. Zimmerman (profiling a potential threat), why did Mr. Martin call a friend instead of the police?

    If Mr. Zimmerman was profiling Mr. Martin, Mr. Martin was also profiling Mr. Zimmerman.

    It was Mr. Martin who approached Mr. Zimmerman and threw the first punch. Mr. Martin felt the need for proactive self-defense and he stood his ground against a perceived threat.

    If black parents are serious about this alleged conversation they have with their children about being profiled and targeted, black parents need to stop buying their children hoodies and to tell their children not to wear them.

    Blacks need another national campaign, ‘Ditch the Hoodie’.

  • Trayon Omar Washington. (“Trayvon” without the “V”)

    Mobile, Alabama.

    Wendy Fisher, white, 50-something.

    You can pretty much fill in the rest of the details yourself.

    • She actually lucked out. She didn’t have to spend the last few minutes of her life “enjoying” their sweet sweet “love making”.

      On a side note, if I was the judge in the case, I might consider changing my surname:

      Mobile County Circuit Judge Michael Youngpeter accepted the not guilty pleas and tentatively set their trials for October.

      • “Judge Michael Youngpeter”

        He should have supervised the Sandusky trial.

    • James

      Yes; a committed cultural enricher no doubt. Thank you for the info.

  • anarchyst

    The “prosecution” (read “kangaroo court”) did it’s damndest to convict Zimmerman. . .that being said . . .
    One must understand the defective pathology that exists in the minds of almost all urban underclass blacks. You see, “young master trayvon felt “disrespected” for being asked what business he had in that community. (Any ordinary civilized person would have stated that he had relatives there and would have been on his way). His only possible response (due to his defective black pathology) was to pummel and murder Mr. Zimmerman. In this way, he would regain his “respect”. If “young master trayvon” had been successful in murdering Mr. Zimmerman, it would not even make the evening news. It would definitely not be reported as a “(racial) hate crime”.
    Mr. Zimmerman is being railroaded at the behest of the race apologists, poverty pimps, and race hustlers. The prosecutor should be brought up on charges of malfeasance of office for charging Mr. Zimmerman. . .without convening a grand jury. . .

    Why is the so-called “news media” so intent on persecuting George Zimmerman?? It is evident that Zimmerman was “jumped” while heading back to his car and that the “thug” trayvon got what he deserved . . . the urban black “underclass” has a disdain for education, finds “disrespect” under every rock, does not know what REAL “respect” is, and is generally a “menace to society”. The sad part is that the few “decent” blacks out there make “excuses” for the feral black “underclass”. trayvon was “casing houses” NOT going to the store to buy “skittles”. Trayvon was walking between houses, not on the sidewalk . . . he was “up to no good”. Any civilized person would have answered the neighborhood watch guy that he had been visiting relatives, but not trayvon. . . trayvon’s feral underclass upbringing led to his demise . . .

    Look at the flak Bill Cosby received for pointing out the dysfunctionality of his own race. It’s no wonder, no decent people want to live around them or associate with them. Yes, it’s a shame that the few decent blacks get “lumped in with the garbage”, but if the decent blacks SPOKE UP against their brethrens’ dysfunction, they might gain credibility. The poverty pimps and race hustlers must be run out of town; they do nothing but cause trouble for the few decent blacks . . . and the rest of us. The “decent blacks” will NEVER speak out because “color” trumps civilized behavior . . .

    Here is a message for all racial “apologists” for minority “bad behavior” . . .
    It is apparent that you have never lived around or experienced the typical urban feral black. I hope you never have to as they would “eat you alive”.
    The black “underclass” is REAL.
    If you want to “expand your horizons” and experience “authentic black culture”, travel the mean streets of Detroit, South Chicago, Gary Indiana, Atlanta or other “refuges” of “authentic black culture”, preferably at night. I would prefer that you go unarmed, as this will add to the excitement of your “adventure” . . .
    Your outlook on what you now consider “racist” will change in a hurry. You will find that minorities (especially blacks) are “racist to the core”.

