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About half of voters say Australia “feels like a foreign country.”

Australians are just as crazy as we are.

Australia’s left is inspired by America’s left.

And social media went nuts.

Yes, but it won’t keep the country white.

Goes on to recommend suicide for Australian white men.

Black Lives Matter Wins Sydney Peace Prize

For contributions to “global peace.”


Nudity now deemed offensive only if it offends non-whites.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has canceled a speaking tour due to security concerns.

Hate speech laws stay draconian in Australia.

Amendment to Australian law will raise the bar for speech to be deemed illegal “hate.”

Australia now has ISIS recruits.

Scientists used “unique genetic material” to track movements of early aboriginals.

Australian Senator’s comments are well received.

It’s like Columbus Day here in the United States.

Muslim posted to Facebook: “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT . . . YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME.”

“The door to Australia is closed.”

Abos chant “black lives matter” and commit crime as revenge for a police shooting.

Only 40 percent disagree.

The wrath of another Khan.

Her opponents want to stop “opportunistic commentary.”

Judge gives five years to Myanmar native with a “a moderate to high risk of re offending.”

Paper stands by “disgraceful” cartoon.

Glimmer of sanity Down Under.

Common sense in Australia.

She shocked Australia in the 1990s. Now she’s back in politics.

The basic platform for Pauline Hanson’s One Australia Party.

He was mad about being booted from a computer lab reserved for Aborigines.

28 percent of Australians are now foreign-born.

Only 25 boats have had to be turned back.

Labour Day festival disrupted by rioting “youths.”

Non-white gangs in Australia know that scrutiny by authorities will be called “racist.”

Australia shows Europe the way.

Muslim teenager wanted to use an explosives-filled kangaroo to kill police.

They don’t want to share benefits.

Groups want to “advance our interests as white students.”

Critics attack sensible Australian policy.

Aborigines are 19 times more likely to be jail than other Aussies.

Warns against “a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever.”

Australian authorities have dithered for months over granting a visa to Geert Wilders.

How having many Chinese in community leads to a baby formula shortage.

Non-whites chasing whites into private schools.

Europeans could learn from Australians.

Man from Kiribati wanted to live in New Zealand.

Australian Muslims go radical at an early age.

Anti-Islam rallies are taking place across Australia.

Australian prime minister will neither confirm nor deny.

They would be forced to take citizenship in their parents’ country.

Women were paid up to 20,000 Australian dollars.

PM said government shouldn’t have to pay for Abos who want to live in the wild.