Posted on September 3, 2023

Children Made to Write Apology Letters in School to Aboriginal Australians ‘For Taking Their Land’

Pranav Harish, Daily Mail, September 1, 2023

Children as young as 10 are being made to write letters in school apologising to Indigenous Australians for ‘taking their land’, pictures reveal.

The images taken by a parent were sent to One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, who posted them online on Thursday evening.

The letters, written by primary school children, were put together on pieces of paper shaped in the form of a megaphone with words referencing the nation’s colonial past.

‘We are sorry for everything that we have done,’ one letter reads.

Another said: ‘We are sorry to Aboriginals. We took your land and we have now we feel sad of what we have done.’

‘Aboriginal people should have many more rights and should be treated nicely they should also be a aboriginal voice to parliament [sic]’.

Senator Hanson said teachers should ‘hang their heads in shame’ for psychologically burdening children with historical guilt.

‘Under no circumstances should innocent children bear the guilt of historical events, especially events that occurred long before they were even conceived. ‘This is not education; it’s emotional manipulation,’ she argued.

‘What legacy are we leaving for future generations if we instil in them a sense of guilt and shame for things they had no part in?

‘Rather than moving toward unity and social harmony, we are planting seeds for further discord and division.’

It comes after a mother on Thursday revealed how her daughter was told by teachers at her school to ‘go home and influence your parents to vote Yes’ for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced the date for the referendum, to be held on October 14, that will ask Australians to enshrine an Indigenous advisory body to Parliament.

For the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum to succeed, it needs a double majority, meaning the majority of Australians and the majority of states need to vote Yes, which polling shows is becoming an increasingly tough sell for Labor.