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Skilled migrants will have to live outside Sydney and Melbourne.

She said the Christchurch shootings were “personal” for her because she had lived through the Bali Bombings.

From Communism’s ‘Enemy of the People’ to PC’s ‘Hate Criminal’

In New Zealand we have seen the consequences of repression.


Do They Want More Christchurch Massacres?

Media and government elites act as if they do.


Who is the real danger?

“Approximately 150 youths stole phones, goaded police, and terrorised the public.”

Opposition says figures are part of a scare campaign.

His presence could “incite discord.”

Race Discrimination Commissioner thinks apps should ban those who express racial preferences.

Weight-loss messages make Maori feel bad.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Transparency International

Of the 19 least corrupt countries, 17 are white and 2 are Asian.

“It’s OK to be white” is “offensive.”

Nearly 70 percent say, “Enough!”

Vietnamese teenager: “We must mass protest right now, and band together and hurt any African youths in our way,”

Vietnamese say Sudanese don’t deserve to be in Australia.

But still wants to turn back boat people.

Women, non-whites, etc. would be living “in an atmosphere of fear.”

Police investigation was “botched beyond repair.”

US, Israel, and some Eastern European countries have already backed out.

But he also says: “Skilled migration supports the economy.”

Australia’s Home Affairs minister wants take in only the “best and brightest.”

Pow Wow Chow

“Pocahontas” takes a dive.


“The bill only asks for a plebiscite to give the Australian people a say on who comes to this country.”

Government MPs now say they backed Hanson measure because they “misunderstood” it.

It was voted down only narrowly.

The plaza will be redesigned to “celebrate the Maori history of this area.”

“It’s a disease of colonization.”

She wants parliament to acknowledge that “it’s OK to be white.”

Maori who go to prison are just “disconnected from their hapu, Iwi, and often their whanau.”

Speech is denounced by MPs, supported by voters.

The solution is for people to vote and say whether they want more Muslims in Australia.

“One does not simply walk into a venue in New Zealand.”

UN wants Australia to withhold public funds from publications that “promote intolerance” of migrants.

Former prime minister: “We store up trouble for ourselves” by letting in people who are “difficult to integrate.”

The Labour Party is in the grip of “ethnic activists.”

Australian blacks object to news programs that report their crimes.

Lauren Southern barred from Australia. Stefan Molyneux gets the cold shoulder in New Zealand.

Indigenous teenagers 24 times as likely to be imprisoned as non-indigenous Australians.

Non-whites move in, whites move out.

Problem was “the overpowering whiteness of everything.”

Another phrase whites aren’t allowed to use?

Australia has received 89 refugee visa applications from South Africans.

Criticizing the Turkish prime minister counts as inciting hate.

The page had 700,000 followers.

Whites make up 74 percent of the population, but 95 percent of those in leadership positions.

2,000 South Africans rally in Perth, Australia.

Aboriginal children should be placed with Aboriginal families.

Australia’s “non-discriminatory” policies mean there will be no special help for South African farmers.

Police insist that migrant crime is not a problem.

It’s a “decolonising model of practice based on dialogue, communication, power sharing, and negotiation.”