    “saint” trayvon was a thug, casing houses, looking for trouble. Looks like his feral black upbringing did him in. Look at that whole trayvon “family” . . . human garbage at its finest. . .they already hit the “racial lottery” with a million-dollar “settlement” from the “homeowner’s association”. How many people are unaware that they did not report their “son” missing for three days?? I am sure that his “family” was aware of “young master trayvon’s” criminal activity, benefiting from trayvon’s criminal activities themselves.

    As far as I am concerned, Zimmerman made his community safer by “taking out the garbage”. . .

    • Queensladyday

      @anachyst……you really need psychiatric help. ‘A mind is a terrible thing to lose.’ LOL:)

      • anarchyst

        Thank you for your “diagnosis” 🙂

  • Spartacus

    David Simon – Sounds like a jew to me…

    Whatever he is, the man is an absolute imbecile. Two dark-skins get into a fight, and it’s white people’s fault. The collapse can’t come fast enough as far as I’m concerned…

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Check out the article by Cohen, above, or rather the reference to it.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Who is this bleedy heart cumbaya idiot? Did he just sort of unintentionally imply that we Whites should expect blacks to be violent and therefore not interact with them?

    Boo hoo hoo. Me boo hoo liblefty hippy man. Me hate myself and need to constantly sacrifice my sad sack self like some kind of brave heroic John Brown Christ guy, standin up to and defying my evil, wicked, people. I’m so good and brave and not afraid to shed a tear at the slightest slight to my brown and black brothers and sisters…

    People like this guy need never reproduce. Problem with the White race there that needs to disappear forever.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Oh…the Wire…

      The gritty real life story of idiotic minorities in Baltimore making their own lives hell because of their idiotic minority lifestyles. That guy.

      Bet he don’t live with ’em.

      • English Sparrow

        Bet he couldn’t live with ’em.

    • Sick of it

      John Brown was such a Christian that he committed mass murder – The polar opposite of the gospel message. More realistically, if he wasn’t a Marxist, he was influenced by them.

      • He most certainly was influenced by Marxism. The Communist Manifesto was published in February 1848, and Brown traveled to England in 1849 after the Communist-influenced rebellions there had ended. His raid on Harper’s Ferry was 10 years after that trip.

        • Sick of it

          You’ll notice how the tone of things in our country started to change after the Revolutions of 1848 as well. How the Republican Party popped up out of nowhere. How Radical Republicans had ideas which seem very Marxist in origin. But we’re not supposed to think about such things.

  • Nick Gherz

    I consider myself reasonably intelligent, but I really cannot understand white-guilt peddlers like David Simon, Wise Tim, Chris Matthews, etc.

    Moral Dilemma alert:
    Is it wrong for me to wish harm to white-guilt peddlers at the hands of the depraved culture/race they defend?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Not wrong. Not at all. I just wish them harm regardless of source though sure, that would be poetic.

    • The__Bobster

      They hate traditional Whites. The fact that they get paid well for hating traditional Whites is a bonus for them.

    • There are two things to look for here, 1. the Jew factor – Wise, and 2. the person afflicted with the Quaker disease. To understand the Quaker disease & its cure read, WILDERNESS EMPIRE. This will answer all of your questions.

    • CaptainCroMag

      I regularly imagine the sweet poetic justice that it would be for the likes of Tim Wise and his ilk to be the victims of the diversity that they champion. Too bad it probably wont’ ever happen because persons like Tim Wise are grand hypocrites who live in exclusively White communities and do everything in their power to avoid the ghetto. The only time persons like Wise and Chris Matthews face diversity is through their interaction with affirmative action beneficiaries.

    • Spartacus

      At least 2 of those mentioned aren’t white…

  • ncpride

    I can’t look an African-American parent in the eye for thinking about what they must tell their sons about what can happen to them on the streets of their country.

    Well, a good start would be to tell them beware their own ‘brothas’ because them crazy thugs will pop a cap in yo a##!

  • AutomaticSlim

    “But if you stand your ground with your fists and you’re black, you’re dead.”

    Does the author does not understand the difference between self defense and felony assault?
    And it took almost a full minute worth of full force punches before Z finally did the only thing he could do.

  • David Ashton

    “Race and guns”. Yes, indeed, black gun crime in the USA, the UK and the RSA.

  • The__Bobster

    Just another White-hating Chosen who is willing to lie to promote his agenda.

