Posted on October 17, 2023

New Zealand Immigration Hits an All-Time High Following Pandemic Lull

Nick Perry, Associated Press, October 11, 2023

New Zealand’s immigration numbers have hit an all-time high, enabling employers to fill jobs but also putting pressure on the housing market, according to economists.

The net number of immigrants was 110,000 in the year ending August, beating the previous high of 103,000 set a month earlier, according to figures released Wednesday by Statistics New Zealand. The numbers represent a big turnaround after more people left New Zealand than arrived during much of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are talking very, very big numbers for a small economy like ours,” said Jarrod Kerr, chief economist at Kiwibank.


The figures show the greatest number of immigrants came from India, followed by Philippines and China. The total number of immigrants reached a record 225,000 during the year while the number of New Zealanders leaving also neared record levels, at 115,000.