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They provide a way for whites to pay back their debt to blacks and Hispanics.

Mistress Velvet knows how to make her clients really suffer.

A group of white people on social media trained to help blacks deal with wicked racists.

Mugabe Farce Ends

Have whites learned anything?


Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part II

Sobering precedents from the animal kingdom.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VIII)

Stories of people who could no longer lie about the racial realities around them.


First stage would be a free-trade “Mediterranean Union.”

The organization sets up refugees and asylum seekers with German families.

Forty Years Since the Soweto Riots

A legacy of arson, destruction, and killing one’s benefactors.


It was supposed to stop the spread of AIDS.

Commercial celebrates transracial adoption.

He has a “blueprint” for making Africa thrive.

Author thinks if Africans can feed themselves they’ll stay home.

Another way for you to help pay for the folly and degeneracy of others.

You can give them clothes and money or turn over your spare bedroom.

There will be “research” on why “women of color” don’t get ahead.

Just two percent of the company’s employees are black.

It’s only for blacks and Hispanics.

In the city’s public schools, math and reading proficiency have gone down.

Charity realizes “migrants” are just looking “to get money and a better economic situation.”

I am Black–and a Race Realist

Why I changed and what it means for me.


This year’s winners are “delightfully diverse.”

Lefty politician warns the “euphoria . . . cannot be preserved for very long.”

Hundreds of millions go to waste as test scores drop.

David French: A Cuck Begs for Mercy

Banishing the word “cuckservative” won’t save him.


Got crowd funding to expand their house.

Even arts funding will fight “dominant narratives.”

36-year-old mother was killed by a former resident of the shelter she managed.

Rwandan refugee wants Canada to give him more “socio-economic opportunities.”

Black man bludgeoned him to death and set his house on fire.

In one study, even blacks were more likely to give privileges to whites.

No urban school is doing well enough to deserve the prize.

Teach for America Splits the Multiculti Left

Slapping on an Obama sticker may no longer be enough.


Insecticide-treated nets are poisoning fish.

American private citizens donated $1.4 billion to Haiti after the earthquake.

White Renegade of the Year–2014

Who did the most damage when he could have done the most good?


Asylum seekers in Germany claim they have to “live like animals.”

Bill Gates’ millions down the drain.

He caught the virus in Guinea while working for Doctors Without Borders.

Whites seem to have more visceral feelings of empathy.

Behind the Surge from Guatemala

An eye-opening account of Central American dystopia.

Review by Thomas Jackson

After a $25 million present to the United Negro College Fund.

Catholic Charities USA has even opened “welcome centers” at the border.

And say all the wrong things.

Nigerian children deserve to come to America, too.

Says he’s “never, ever taken a position that is more right than this.”

Article says the move will “enrage” the Left.

But has he figured out what went wrong in Newark?

The bank believes Detroit has the “ingredients and intrinsic strengths” to flourish.

Clinton cronies wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in Haiti.