  • The__Bobster

    If I were a person of color in Florida, I would pick up a brick and start walking toward that courthouse in Sanford.

    Can’t this matzah-eater be arrested for inciting violence?

  • kjh64

    This isn’t about justice, this is about Blacks using this to play the eternal victim, this is about Blacks wanting an excuse to loot and riot, this is about Blacks not getting their way, this is about Blacks wanting to be able to do whatever they want with impunity and if you dare defend yourself, you’re an evil racist. . Blacks have falsely made Trayvon into some sweet little Black angel rather than showing him what he really was, a six foot three young man who was a violent punk who got shot in self-defense after viciously attacking someone. The claims are always made with over-the-top hysterics and emotion. God, I’m sick of them.

  • Funruffian

    Let’s see if he upholds his opinion once he or his family members gets attacked by a Black.

  • anarchyst

    This guy is a dual-nationality “tribesman” and should go back to his country of origin (starts with the letter “I”).
    When I was growing up, a common saying was “behind every negro, there is a j_w”. I used to laugh it off until I did some serious investigation. The “movers and shakers” of the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement ended up becoming “civil-rights (for some)” lawyers working for the $PLC, ADL, ACLU and NAACP. You can guess that they were indeed members of the “tribe” . . .

  • JohnEngelman

    I can’t look an African-American parent in the eye for thinking about what they must tell their sons about what can happen to them on the streets of their country.

    – David Simon, The Audacity of Despair, July 13, 2013

    With an illegitimacy rate of over seventy percent we are probably taking about an unmarried welfare mother.

    If she has any sense she will be telling her sons that young black men are far more likely to mug them, rob them at gun point, or murder them than are young white men.

    • English Sparrow

      Best not to make eye contact with them. Very wise.

  • exLibtard

    In the state of Florida, the season on African-Americans now runs year round. Come one, come all. And bring a handgun.

    Really? How much are hunting permits? Is there a limit to how many trayvons can be bagged? Are the hunting grounds limited to a particular area?

  • bigone4u

    Contrary to Simon’s idiotic assertion, .the incident was never a “fist fight.” It was a deadly assault on Zimm by a strong, powerful young male armed with his anger, his adrenalin, his muscles, and the pavement. If Zimm had not defended himself, St. Trayvon would have ended up charged with murder

    • Mr. Zimmerman is an overweight insurance underwriter 5’7″ tall. Martin was a fit, mixed martial arts practioner 6’2″ tall. This was no “fistfight”.

  • “In the state of Florida, the season on African-Americans now runs year round. Come one, come all. And bring a handgun.” Bull – bring a Thompson.

  • Hirschibold

    Alright, David we both know what this is really about. George Zimmerman is not white, as we all know, so when the New York Times announced he was white and random white people were beaten as a result, you expressed no shock or outrage. But let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a moment, you hypocrite.

    Zimmerman, like Meyer, Metzger, Rosenberg, or my own name is German in origin and can belong to someone who is either a Jew or isn’t. But the most famous Zimmerman (Robert Zimmerman, i.e Bob Dylan) is Jewish. How would you (or your fellow Jewish “Wire” writer Richard Price) have felt if Fox News had put out the same kind of erroneous information to the effect that a Jewish man by the name of George Zimmerman slaughtered an innocent black child? And then random Jews started getting beaten up in Brighton and Riverdale and Crowne Heights by “schvartzas” on the loose, looking for revenge based on a false narrative.

    You wouldn’t like it much, would you?

    • Joseph Bryant

      Simon is Jewish? Huh, I wouldn’t have thought so given the very unflattering character of Maurice Levy (a Jewish defense attorney) in The Wire. That guy was excrement in a suit and tie.

      • Antipodean WN

        Episcopalians did not initiate and guide Western societies into destructive fratricidal wars, kill 20 million white Christians in Europe. Episcopalians did not, do not control the media, the entertainment history, and the financial system of most of the world.

        Liberal whites are just suckers – brainwashed fools. But who is doing the brainwashing?

      • HamletsGhost

        If you understand white racialism, you shouldn’t have that much trouble with “anti-semitism”. It’s just a recognition that Jewish culture is essentially opposed to majority culture and that Jews work to undermine it.

