Posted on December 28, 2023

Left-Wing German Lawmaker Defends Migrant Supermarket Looters

Thomas Brooke, Remix, December 28, 2023

A left-wing politician in Germany has seemingly condoned the mass looting of a Bavarian supermarket by Muslim migrants, claiming they are only taking back what they are entitled to and slamming the authorities for not giving them more lucrative taxpayer-funded benefits.

Ferat Koçak, a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for The Left party, commented on the complaints made by a grocery store manager whose establishment has been the victim of an increasing number of thefts as asylum seekers audaciously walk out of the store with bags of expensive produce.

One incident at the Edeka supermarket in Regensburg this month saw a man run off with products worth an estimated €140.

“In the bag were spirits: vodka and liqueurs again. They are Muslims — did they want to resell the alcohol?” asked store manager Gatzke, as cited by the Bild newspaper.

“It is striking that in around a third of the cases, the suspects identified have Tunisian citizenship,” he said, adding that other perpetrators had been caught with wholesale amounts of expensive seafood.

“What do you need 10 sea bream and so many shrimp for? Nobody steals that because they’re hungry,” Gatzke added.

The store manager has since come under fire for his remarks, with some on the left accusing him of racism, and politician Koçak appears to have sided with the criminals.

He claimed that migrants looting the Edeka supermarket, the name of which stands for the Purchasing Cooperative of Colonial Goods, are simply “getting back what they are entitled to”.

The left-wing politician slammed the authorities for not paying migrants enough in social welfare benefits and claimed that this is resulting in them needing to loot wholesale sea bream in order to survive.

“One of the central problems is that the authorities are overloaded and many refugees are not even paid what they need to live,” he wrote on X.

According to Koçak, the solution is to grant refugees with work permits immediately so that they can lead their lives independently”.