Posted on April 30, 2024

NSW Police Intercept Texts Revealing Alleged Islamic Teen Plot to Unleash Terror in Sydney

Derrick Krusche, Daily Telegraph, April 29, 2024

A group of Sydney teens are accused by police of describing themselves as “soldiers of Allah”, speaking of their excitement to “die and kill”, planning to obtain guns and listing Jewish people as targets while organising a terror attack in the days following the Wakeley church stabbing, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

The four male teens –— a 15-year-old, a 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds — were arrested in sweeping anti-terror raids in suburban western Sydney last Wednesday after another boy had allegedly stabbed Christian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel at the Wakeley church, sparking violent riots on the streets, on April 15.

According to a police fact sheet tendered to court, it is alleged the four male teens who were arrested in the raids were planning the terrorist attack after the Wakeley rioting, plans which included speaking of obtaining guns including a “shotty” and looking for abandoned homes to be used as stash houses.

The boys also spoke of their willingness to kill and die in the name of religious martyrdom, police allege in the documents.

In one conversation on the app Signal five days after the Wakeley incident on April 20, one of the 17-year-old’s allegedly wrote: “I wanna die and I wanna kill … I’m just excited”, to which the 16-year-old responded: “We’re gonna kill dw … but we need patience”.

The 17-year-old then asked: “Is your plan to get caught or die or escape?”

In response, the 16-year-old wrote: “We’re gonna be planning for a while … we prefer to escape, but whatever happens … it’s the qadr (power) of Allah”.

Police allegations in fact sheet against the four boys

“I wanna die and I wanna kill … I’m just excited … Is your plan to get caught or die or escape?” – 17-year-old on Signal on April 20 after Wakeley riots.

“I really want to target the yahood (Jewish people) … we will plan it” – 15-year-old on a Signal group chat called “Plans” on April 19.

“WE ARE NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE, we don’t give a chance for anyone to come at our deen (Islam)” – social media reposted by the 15-year-old on April 17.

“I was gonna come in the junkiest clothes on Monday cos I thought we were gonna go stabbing c–ts” – one of the boys on April 20.

“I js wanna married to a religious good girl then make hijrah with her and have kids maybe but I really want to do an attack now too because I have so much hatred for these kuffar it’s not funny and I wanna do jihad now” – 15-year-old’s social media post on April 21.

“It’s easy to do fire bro but shooting and bombs too hard” – the 16-year-old’s post on social media on April 21.

“I know the bloke who done it he’s my mate … It’s gonna be Cronulla riots all over again” – the 15-year-old on the Wakeley stabbing and subsequent rioting.

Police allege in the documents this conversation showed there was an agreement to plan a terror attack as part of an ideological cause.

The 16-year-old also allegedly wrote online on another day: “Allah is the best of planners and we are the soldiers of Allah”.

In another conversation, police say two of the boys spoke of obtaining guns. On April 19, the 17-year-old and 16-year-old allegedly spoke about the sourcing of these guns, including a reference to a “shotty” (shotgun) and purchasing two to three “dirty guns” for $2000-$4000.

According to intercepted messages that police have obtained, the teens also allegedly spoke of who they wanted to target.

On April 19, the 15-year-old was allegedly part of a Signal chat group called “Plans”, in which its members allegedly discussed the planning of a terrorist act.

The 15-year-old allegedly wrote: “I really want to target the yahood (Jewish people) … we will plan it”.

He also allegedly wrote: “I wanna do Jihad now” and “Where do youse want to do the bayah”.

Bayah in Islamic terminology is an oath or pledge of allegiance to a leader, police allege.

High profile Sydney solicitor Ahmed Dib, who is legally representing the 15-year-old boy, refused to comment when contacted on Sunday.

And the fact sheet also includes alleged communications the boys were having regarding the street rioting in Wakeley.

After the bishop was stabbed, thousands descended on the church chanting “an eye for an eye” as police barricaded themselves and the arrested boy inside.

Text messages also began circulating calling on the Assyrian Christian community to launch revenge attacks.

According to the police fact sheet, the 15-year-old posted an Instagram story praising the boy for allegedly stabbing the Bishop.

The 15-year-old then allegedly wrote to an associate: “I know the bloke who done it he’s my mate”.

Turning to the issue of rioting, the 15-yeat-old allegedly said: “It’s gonna be Cronulla riots all over again”.

Later, on April 22, the 15-year-old and one of the 17-year-olds were arrested over an unrelated alleged assault in Lurnea, the fact sheet states.

Seemingly panicking, the 16-year-old then allegedly wrote to the other 17-year-old: “Did you forget we have planning on (his) phone?” to which the other 17-year-old allegedly said: “Oh shit”.

The 16-year-old then allegedly said: “we were planning big stuff bro. it’s conspiracy for … conspiracy for a terror attack I think …. If their phone gets searched then we are all gone … yeah were gone cuz. For planning attacks and this and that we’re gone bro”.

Police searched the phone of the 17-year-old after the alleged Lurnea assault.

They allegedly found a note on his phone that read: “There is much to plan brothers … think of yourselves as soldiers now … you are not children, you are ions of the khilafah and there is a correct way to prepare these things”.

The four were later arrested in the raids last Wednesday. None have entered pleas and remain before the courts.

All up, five teens were charged with terrorism offences following Wednesday’s raids. Two other juveniles were arrested, but not charged.