        Look at the NAACP. Founded and funded by Jews to this very day. And some naive people think it was founded by colored people.

        Sorry, I meant “people of color”.

  • MBlanc46

    “…African-American parent in the eye for thinking about what they must
    tell their sons about what can happen to them on the streets of their

    They could tell them to be decent citizens who show respect for others. To not get suspended from school. To not start fights even with people who might be misjudging them. To not steal. If Martin’s parents had told him that, and he’d listened, he’d be alive today.

    • dukem1

      Pretty much my thoughts exactly.
      “What should I tell my kids about this?”
      I say:
      Keep your nose clean.
      Hit the books.
      Lay off the weed.
      Lay of the lean.
      Don’t get in trouble at school.
      Because you might wind up like Trayvon Martin.

      That’s “the conversation” that I’d say is taking place in exactly 0% of black “households.”

  • A Freespeechzone

    Let’s call it honestly, violent, offended minorities want anyone they feel ‘disrespected’ them as being ‘racist’ and justification for a violent attack on the offender. Moreover, race baiters want to insure that anyone, particularly Whites who resist or act in self-defense are prosecuted for as many ‘trumped up’ charges they can muster.

    Look at all the mostly black race baiters completely avoiding the FACT that TM viciously & unprovoked, sucker-punched & then MMA’s GZ–suggesting that GZ DESERVED to be attacked.

    From the WH, the DOJ, race baiting black ‘leaders’ and self-hating Whites are going to push to eliminate or severely limit any self-defense against a violent criminal–particularly if that criminal is a minority.

    This is NOT about justice—but, an attempt to embolden minorities, and specifically blacks to be insulated from any prosecution or accountability for violent attacks.

    We MUST fight this….our very existence is at stake.

  • BlarneyMiller

    “somehow manage to resist violence”

    For blacks it is difficult to resist violence because it comes so naturally. For the rest of mankind it’s fairly easy.

  • BlarneyMiller

    “when it became a fist fight”

    Actually, a fight implies two willing participants. Instead, this was the typical black thug sucker-punch followed by a one-sided attack. Trayvon had no wounds other than the gunshot because George wasn’t fighting back, he was getting battered.

  • IKantunderstand

    David Simon, You are the worst of the worst. I will bet any money you live in a predominately White neighborhood. You are one of the schizophrenic leftists. Do you really believe there is an open season on Blacks? Blacks don’t have any patriotism, and of course, neither do you. Excuse me? How is the second amendment lewd and pornographic? Please. Are you nuts? The second amendment was put into the Bill of Rights by our White Founding Fathers, you know Christians, (for the most part) Don’t know where you came from, David Simon, but I’m betting your ancestors had NO input in the genesis of my country. By the way, certain groups made a lot of money in the slave trade. Are you trying to project your guilt on Whites? Oh, and by the way, I am truly proud that the jury found GZ not guilty. And based on your definition of an American, I will tell you this: The verdict rendered? Is the only thing that has me feel like I live in the country of the free and brave. David Simon, you are so predictable. I could write your articles, and I don’t agree with anything you say, that is how formulaic you are. You write approved pap. Gosh! What a journalistic talent.

  • Dave4088

    “These citizens are testament to a stoic tolerance that is more than the
    rest of us deserve. I confess, their patience and patriotism is well
    beyond my own.”

    This is a more apt description of the white majority who has suffered innumerable indignities over the last several decades. If anyone has the right to be angry it is us. If anyone has the right to grab a brick and march we do, not the darkies.

  • Luca

    Mr. Simon needs a quick lesson in the difference between Stand Your Ground and a sucker punch. I’d be happy to give him a hands on lesson.

    Perhaps he could take this sickening, twisted, commentary and lecture the good folks in Chicago who are killing each other with guns at a rate 10 times greater than whites folks are doing.

    Why spend so much time focusing on something that is less than 10% of the real problem, go after the 90%?

    Well, first of all, it strays from the anti-white propaganda, it won’t advance the cause of gun control because the savages in Chi-congo will never follow a law, it won’t advance the victim-hood story and last. but most importantly he hasn’t the backbone.

  • Joseph Bryant

    It’s a shame about his political views because The Wire was a really, really good TV show.