Boehner Backs Bill for Immigrants Brought as Kids

Erica Werner, Yahoo! News, July 17, 2013

Legislation offering citizenship to immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as children is “about basic fairness,” House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday, pointing to an emerging consensus among House Republicans as they struggle for a way forward on immigration.

“These children were brought here of no accord of their own, and frankly they’re in a very difficult position,” the Ohio Republican said. “And I think many of our members believe that this issue needs to be addressed.”

Boehner’s comments at a news conference came in response to a question about legislation being drafted by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., that would offer citizenship to certain immigrants brought here as children.

Details of the bill have not been made public but Goodlatte’s committee is holding a hearing on the issue next week.

“These in many instances are kids without a country if we don’t allow them to become full citizens of our country,” Cantor said. “It is not only an issue of fairness, as the speaker said, it’s an issue of decency and compassion. Where else would these kids go?”


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  • Anan7

    “Basic fairness” is about sending these poor people right back where the came from.

    They’re invaders, not immigrants.

    • din_do_nuffins

      Dat’s rayciss!

    • Manaphy

      Boehner doesn’t have enough testicular matter to actually represent his constituents and the house GOP. however, I’m pretty sure that this bill won’t pass in the house, but maybe it will in the senate. It remains to be seen at this point.

      • JohnEngelman

        Boehner is representing his corporate contributors.

        • Sick of it

          And possibly his new son in law as well.

          • JohnEngelman

            He would be just as treacherous for American employees if his son in law’s ancestors came over in the Mayflower.

  • Why is The Crying Game even bothering? Obama basically did just this by executive order, and without any protest from a certain Speaker of the House, I might add.

  • Okay people of Ohio, target John Boehner for the unemployment line the next time you get the chance. Kicking illegal aliens out the country won’t do any good until you cut off the root cause, and we have one right here in the GOP itself.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Basic Fairness is now White GOP conspiring with non white criminal invading aliens to destroy your White neighborhood, but their elite GOP neighborhoods stay safe.

    The Diversity Wave will one day crash on them, too, and we will rejoice. How can we push along the inevitable?

    Can’t you just feel that we are at the End of everything Good we’ve ever known, and that everything from here on out everything will just get Darker and Uglier?

    Why wouldn’t White kids destroy themselves with dope and porn today? What’s their future if they don’t? Excellence will be prosecuted as “too much racist White privilege”; achievement will be confiscated in the name of “social justice”; White babies will be tortured as “future Ku Kluxers”.

    The White minority in America will suffer horrors worse that the “special tribe” ever has.

    White children raised today are taught that the best human emotions are the worst, and that the worst of the worst is now the best.

    MSNBC was touting beautiful, smart White kids on TV today who were shocked that anyone would think something was wrong with a White mother of a mongrel, race-mixed child.

    “That’s just the way some people fall in love,” said the most beautiful of the little White girls.

    She celebrates White mothers who don’t look like their own babies. Once our White women gave themselves over to the Diversity Sex Curse to breed more vileness, we lost. It’s all over. The Holy of Holies is now a voodoo shrine.

    Hateful, spite-filled, voodoo Diversity minorities who never can feel or comprehend love, mercy or charity (each a White privilege Christian feeling) now rule over us. Do you really think that Justice, Law and Order will have any meaning for your future, other than as a relic of the past that have been “overcome by transformation”?

    “Blacks are very aggressive and they feel empowered with one of their own as president and Eric Holder as Attorney General. But what we see now is nothing compared to what we can expect in the future when violence against Whites will go unprosecuted, not just ignored by the media.”

    -Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Occidental Dissent, 2012

    “Times have changed and you must respond to the call for new tactics. Put all your hope in hatred, because that’s all you’ve got left.”

    -RevJeddy, 2013

    News Flash: Our Georgia Brigade is reporting that the blacks in East Point are scrambling to explain how $200,000,000 is missing from the city. Watch Andrew Young and John Lewis go on TV soon and say “only racists would call sloppy book keeping a crime.”

    • The__Bobster

      MSNBC was touting beautiful, smart White kids on TV today who were shocked that anyone would think something was wrong with a White mother of a mongrel, race-mixed child.

      The producers of that disgusting video were the Fine brothers, IOW, the usual suspects.

      • RisingReich

        Yup. And you’re a Devil Nazi for even noticing.

        • Manaphy

          In today’s dark, twisted world, you’re a Nazi for even questioning the leftist/Jewish narrative on race and European racial consciousness.

  • If House Republicans do this, I am done voting GOP for the rest of my life, no matter how much I might an individual candidate.

    • din_do_nuffins

      Whites don’t have a party any longer. You should use your vote to vote against whoever has the darkest skin, just on general principles of pride, dignity, and White privilege.

      • The__Bobster

        When they call me asking for money, I tell them to get it from Sheldon Adelson, the crazy Zionist who is out to destroy America.

  • Spartacus

    “These children were brought here of no accord of their own, and frankly they’re in a very difficult position”


    And you plan on keeping them here with no accord from the people you supposedly represent ?

  • dd121

    Every time a Republican opens his mouth out comes another reason not to vote for them.

  • The__Bobster

    Does the orange sobber have his Rastafarian son-in-law in mind?

    • RisingReich

      That’s exactly where my mind went.
      If I didn’t already know the answer I might ask “How do these idiots get elected?”

    • Bossman

      Maybe his daughter tried looking for a regular white guy but couldn’t find any.

      • Xerxes22

        She isn’t that ugly.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’m guessing Boehner isn’t going to be paying for the social and economic costs of these illegals out his paycheck. Faux compassion really isn’t compassion.

  • The__Bobster

    “It is not only an issue of fairness, as the speaker said, it’s an issue of decency and compassion. Where else would these kids go?”

    Errrr, Mexico?

    • Sick of it

      Back to their villages of origin where they have a family network who can help them out with things…a vastly different way from how our people live in the states, where it’s succeed or die in so many cases.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Boehner is full of it. I understand Mexico’s law is very clear that any Mexican born here with at least one Mexican parent is a Mexican citizen, and they take pains to remind Mexicans here of that fact. I would bet similar rules apply to many other countries where the illegal punks are from. They do have a country in most cases, and they should be sent back to it.

  • 1gravity

    We do not need more unassimilated foot soldiers for the great State of Aztlan.

  • odious liberal

    Little illegals turn into big criminals.

  • IstvanIN

    They aren’t stateless, they are citizens of the country they came from. And how about some basic fairness to American children who are going to have to live in the hell hole you are digging, Mr. Boehner?

  • NM156

    This is an indication of how warped the hostile elite in Congress have become. At a time when they should be debating ending birthright citizenship and a drastic reduction in legal immigration, they’re forcing the public into a defensive position by proposing laws that are in direct opposition to what it wants overwhelmingly. Has anyone mentioned that illegal kids will be returning to their parents’ native country, where those kids have huge extended families waiting for them; where the kids can speak their first language; where no war is going on; where the economy is strong enough to have made it the fattest on Earth; and where their American education will give them a big advantage in the workforce there? These Congressman are either paid servants of lobbyists and activists, or they are completely stupid.

  • JohnEngelman

    My guess is that he wants to reduce wages in order to increase profits for his contributors in the business community, and consequently their contributions.

    • Bossman

      Is that all immigrants do? Reduce wages? Surely, it can’t be as simple as that. If it was, many economist would be shouting it from the rooftops.

  • WR_the_realist

    Children often suffer for the sins of their parents. Certainly many children have suffered when their father or mother committed a felony and was sent to prison. By comparison, having to go back to the country in which your parents can legally reside when they are deported doesn’t sound to me like such a terrible punishment. If their parents think it is, they should have thought about that before entering the country illegally. And if the children’s own parents are not concerned about this, why should I be?

    The three biggest enemies of the American people: Democratic politicians, Republican politicians, and the mass media that is fully complicit in maintaining the two party duopoly.

  • Bossman

    Those numbers that you’re quoting are bogus because they’re not based on any verifiable facts. Also no one can predict the future with any certainty.

    • dmxinc

      Exactly why we shouldn’t take the chance with legalizing these illegals.

  • Bossman

    Well that is just too bad for you. You seem to not know that Mexico is a friendly trading partner of the USA and as the future rolls along, it will be almost impossible to shut them out.